Moving to California: Complete Checklist

A moving checklist is essential to successfully complete a move. What should be on a checklist? Find out here.
Moving to California: Complete Checklist

Moving anywhere is stressful, whether you are moving yourself to another apartment in the same city, or moving a big family to a different state.


Relocating across the country to California or moving from a nearby state in the West Coast, is not without challenges. There are so many tasks to complete, and you must hire reputable local movers to ensure the move goes smoothly.


Below is a checklist to assist you with the relocation process. The moving checklist for moving to California includes every step involved in moving homes or apartments.


Sort Through Your Belongings


A key step in planning a relocation to California is sorting through your belongings. Start with your clothes, and decide what pieces you may not wear in your destination city. Depending on fashion and climate, you may want to sell or donate some clothes.


You should also assess all your furniture, appliances, and knick-knacks to decide on what you want to take to your new home, and what items you are happy to sell or donate. You can sell items with value online or through websites like Craigslist, while you can give away other items to family, friends, or local charity organizations.


Reach Out to Moving Companies


Reach out to reputable California movers to understand how much you would have to pay for your upcoming relocation. Assess whether you can hire movers with an hourly rate, or if you need to hire interstate movers that charge a flat fee for the move.


Compare the binding quotes you receive from several movers before you make a final decision on the company to choose for your upcoming relocation. Make sure you explain any special services you may require on move-out day ahead of time, as movers can factor those requests into your binding quote.


Obtain Packing Supplies and Start Packing


You can order packing supplies online or buy them from a local hardware store. If you want to save money, you can ask friends and family if they have any boxes they are not using. Local businesses and charities may also be willing to give you discarded boxes, which would limit your expense to packing tape and bubble wrap.


Start packing a few days before your move-out date, as you do not want to leave everything for the last minute. If you have a large apartment or house, try to tackle one or two rooms each day, as it makes the process feel a little less overwhelming.


Forward Your Mail and Handle Utilities


Forwarding your mail is a crucial step when you are moving to California, as you do not want to receive important documents or correspondence at your old address. Go to your local post office and fill out the mail forwarding form, or complete the process online through the USPS website.


Ensure you are informing utility companies about your move-out date, as they need to know when to close out your account pertaining to your current address. If you forget this step, you may continue to receive charges for electricity, gas, and water, even after you move out.


Prepare For Move-Out Day


The final step in your checklist for moving to California involves preparing for move-out day. You should finalize packing your clothes and belongings in suitcases and boxes, ensuring everything is ready for the movers.


Another tip is to unplug your appliances 24 hours in advance, as that allows your fridge and freezer to come to room temperature before the movers arrive. Clean out everything, so they are ready for transport.




Do I need to close out every utility account before I move?


Not necessarily, as your destination city may have some utilities offered by the same company that currently provides you with services. For instance, you may have the same internet service provider. Most of your other accounts will need to be closed, while you will have to open new ones when you arrive in California.


Should I put everything I own in the moving truck for my move to California?


No, you should keep a suitcase or two worth of belongings on your person, including critical documents, especially if you are moving interstate or across the country. Your belongings may take a few days or a week to arrive at your destination, and you should have your essential possessions and some clothes for the coming days on your person.


Can the movers relocate my car for me?


No, most long-distance moving companies do not provide car relocation services. You will need to connect with dedicated vehicle relocation companies. They can inform you of the rate for an open-top or closed-top service to have your car transported to your destination address.


Can I expect to pay a lot more money when my move concludes, compared to the moving quote?


If you request a binding quote from a local or long-distance mover, there should be no surprises on your final bill. Movers that charge by hour will calculate the precise time of the move, while you should only see additional charges if you request more services on move-out day.


I want to relocate on a weekend. How quickly do I need to book a moving slot?


As soon as possible, because movers are extremely busy on weekends, compared to weekdays. If you are relocating in the spring, summer, or fall, you should be securing a weekend moving slot at least one month in advance of your relocation.


Final Thoughts


Putting together a checklist ahead of your upcoming move to California is the best way to stay on top of everything.


Between renting a new apartment, forwarding your mail, closing and opening utility and other accounts, and hiring movers, you have a lot on your plate.


A simple moving checklist where you can check off tasks as they are complete will ensure you do not miss a beat between now and your move-out day.