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How To Choose The Right Moving Boxes To Pack Kids Toys

Moving kids’ toys can be a real hassle. We all know just how much that kids love their toys, and how much family members and friends love to give them toys that they can enjoy. But, when it comes time
How To Choose The Right Moving Boxes To Pack Kids Toys

Moving kids’ toys can be a real hassle. We all know just how much kids love their toys, and how much family members and friends love to give them toys that they can enjoy. But, when it comes time to get ready to pack them up for a move, it isn’t always an easy thing to sort out.


So, how do you find moving boxes that are going to work for this purpose? How do you make sure that you do things in a manner that is fair for your child and makes them feel valued and cared for? And how can you be sure to do things right? Here’s a quick guide to help with all of those questions and more.


See What Your Kids Still Play With and What They Don’t


Packing is definitely the time where you want to go ahead and take a look at what your kids are playing with and what they seem to be ignoring. If they’ve seemed to outgrow some of the things that they once loved, then it may be time to have a chat with them about what there is to keep and what is going to be sold or given away.


In some cases, they may have just forgotten that it existed, or misplaced where it went. In other cases, they may try to insist that it’s theirs and they can do whatever they want with it. Be sure that you are willing to talk it out if it’s something that you know they don’t use. Your child will be more likely to listen and communicate with you if you make it a conversation instead of a demand.


Consider Donating or Selling in a Moving Sale


Once you figure out what is going to be able to go, you can talk to your kids about the other options that they have. They can donate their toys to whatever organization that they wish – there are all sorts of them out there that take kids’ toys and give them away to children in need.


Or, if you’re having some sort of moving sale (garage sale, yard sale), then you can let your kids sell them in that. If you want, you can even allow them to keep some of the money that their toys sell for. It’ll take a little work on your part to ensure that you split things properly, but it can help teach your kids a little about money at the same time.


Look Around to See if You Have Any Original Boxes


If you’ve gotten any toys within the past few years, it’s likely that you’ve actually kept a few of the boxes around in case you were to sell them or get rid of them for any other reason. In those cases, those boxes are going to work really well for actually packing them back up.


Now, it’s not likely you kept whatever it was packed with on the inside of the box – and that’s perfectly fine! In those cases, you may be able to utilize the extra space so that you can pack up stuffed animals or whatever else that you may want to put in there.


Original boxes also offer another benefit – they make it a lot easier to label things. If you use the original box, you have something on the outside that makes it easy for you to know what’s in there in the first place.


If you don’t have the original boxes, then be sure that you look into the dimensions of toys that need to be packed. Consider using laundry bags for stuffed animals and utilize storage you already have for your children’s toys as packing boxes.


What To Do With Toys That Are Too Big to Pack?


Say that your little one has one of those cars that they can ride on or a scooter that they use fairly regularly. Maybe you got them that massive Costco teddy bear that comes out every year around Christmas time. In any instance, the item just isn’t going to fit in an ordinary box.


You have a few choices with what you can do with these. You can load them up in the back of the truck, no issue, and make sure that they have a moving blanket on them. You can use a separate vehicle and put it in the trunk, or you can try to find a box or bin that will work well for it.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Should I really do a moving sale before I move out?


That’s completely up to you, but a lot of people decide to do one for a few reasons. For one, because it gives them an opportunity to get rid of items without ever leaving their house. Also because a sale provides them with the opportunity to make a little bit of cash to use for the move. It’s worth the effort if you have the space, honestly.


  1. How can I help my kids to be generous with their toys?


Talking with your kids about generosity and looking through their toys with them can be really helpful as you try to determine what they want to keep and what they want to give away or sell. Teaching them the importance of generosity is always a good lesson.


  1. What about toys with sentimental value?


If there are toys with sentimental value – for example, a toy that was given to them by a family member that is now deceased – there are always options. Even if they are not played with anymore, you can always put them in a display case or do something else with them. Don’t just get rid of toys for the sake of “saving space” if there’s something special about a toy.


Start Loading Up The Toys!


There are a lot of considerations to be made when you start exploring toys and what is involved in packing them properly. If you start the process early, you can ensure that packing their toys will be easier and less stress on everyone that is involved in the packing process.

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