Things To Know Before Hiring Truck Rental Companies

Moving. It is a word that elicits a host of emotions from different people, a word that can evoke excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and even dread. Some people look forward to moving, while some absolutely hate the idea of moving. For others, it is not so much the idea of moving, but the thought of having to go through the stress of the moving process.
Things To Know Before Hiring Truck Rental Companies

Moving. It is a word that elicits a host of emotions from different people, a word that can evoke excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and even dread. Some people look forward to moving, while some absolutely hate the idea of moving. For others, it is not so much the idea of moving, but the thought of having to go through the stress of the moving process.


Does this sound a bit like your thought process? If you’re planning a move, it is perfectly normal to be nervous, stressed, and excited, all at the same time! If this sounds familiar, then getting your head around a few tips that can make this process so much easier could be a great help for you.


After all, if you’re planning on using a moving truck rental instead of hiring a moving company to give you a hand with your move, then chances are you’re working on saving as much money as possible. With smart moving tips and choosing the perfect rental company for your move, you will find that this can be simple.


To that end, keep these important things in mind when evaluating potential rental truck companies, since you want to choose only the best when it comes to getting your move complete.


Look into the Company’s Requirements


Some moving truck rental companies will be a little more stringent than others when it comes to requirements for renting one of their trucks. For the biggest majority of truck rental companies, you will find they usually have the same rules and regulations when it comes to who can rent their vehicles.


To rent a moving truck from the majority of truck rental companies in the United States, you must:


  • Be of legal age:In the United States, the legal age to rent a moving truck is 18 years old, though you might find some companies who have even older age requirements, depending on what companies you check with.


  • Possess a valid driver’s license:In order to be able to rent and legally drive a moving truck, you have to be in possession of a valid United States driver’s license.


That is usually it for most companies. While some rental companies may have different requirements and rules, you will find that these two points are pretty standard across most of the industry.


Find Out About Insurance


You don’t want to rent a moving truck through a company that doesn’t provide insurance on the vehicles, because you want to make sure you and your stuff are as protected and safe as possible while you are working on moving your things to your new home.


Check with the truck rental company to find out about their standard insurance that covers their moving trucks, and if you think you might need additional insurance, you can inquire about whether or not you have the option to purchase additional insurance.


Think About Truck Size


The size of the truck you need will also help you narrow down the list of potential truck rental companies you could be working with. Different companies offer different moving truck rentals at different price points, so keep these tips in mind when it comes to thinking about truck size:


  • Know what size trucks the company offers: If you have a good idea of the truck sizes offered by the company, you will be able to consider whether or not it is a good choice for the number of things you are moving.


  • Know the price points per truck: Investigate the price points for each truck for each moving truck rental company, and compare. You can compare and contrast the prices for different companies for differently sized trucks, helping you narrow down options according to your desired truck size and budget.


If you have a good idea of the number of things in your home that you are planning to bring along with you on your move, you will be able to find the perfect sized (and priced) truck for your move.


Think About Other Equipment You May Need


Is it possible that you might need other moving equipment for the moving truck? Some moving truck rental companies may help you with these items if you need them. Handy items that you could consider using include:


  • Dollies: Dollies are great to help you move around heavier items easily without damaging your back or muscles. All you need to do is stack the heavier items on top of the dolly and roll them around to wherever they need to go.


  • Padding: Proper padding materials are important during a big move because you want to ensure all of your expensive stuff is not going to bang around in the back of the moving truck and potentially be damaged. Padding helps prevent your stuff from sliding around and facing unnecessary damage in the truck.


  • Moving supplies: Many moving truck companies will also provide items like boxes, tape, and more. Just check with your moving company to see what moving supplies they offer.


Many rental truck companies offer these items and more, usually for a slight fee. If you choose a moving truck company that offers these options, you won’t have to worry about not having access to the important moving equipment that you need to safely move your stuff to your new home.


Consider the Potential Additional Costs


There are some additional costs that you will have to consider when you are renting a moving truck. While some of these may not apply to you, some will affect your move in some way or another, so here are a few things to watch for that can add additional fees to your move:


  • Fuel: When you rent a moving truck and handle all the moving yourself, you will be the one responsible for paying the for the truck’s fuel. Depending on how far away you are moving, fuel for a moving truck can start to add up, so make sure you have taken this into account when coming up with your moving budget.


  • Cleanliness: When you are finished with your moving truck, it will be your responsibility to clean it out before turning it back in. This includes sweeping out the back when you have unloaded it, vacuuming it out, and ensuring any trash is removed prior to turning it in. If you fail to make sure the truck is clean before you return it to the rental company, you could face additional cleaning charges.


  • Damage: You should also keep in mind that you will be responsible for any damages the truck may take while in your possession. If it is already damaged before you rent it, make sure you document it so you aren’t charged for any damage that you didn’t cause.


Frequently Asked Questions


Still have some questions about finding the best moving truck rental company for your big move? To make sure you’re as informed as possible, dive into some questions posed often by people who are looking for the same information.


Are there any other restrictions to renting a moving truck?


No, all you need to rent a moving truck is to be of legal age (18 years old and up) and possess a valid United States driver’s license. Moving trucks are not considered commercial vehicles, so anyone with a regular driver’s license can legally rent and drive one.


Can I pick up a rental truck in one state and return it in my new state?


If you’re moving cross country, you definitely don’t want to have to turn around and take your moving truck back to the original place it was rented from. Thankfully, thanks to one-way rentals, you don’t have to worry about this. You can simply rent your truck from the location in the state you are moving away from, and return it to the participating location in your new state. No need to plan a return trip.


How far ahead should I plan to reserve my moving truck?


You should try to reserve your rental truck as soon as possible, especially if you are moving during one of the busier times of year for moving season, which is usually spring, summers, and weekends. If you can wait until the moving off-season, you might even be able to save some money on your move.


Finding the Right Rental Company for You Sets You Up For Success


When you put in the work necessary to find the perfect moving truck rental company for your move, you can take a lot of stress off of yourself. If you’re planning to facilitate your entire move, then make it simple by choosing the best rental company for you.


Not only will this help you save some money on your move, but it will also make the whole process a lot simpler and less stressful on you and anyone else who is helping you during your move.

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