What To Look When Hire Enterprise Truck Rental?

Are you looking forward to renting a moving truck from Enterprise for your long-distance move? Enterprise makes your search for the right rental truck nearest to you easier with its location in 46 states and a great line-up of rental trucks.
What To Look When Hire Enterprise Truck Rental?

Are you looking forward to renting a moving truck from Enterprise for your long-distance move? Enterprise makes your search for the right rental truck nearest to you easier with its location in 46 states and a great line-up of rental trucks.


You must return the Enterprise truck back to the pickup location regardless of the distance you are moving, so it is reasonable if you choose to take your truck rental somewhere else if your move involves a long distance. 


The fact that people can save money on renting a moving truck than hiring professional movers is why most people opt for it; however, the cost is not the only factor to consider when planning for a move. You have to pay attention to extra factors such as vehicle features, availability, and so on, as there are many moving truck rental companies to select from.


Regardless of the option you choose, you must collect such information on the company before deciding on the company to choose. That is why we’ve compiled this complete guide on the service of Enterprise Truck Rental, as well as your available options and your possible costs. 


Enterprise Truck Rental Overview


It is hard to talk about moving truck rentals without mentioning Enterprise. The company has been renting out moving trucks since 1999 to individuals and businesses, and services over 350 areas in the US and Australia. The several options available in Enterprise’s fleet are what set it apart from other truck rentals.


The majority of truck rental providers offer only 3-4 sizes for customers to choose from while Enterprise offers 14 different moving truck sizes, which makes it possible to get any size of moving truck needed for your move. 


Each moving truck rental companies are different based on what they offer and do not. So before you rent an Enterprise rental truck, below are some of the things that differentiate the company from others:  


Sizes of Enterprise Moving Truck 


Enterprise offers different moving truck options which include cargo vans, pickup trucks, and straight trucks. The size of straight trucks starts from 15ft to 26ft and is popularly used for moving household belongings. Check below: 


15’ Parcel Van

  • Contain loads of 1-3 rooms
  • Dimensions= 15’L by 96”W by 84”H
  • Maximum shipment capacity: 5,000 pounds
  • Features a pull-out ramp for loading
  • Has 2-person seating
  • Needs gasoline fuel


16’ Cab-Over Truck

  • Contains loads of 3-4 rooms
  • Dimensions= 16’L by 96”W by 90”H
  • Maximum shipment capacity: 7,500 pounds
  • Features a lift gate for loading
  • Has 3-person seating
  • Needs diesel fuel


24’ Box Truck

  • Contains loads of 5+ rooms
  • Dimensions= 24’L by 102”W by 102”H
  • Maximum shipment capacity: 10,000 pounds
  • Contains a lift gate for loading
  • Has 3-person seating
  • Needs diesel fuel


26’ Box Truck

  • Contains the contents of 5+ rooms
  • Dimensions= 26’L by 102”W by 102”H
  • Maximum shipment capacity: 10,000 pounds
  • Contains a lift gate for loading
  • Has 3-person seating
  • Needs diesel fuel


Note: Enterprise states that the exact size and payload of each moving truck can be different based on the make, model, year, and location. A payload simply means the weight of the shipment such as cargo and passengers 


Enterprise 1-Way Truck Rentals


The major difference between Enterprise and other moving truck rental companies is that their rental trucks are generally only available for round trip relocations. This implies that you have to return the moving truck to the same place where you picked it from. This situation makes it difficult for long-distance renters to save costs. Only a few Enterprise locations offer 1-way moving truck rental. Talk to the local Enterprise location nearest to you to see if they offer it. 

Costs of Enterprise Truck Rental 

Prices from Enterprise Truck Rental vary based on the model, make, location, and availability which include daily price and a mileage price if you are moving farther than 300 miles. Prepare to spend around $90 to $706 each day for your rental moving truck with about $0.20 to $3.60 per mile.


