Scrubadubdub In Your Hot Tub: Moving Your Hot Tub To Your New Home

Read on for a quick overview of how to move your hot tub from the iMoving team.

Moving Your Hot Tub To Your New Home

Moving to a new home with that perfect spot for your favorite item in your home- your hot tub? iMoving is here to give you a few pro tips and tricks to make sure your hot tub arrives in one piece.

Hot Tub Central

For many families, having a hot tub in the backyard or on the rooftop patio is a great way to relax and unwind after a long chilly day.

However, when it's time to start thinking about how to move a hot tub to a new home, it can be anything but relaxing.

This guide will give you the tips and tricks needs to safely move your prized tub.

Where do I start off?

First of all decide on the location of your hot tub in your new home. Will it be on a wooden platform, directly on the grass? Does it need to pass through any narrow pathways in order to get in? Don’t just guess, break out the measuring tape to ensure a smooth move.

Next, decide if this will be done DIY style with your pals and lots of beer or if you prefer to let a professional tackle the job. Take into account the usual weight. Even a tiny hot tub with no water inside can weigh around 500lbs!

At least 24 hours before moving day, ensure to drain and dry your hot tub of all water and disconnect from the power source. Make sure to open the drainage spot to ensure all water is really out. Every hot tub is a little different, so refer to your user manual to avoid breaking anything. 

1.The Move

Start by sliding your hot tub onto a flat wooden beam. This will give you a solid surface to lift. You can use 4 by 4 lumber or buy a cheap piece of wood at your local hardware store. Strap her down with as many straps as needed to feel secure. Load the hot tub face up on the truck and make sure not to lose the top cover. 

2. Uploading That Bad Boy

Have enough strong guys around to lift the tub and wooden platform and carry it to your new desired location. Place it on the ground, unstrap it, and lift one side of the tub in order to easily slide out the wood. 

Pro tip: If you are unloading the hot tub on grass, make sure of its location ahead of time, because due to its weight if you place it and then move it around again, you will end up with dead grass surrounding your peaceful abode.

3. Refill the Water and Hop in and Enjoy Those Jets!

Clean out the tub, refill it with clean water and get back to enjoying! 

4. Final Thoughts Before Hopping in The Hot Tub:

No matter the task, iMoving is here to help you move with ease. Your hot tub will be in good hands if you allow our trusted moving teams to help you.

Even if you prefer to go DIY style, iMoving has vendors for that as well. Let's get you and your hot tub on the way to your new home! We are waiting for the invite!

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Ensure to choose this as an extra VIP service and make sure to write down the size of your hot tub so that your quote will include exact pricing.

iMoving has a solution for all items that need to be moved. Don’t stress. Just ensure to be upfront about your special pieces and we’ll make sure to get them there with prices that are fair and square.

Start researching the area along with finding your favorite new spots. If you are a gym rat, make sure and do your research about what new gym you’ll soon be attending. If you have kids, read up on the school district and sign them up on time.

Rachel Kaplan

Rachel has spent the last few years writing for moving companies while actually moving across the globe. After many years of moving between many states in the US, she moved abroad to try the remote work life. She’s a pro at moving all her things with her dog and hundreds of plants. Thankfully she’s a minimalist so moves aren’t too much of an issue.

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