How Much Does It Cost To Hire Moving Labor?

Hiring only moving labor could cost an average of $110 per hour. Opting for DIY move may not be the cheapest option of them all due to the large number of hidden DIY moving costs and expenses. Here is the breakdown of moving labor cost.
How Much Does It Cost To Hire Moving Labor?

Hiring two moving labor from the best moving labor companies will cost you an average of $100 to $120 every hour. The average least cost is for two moving labor movers for two hours for $200 with every extra hour for the two labor movers costing $90 per hour.


Moving supplies like bubble wrap, dollies, tape, blankets, and so on will be extra cost because each move has different moving material requirements.


If you can’t hire a full-service moving company, you have the middle option of hiring moving labor. But how much does it cost to hire moving labor? What are the different types of moving labor services? Why hiring services of moving labor may be the actual thing you need when moving to a new home? Continue reading.


Types of Moving Labor Services


Before we release the steps to get the best moving labor to you, let us mention the primary services offered by moving labor providers to their customers:


  • Packing: Packing for a move takes much time and if you are not able to get your friends to assist you, you may not be able to meet up with your packing schedule. You don’t want to have numerous belongings left to be packed inside boxes on a moving day so hiring labor movers to assist you to pack can be one of your best decisions when moving your house.
  • Furniture disassembly: Extra-large furniture items are to be disassembled the right way before they can be packed and loaded safely. And if you are not clear on the way to properly do it on your own or the time is not just available for you, then hire moving labor experts who can handle it for you efficiently.
  • Loading: You may need loading services for your moving truck more than any other. This is because loading a moving truck is not easy as the job demands physical strength – after all, all the heavy goods in your home, like appliances, furniture pieces, and filled moving boxes will need to be carried out of your home and properly loaded into the moving truck.
  • Truck driving: Sure, the extra service of truck driving is offered by the best moving labor companies in the United States. You schedule a moving vehicle; they haul it to your destination. So, consider whether or not you can cope with the additional stress of driving a large moving vehicle across long distances.
  • Unloading: Just like loading, you may need moving assistance at the destination home when all the heavy belongings inside the truck will need to be unloaded safely and carried inside the new home. Regardless of what you do, understand that the job of unloading a moving truck is never easy.
  • Furniture assembly: All the furniture items that have been taken apart before loading the moving truck will need to be reassembled back in the new residence. Can you truly take care of that?


Unpacking: Without expecting moving day, you surely have all the time to unpack your belongings after the move. Yet, the unpacking service offered by professional moving labor companies may become necessary in some cases.


The Cost of Moving Labor


Just like local movers, moving labor companies charge hourly costs. When hiring labor movers, you should prepare to pay between $60 and $80 for each hour for two movers.


Below are other things you need to know about the rates charged for moving labor:

  • Each extra mover will cost you more. If you hire two movers for an hourly rate of $60, one extra mover will cost you $30 extra per hour, which takes your total to $90 per hour for three movers. in that situation, hiring four movers will set you back for $120 every hour, and like that;
  • The moving labor companies often charge a two-hour as the least service hour;
  • Usually, the billing time begins when the team arrives;
  • The median work hours are often charged in 15-min increments;
  • The best moving labor companies charge no hidden fees so you shouldn’t encounter any bad surprises when you are making the payment;
  • Labor moving companies may or may not bill you for travel time (known as mileage fee): the time required by the moving labor crew to make it to your job site. 
  • Using of moving equipment (hand tools, dollies, and so on) by the movers is free and  added to the price;


In general, the moving labor prices mentioned above are the same for all moving labor services: packing, furniture assembly, unpacking, furniture disassembly, loading, unloading, unpacking, and so on. The clearer you understand the way moving cost is determined, the better your chances of reducing your moving costs.


Now, the cost of moving labor will be based on many factors, including: 


  • Particular moving labor provider,
  • The actuarial location of the home,
  • Additional moving labor services asked for by the customer,

Special items planned for moving (such as a hot tub, a piano, a grandfather clock, a pool table, etc.), and yes, a timeline of the move itself (TIME).


The size of your move is important when determining the cost of moving locally. Considering the average bill of about $50 per hour for each mover, below are some samples or approximate costs you may be charged for your local move.


The size of your home is a vital key when finding the cost of local moving. Considering the median charge of around $50 each hour per mover, here are some examples of approximate costs you can expect for your local move:




Number Of Moving Labor



Studio apartment

Studio apartment

2 helpers

2 – 3 hours

$200 - $300

2-bedroom apartment or house

Approx 1000sq-ft

3 helpers

5 – 6 hours

$425 - $525

3-bedroom apartment or house

Approx 2000sq-ft

4 helpers

8 – 9 hours

$875 - 975


If the size of your home is above the examples up there, then the moving price can increase from there depending on many factors. Yet, your best shot at having a better knowledge of the cost of your local movers is to make use of the local cost calculator so that you can fix your moving budget straightaway.


Benefits of Hiring Moving Labor


Hiring moving labor truly offers a lot of advantages. For a certain reason or the other, you’ve chosen not to hire a full-service mover.  Below are some of the benefits of hiring moving labor:

  • Convenience: The decision to arrange a DIY move should only be your last solution after accessing your household moving situation carefully. As you can guess, one of the requirements for a successful DIY move is to find out how much you can rely on your close friends to assist you during that difficult moving period. But even if your friends show up with perfect excuses for not being available to help you, you won’t need to be frustrated just because you can easily and conveniently hire moving labor.
  • Flexibility: Hiring labor movers will provide you with a significant level of flexibility since you are the one who chooses the type of assistance you need from the experts. If you have much time to pack up your belongings yourself, then you may just need to pay for the movers to load your shipments into the moving truck. On the contrary, if you lack the time or willingness to take care of the packing job on your own, then you can hire expert packers to take over.
  • Safety: Your choice to hire professional moving assistance implies that you will be assured a safe relocation with no major hassles. This is possible as you and your family members will be fully free of personal injuries of any type since your experienced movers will lift, carry and load heavy belongings.


Also, your shipments should be protected based on the comprehensive training and years of experience of your hired professional movers. In addition, the movers you hire will carry sufficient insurance, so you should receive compensation in the sad event that any damage happens to your goods.   

  • Affordability: Definitely, the helpers you hire for the job will get paid but since you will need just their services for certain tasks (packing, loading, unloading, furniture disassembly), labor only will not cost you more compared to hiring full-service local moving companies. The major reason for the cheaper cost is that you won’t pay the moving labor company for the actual transportation of your belongings. Affordable moving labor services exist but how exactly affordable are they? Read this article to find out the median cost of moving labor.




Moving labor is capable of saving you a lot of money when you choose the DIY moving option but don’t want to perform the heavy lifting or the stress of packing your bulky goods. We hope this article gets you much closer to moving labor and all should know about the services they offer.