You also have to plan insurance with your budget, and it costs around $26 daily. These prices are on the high side compared to what many other rental truck companies offer, but Enterprise may be worth it when you consider how popular it is for local and interstate moving truck rentals.

Enterprise Truck Rental Rates – sample


Rental truck type

2-day rental

Price per mile

Sales tax

Total charge

The estimated total for 60 miles

24ft box moving truck with lift gate







There have been lower prices from some truck rental companies, but most of them turned out to charge heavy hidden fees on the customer’s bill. However, with Enterprise, you can be sure there will be no hidden fees. So, there is no telling that you will not pay more than the lower price you first receive from the rental provider.


What are the Protection Plans offered by Enterprise?


Enterprise Truck Rental offers 4 major types of coverage on its moving truck rentals which include damage waiver, roadside protection, personal accident insurance, and supplemental liability protection. The cost is calculated on daily rates.


This implies that the overall cost of your coverage will be determined by the coverage you choose with the number of rental days. There is absolutely no constant price for each protection plan because the location you choose is also a factor.


However, you can get a clue on how much your rental coverage will cost through an online rental quote. Supplemental liability protection for a move costs an extra $25.99 daily. 


Obtaining a Quote from Enterprise


You can easily make a truck rental reservation online for your move. Just log on to the online reservation website of Enterprise Truck Rental and supply your location and moving date to see any available location and obtain a quote.


You will be sent a confirmation email immediately you pick your moving truck which will contain an overall estimated price, as well as taxes and other variable fees. 


Rather, you can a quote here. You only need to supply some basic information online:

  • Your move dates for both pickup and return
  • The type of rental truck you are renting
  • Your origin and final destination
  • The renter’s age (must not be less than 21)


Although you may need to contact your nearest location to book your truck, you still need the convenience that comes with having online quotes before your move, especially if you are looking at many rental companies. 


Is Enterprise right for you?


Note that you may want to conduct research and obtain rental quotes from at least 4 separate rental truck companies to make sure you receive the best deal available for your specific move.


Below is how to begin the research process: 


Step 1: Identity exactly what you need: Making sure the rental truck you choose for your move is the most crucial variable during the decision-making process. Stick to these overall guidelines, not forgetting that you may have to rent the right size of the truck if you have much quantity of items or larger furniture. You may also be able to reduce your goods if you are not moving many items. 

  • Cargo van can move dorm or studio apartment
  • 12ft moving truck can move dorm, studio, or small 1-bedroom apartment
  • 16ft moving truck: larger 1-bedroom apartment
  • 22ft moving truck: 1-3 bedroom home
  • 26ft moving truck: 3-5 bedroom home


Click here for further information on how to choose the best moving rental truck for your move. 


Step 2: Pick your top three rental companies: Select three moving truck rental companies that offer the sizes and components you need for your move. You can only consider Enterprise if it meets the requirement as well as pricing and features for your specific move.


We recommend our free online list of the best moving truck rental companies to locate researched and reviewed companies regardless of your destination. 


Step 3: Obtain quotes: Now is the time to contact the rental companies you’ve selected for quotes. Note that these rental quotes are just estimates, and there may be an increase in your rental quotes.


Also, remember to ask for additional fees, whether through email or phone in order to do some digging and figure out more by yourself. 




What if I need a cancellation? 

You can cancel your reservation with Enterprise Rental Truck easily. The cancellation fee will apply if you pre-pay for your booking. $50 is charged when you cancel reservations for over 24 hours before the date and $100 for less than 24-hours. 


What is the cost of renting a rental truck from Enterprise Truck Rental?


Enterprise offers separate prices based on the model, make, availability and location, and it involves price–per–day with mileage price included if your move exceeds 300 miles. Get ready to pay about $90 - $706 daily to rent your moving truck alongside $0.20 - $3.60 for each mile.  




We definitely recommend you conduct comprehensive research regardless of the rental truck company you choose to go with, whether Enterprise or any of its competitors. That will enable you to know for sure if the moving trucks you’ve rented are perfect for you.