Renting a truck is a big first step when you’re working out the details of moving day. But, how do you know that you’re going to find the best truck rental companies for your efforts? Will they charge by the mile or by the day? And how much should you budget?


In this article, we’re going to help you sort out the important questions that are involved in helping you find a truck that makes sense for your moving needs.


What Type of Move Are You Doing?


Putting together a game plan for your move is essential. Town and one-way moves are a lot easier to work out than long-distance moves, and they are going to be much more affordable as well. Some companies won’t even offer their trucks for long-distance moves, so you need to be aware of that as well.


If you’re doing something simple like improvement projects or furniture delivery, you may also be able to find some solid deals on trucks. You want to look around to see what you can find and how you want to be able to execute your move.


How Large of a Trailer Do You Need?


There are all sorts of trailers available for you to choose from, and you want to be sure that you know what it is that you’re looking for from one of these. For example, do you need one that is lightweight and easy to tow? Motorcycle trailers are lightweight and can be used for multiple applications as well.


If you’re hauling larger items or working on some sort of home improvement project, utility trailers are perfect options that you can work with. These are large trailers that can fit pretty much anything, and utility trailer rentals are typically really affordable if you get it from the right place.


Also, be sure that you keep an eye out for companies that offer extras that you may need. These can include essentials like an easy-access loading ramp or tow dolly. Some companies even offer auto transport-approved trailers that you can rent.


What Does Your Car or Truck Need?


In some cases, you need to have the right things on your vehicle if you’re looking to tow instead of renting an entire truck. A front-wheel-drive vehicle or all-wheel-drive option is often best. You may need things like hitch balls and mounts or a heavy-duty tie in order to keep everything together, as well. Research ahead of time to ensure that you have what you should.


Seek Out Reputation


When you’re looking at businesses for deliveries and renting trucks, you want to be sure that you work with someone that has a great reputation.


Maybe you want a prestigious company, like what you’d see in the migration trends top 25 options. Or maybe you just want to know that you’re going to be working with a local company that you can trust. Either way, you want to learn as much as you can before making a choice.


Compare Rates


Now that you have whittled down your options, you want to be sure that you also compare how much that they cost. If you look at haul migration trends and top companies, you will often find that you’re able to use different tools to compare your prices.


Be aware, however – truck rentals to or from the biggest growth cities of 2019 may end up costing you a little bit more than you may have expected, so be sure that you budget for it.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I rent a U-Haul if I’m moving to Canada?


If you’re looking to move to one of the 25 Canadian growth cities, then you may be curious about how you’re going to get your items there. Thankfully, if you’re looking at the top 25 Canadian growth cities, then you can work with U-Haul to ensure that things are done in the most effective way that it can be done. 


  1. How long can I typically keep a U-Haul?


U-Haul typically does its rentals based on the day or the month. If, for some reason, you need to keep it longer than the initial rental period, you will need to contact them ASAP. You’ll likely need to pay a late fee, plus any fees for the additional days.


  1. Are there other companies that I can rent vehicles from?


Many car rental companies will also offer some sort of rental with them, based on trends. If the top 25 Canadian cities are included as a potential destination, you may also be able to connect with movers in Canada to make sure that your trip goes the way that it should. Search around for truck rentals and see which one is right for your needs.


Final Thoughts


Getting ready for your trip starts by working with the right company. Finding a truck rental that will charge by the mile can be really useful and you can make sure that things go the way that you’d like them to. Budget ahead of time and see what a difference it can make for moving day.