Tips To Buy Wardrobe Boxes While Moving

In 2019, nearly 31 million people moved in the United States alone. In addition, most Americans will live in at least 11 different homes in their lifetime.
Tips To Buy Wardrobe Boxes While Moving

In 2019, nearly 31 million people moved to the United States alone. In addition, most Americans will live in at least 11 different homes in their lifetime.


With all this moving around, the art of moving has almost been perfected. There are so many different ways to move; different local moving companies, different rental trucks, even different boxes to pack up all your stuff in.


If you’re moving cross country, it is especially important to consider the best ways to move your stuff, especially when it comes to all those clothes you treasure so much.


What is a wardrobe box?


A wardrobe is an example of one of those moving ‘upgrades’ you’ll definitely appreciate.


Let’s face it, taking the clothes off the hanger, just to fold them into a box, and then re-hang them, is more than just a pain, it’s a nuisance.


Fortunately, there’s an easier way to move them. Enter the wardrobe box. A wardrobe box is a genius design. This large box comes with a metal hanging rod. Simply keep your clothes on the hanger, and hang them on the rod in the box. Then hang them right back up in your new home.


This is the safest way to move your clothes; no wrinkles, no damages, and definitely no folding.


How do I pack a wardrobe box?


There are so many different moving boxes to choose from these days, but the important part is that you pack them right.


A wardrobe box might sound simple enough, but if you want it to do its job, assembling it and using it correctly makes all the difference.


To assemble:

  • Flip over and tape the bottom of the box shut.
  • Flip the box back over. One side should pull out and fold down. Pull this section down.
  • Insert the metal hanging bar into the two grooves on either side where the bar can rest.
  • Once filled, fold all the tabs and tape box shut.


To pack:

  • Keep clothes on a hanger.
  • Hang on metal rod in box.
  • Especially hang: dresses, suit jackets, coats, and pants.
  • Boxes will fill up quickly, so have several on hand.


*Tip: You might find that the uniquely large size of the wardrobe box is especially helpful for hanging large lawn tools or other awkwardly shaped items.


What are the best ways to move clothes?


Everyone loves a good wardrobe box, but there are even more ways for you to pack your clothes. Here are 7 unique ways that the experts recommend.


  1. Use a garbage bag: This method is beloved by many because you also do not have to remove the hangers. Open the garbage bag and slip onto hanging clothes from the bottom of the clothes up. Loop the strings around the hangers in opposite directions, and lay flat to move.


  1. Use a vacuum seal: A vacuum seal is especially useful for bulky items such as sweaters and comforters. Plus a vacuum seal is a good investment to have to store seasonal items any time of year.


  1. Use suitcases: This method achieves two goals effortlessly: move your clothes and your suitcases at the same time. No need to pack those bulky suitcases into more boxes. Simply store your clothes in suitcases and they’re even easier to roll around.


  1. Use drawers: If there’s one thing you should always remember when packing for a move, it’s to always keep clothes inside the drawers. There’s no need to empty them, this just gives you more work to do. Tape or wrap the drawers shut and move as is, that’s as easy as it gets.


  1. Use garment bags: Garment bags might seem outdated, but when moving your valuable clothing items, they’re highly useful. Store suits, gowns, and other expensive items that you don’t want damaged, in their own unique garment bags. This will protect them from wrinkles, dirt, and anything else the move has in store.


  1. Keep things together: Don’t make it harder on yourself when it comes time to unpack. The trick is to keep like items together, either in the same box or in the same sections of the same box. For example, always stack all gym clothes together, all undergarments together, etc.


  1. Downsize: Because this trick goes for everything in the house, even your clothes. If there are clothes you know you haven’t worn in awhile and never will, donate, sell, or simply toss it. There’s no need to move with all that extra weight.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I do my own packing?


You can, however, when it comes to packing, try not to be overly controlling. Even if you want your items packed a certain way, the truth is, the professionals know the right materials and best ways to pack items. In addition, movers are typically not liable for damaged items if you packed them yourself.


When do I pay the movers?


As with any other service, when the process is finished of course. Once the movers arrive at your new home, expect to pay them there, but not any sooner.


How do I pay the movers?


Some movers will accept a credit or debit card, but some other common forms of payment include a traveler’s check or cash. Ask your movers before it’s time to pay them, what method they prefer.


What if my items are lost or damaged?


This depends on the type of liability coverage you received: full or released.