Disposal Services

You may have junk, but you don’t need to take it all with you. Use iMoving to shop, compare, and book disposal services for your upcoming move.

Taking out the Trash? Use iMoving

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The price of your move usually depends on how much weight you’re hauling, or how much time your movers need to spend packing, loading, and driving. Are you sure it’s worth paying the extra money to move everything you own?

The iMoving team has been in the business for over 20 years. Over all that time, we’ve seen customers pay loads of cash just because their trucks are full of stuff they don’t even use. This is why our first piece of advice is to always downsize before moving day.

Of course, our second piece of advice is to use our marketplace to shop for junk removal services. If you haven’t had luck pawning off that “vintage” couch or finding a new home for that old TV, you can find vetted disposal specialists who can make your move easier - and cheaper.

Tidy Up With Disposal Services

It’s not just about getting rid of your unwanted items. When you shop and book disposal services, you’re saving money and making life easy.

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Less to Haul

The price of a long distance move is calculated based on weight and distance. The price of a local move is based on the time and amount of movers needed for the job. Having less to haul means less hours on the clock, and less weight on the scale.

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A Clean Slate

Downsizing also gives you a chance to start fresh. This may just sound like a cheap excuse to go buy some fancy new furniture, but think of it this way: you can get your security deposit back if you make sure your old place is nice and spotless.

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A Place for That Old Sofa

Sometimes it’s easy to find a taker. Your new-in-the-box blender could be a hot item. But your old sofa or IKEA dresser from 15 years ago… maybe not. Fortunately, your disposal specialists can find a good place for your unwanted items - not just in a landfill, but at charities, too.

Top Rated Disposal Movers

We Got Our Hands Dirty So You Don’t Have To

Finding the right guys to take out my trash” may seem like a weird request, especially considering you don’t want to see this stuff ever again. But we made sure you’re still dealing with the pros.

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Licensing and Certification

Our research team carefully reviews DOT and FMCSA licensing info for every mover that wants to join our marketplace.

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Customer Reviews

If a mover wants to be part of our network, we check their feedback on third-party sites. We even keep track of problems to see how they get resolved.

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Undercover Shopping

We gatekeep pretty hardcore, but even when a mover gets into our system, we keep them on their toes. Our researchers go undercover as customers, and they ask plenty of questions.

Why Choose iMoving for Junk Removal?

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Easy to Book

No house calls, no phone calls. iMoving is the only place that lets you compare prices and book a move entirely online.

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Safe and Secure

We’ll ask you for your moving deets, but we don’t tell the whole world about it. We keep your info safe, and we don’t sell your data

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Totally Transparent

When you’re in our marketplace, we make sure the quotes are binding. What you see is what you’ll pay - no funny business or hidden fees.

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With over 1000 overs in our marketplace, it’s easy to find local, long distance, or even international specialists.

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Custom Moves

Moving’s a big job, and you’ll probably need more than just disposal services. We made it easy to book à la carte options for moving day.

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Vetted Carriers

Even if they’re just hauling away your junk, your movers should be legit. Our researchers thoroughly review licensing and safety records for every mover in our network.

Disposal Services FAQs

Many moving companies have a minimum weight requirement for their services, but if you Marie Kondo’d too hard, no problem. iMoving has plenty of moving pros who can handle few item deliveries and small relocations. You can shop for them just like shopping for junk removal.

We always recommend booking your move a few months in advance, and we always recommend avoiding the summer months. Any time school isn’t in session, you can expect higher rates and more competition for trucks and movers. Try to avoid the first and last days of the month, too, since that’s when leases are usually up.

If you’re planning on doing some of your own packing, you can find sturdy boxes at bookstores, liquor stores, and office parks. You can also find packing and moving supplies at UPS or FedEx stores. But if you want an all-in-one solution that delivers to your house, you can book moving supplies with iMoving as well.

Disposal doesn’t always mean throwing your old stuff in the trash. Plenty of our disposal service providers actually work with charities to give back to those in need. You can get rid of your unwanted furniture, and get a nice case of the warm-fuzzies at the same time. Score.

Downsizing before a move can save you money, but it can make you money, too. Garage sales are always a classic. You can also try selling on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist, but just be on your guard in case of weirdos. Pawnshops can take some items off your hands, but beware of weirdos there, too. Actually, just beware of weirdos in general when you’re selling your stuff.

Book Your Disposal Services with iMoving

If you’re planning on a move and you don’t want to break the bank, use iMoving to shop and book your disposal pros today. Tell us a little more, and lets take that old toaster off your hands.

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