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Piano Services

Piano Services

Those of us who appreciate music may have been brought up to play an instrument from a young age. While instruments like trumpets and guitars are easy to take to a new home, you have a bit more planning involved when you’re trying to deal with a large instrument like a piano.


Specialized piano moving services are an important thing that you’re going to want to consider when looking at getting prepared for your move, and there are a few details that you’ll definitely need to work out. Let’s take a look at a few of the details involved here.

Why Do You Need Piano Moving Services?


The main reason you need piano moving services is because that’s definitely not something that you want to try and do on your own. Your piano is a delicate object that you likely paid a lot of money for or inherited, which means that you want to do everything possible to keep it safe and secure during your move.


Some moving companies will not move large objects unless they know about them ahead of time. When you get a quote on iMoving, you can indicate that you have something large like a piano so that you can work out the specific details around getting your piano moved safely and effectively.


How Much Do Piano Moving Services Cost?


The average cost of moving a small upright piano is usually around $100 if you’re doing any sort of local move. Grand pianos and baby grands often require a bit more effort and care when moving them, so their local moves usually run anywhere between $200 and $350, depending on the value of the piano and the distance. Additional fees may be accrued for stairs.


If you’re moving a piano long distance, those numbers often get a lot higher quite quickly. In some cases, a long-distance move for a grand piano can push $1000 or more, depending on where you’re headed and how much the estimated value of the piano is. Some long-distance movers may also base the price based on the size of the piano.


Doing research ahead of time and talking with your potential moving companies doesn’t only help you to sort out what it is that you need to do, but you can figure out options that help you to reduce costs and that will allow you and the moving company to feel confident and prepared when it comes to taking care of business and working out the details of your piano moving needs.


How to Find Movers that Offer Piano Moving Services?


There are a variety of local moving companies that only move large instruments, and you can talk with them to see if they offer what it is that you’re looking for in regards to your instrument. Not only do these professionals really know and understand what may be going on with your instrument, but they can give you advice as to how to make your piano move go better, too.


When you search via the iMoving site, you can also indicate that you want to have piano moving services. Our site will provide you with the necessary quotes so that you can get the cost in order and ensure that you can schedule movers that have expertise with moving pianos and other large instruments.


Preparing Your Piano For Your Move


Now that you’ve scheduled your move for your piano, it’s time to determine what it is that you need to do in order to get your piano moved without any problems.


The first thing you want to do is use straps in order to secure the keyboard and its lid in place (don’t use tape; it’ll damage your piano). You will also want to be sure that you secure the upper lid (the area that protects the screens) in the same fashion and wrap your entire piano in moving blankets.


If you are moving a grand piano, there are likely some pieces that you can remove in order to make the move go more smoothly. This includes, but is not limited to: legs, pedals, the music stand, and the kneeboard. Professional piano movers can help you to dismantle the piano as necessary to ensure that the least amount of risk is associated with the process of moving it.


When the movers get your piano, they will also take care of a few things when they load it up. For example, your piano will likely be the first thing they move, placing it in the front of the truck and locking it in place with casters and with straps that secure your piano to the wall. They will also keep it floor level and cover it with more moving blankets to prevent scratches and other damage.


What to Consider After Moving a Piano to Your New Home?


Now, you’ve finally got the piano to where it needs to go – but what do you need to do now? First, you want to be sure that you know where it is that you’re going to put your piano. Be sure that, if you have it on a wooden or tile floor, you put protection under the feet of your piano and bench to help prevent floor scratches. And, be sure that it’s a location where it can be enjoyed, while still being out of the way.


You will also want to hire a tuner to come to your home shortly after you get the piano to its new location. Any sort of moving or jostling could end up disturbing the mechanisms within the piano, so tuning it is essential before you try to play it again.


Your piano and other large instruments are important to you, so you want to be sure that you can work out what is necessary so that you can move those things to your new home easily.


By working with the professional local movers you hire through iMoving, you will be able to schedule things in a way that is both effective and helpful.