How much should you tip local movers? Customers so much believe in professional moving companies, and that is why many of the good ones are highly prized. Being a customer, you are leaving all your household belongings, valuable, and others to the hands of complete strangers. You may not have met these strangers before they begin to carry your belongings and load it into a moving truck.


We all know that 15% or more is the standard tip in the moving industry, depending on the quality of the service received.


However, there is no specific formula for tipping professional movers. How do you decide on the amount to tip movers? When is the right time to tip? Should you even consider tipping a mover?


iMoving provides all the help you need. Many people find tipping so confusing as part of our culture as Americans, especially since each situation determines the amount to tip. This writes up is meant for the homeowners with an upcoming move who wants to be sure the moving team gets the proper tip for their services.  


Is it mandatory to tip Movers?


Unless the services rendered were not satisfying to you, tipping your movers is a very polite act. Even though we all know they will be paid for your move, their day will be made with a little appreciation from you. This may be in the form of a small amount of money or other ways. You shouldn’t feel obliged to tip your movers, but it is an acceptable way to show your appreciation. Most movers don’t wait for tips, but they greatly appreciate it when they are given one. 


You have a good fact that you have already paid the relocation company for your move. And that it will cost you extra to tip movers, but not many people in the moving industry actually work as hard as movers. A tip is generally a way to appreciate the additional effort put in by your movers. It would help if you remembered that your movers had done a lot of job keeping your move safe. It is more than you can ever get from your waiter or barber. 


What Amount should you give a Tip to your Mover?


Generally, the tip given should match the level of service and hardship associated with the job. Take the quantity of the items being moved, the number of large items, and if stairs are involved. If your move is more complicated because of some factors, you should consider improving the tip amount.


We do not advise following a certain percentage amounts as a base for tipping movers. Your overall moving costs include the movers and distance the truck travels. Rather, take the time and difficulty encountered to move your home into consideration when tipping.


Below is a guide on tipping movers: 

  • A move of 4 hours or less (half-day): $20 per mover
  • A move of 8 hours: $40 per mover
  • A move of 12 hours or more: $50 to $60 per mover
  • Option: give an hourly value tip for each mover in the crew, starting from $4 to $5 per hour per mover. 

Why should you tip Movers?


Similar to other service providers, your movers always arrive in time to perform a good job and be known for it. Concentrate on how the movers handle your possessions and speak with you while packing and moving your home. Generally, if you feel satisfied with their job, it is proper to tip them. Here are the things that may want you to tip your movers:  

  • Handle delicate/old items carefully
  • Move large, heavy furniture items up or down several flights of stairs
  • Move quickly
  • Are so much friendly to you and your household members
  • Assist with assembly and positioning of furniture


When to not tip Movers


Note that there is no penalty for not tipping movers. Though the act may be polite and customary, however, if you are not satisfied with a service from the movers, you may decide not to tip.


Here are the things that may want you not to tip your movers:   

  • Arrive late
  • Cause ding to your new living room walls with your headboard
  • Misplaces labeled boxes in a different room
  • Take a lot of time on break and not efficient when moving items. 

In this case, we suggest you tip at your own discretion. However, you need to consider the reaction of the movers if the incidents listed above occurs. There is room for accidents when moving, and how your movers handle these situations should solely determine if they deserve a tip at a lower rate or not at all. 


How much do you tip Local Movers?


The same rule in tipping interstate movers applies to local movers. Prepare about $40 for each day, and each mover if the movers' job is perfect. Or tip them $4 for each hour as a tip. You can also tip movers more than our recommendations if you feel they’ve done a great job for you. Tips more than $7 are generally considered a generous sum in the moving industry and greatly appreciated by your moving team.   


How much do you tip Long-distance Movers?


You will be paying about $4,000 as an average cost for a long distance move. Tipping your movers a certain percentage of the final cost will burn your purse a lot just for an interstate move. The majority of homeowners are not on a huge budget and cannot afford to tip 15% of a $4,000 final bill. We’d suggest you follow the same tipping method used for local movers as with other moves, which is to tip each mover $4 to $5 per hour or $40 per day for a move that moves a full day.  


Another Method to treat your Movers


If you need another means to appreciate your movers for the good job done without tipping, you can offer them incentives:

  • Cookies and snacks
  • Gift cards
  • A cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or a glass of lemonade
  • Buy lunch or dinner for the team. 


Be cautious when offering beer to your professional crew of movers. The majority of moving companies have tough policies on alcohol consumption by workers while working. You need to avoid putting an employee into trouble for accepting your incentive. 


Ensure you leave a Review for your Movers’ Crew


A lasting tip for movers if the service you’ve received is worthy of a tip, go online and leave a review there. With positive online reviews, a company's potential customers will know they are headed in the right direction, and thus, very much appreciated by your moving company.




The tips given above will serve as guides when followed in order to know how to tip professional movers in a friendly way, which will also serve as motivation to put in extra effort in their work. Generally, your aim is to reach a situation where every party involved in the move is a winner and enjoyed professional service as well as respect and appreciation from the two parties.