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    We believe that our clients deserve to get the best prices for the best service.

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    We value your time: Your move should be right on time and as agreed.

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    Courtesy is a key factor and value here at imoving. Expect nothing less.

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    When things don't go smoothly, resilience and professionalism are key factors.

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    Things should run as agreed; this is what imoving is all about.

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    It all comes down to that: the best way to handle your next move

Our Movers Services and Handling

Find out how we Screen and Handpick our Movers


Whether you’re about to move and are looking to find a professional mover, or you’re a mover yourself interested in joining the iMoving team, find out how we ensure smooth moves and excellent service on moving day. We understand how stressful moving day can be and how important it is that a mover entering a person’s home is professional and respectful to both them and their property. We believe that transparency and honest pricing is the first step in forging a trusting relationship between a mover and customer. Good manners also goes a long way in creating a positive atmosphere during a move and having a reliable mover who is on time is crucial to keeping a schedule and ensuring everyone’s day goes as planned.


Trust and transparency are at the heart of our moving community and we expect our moving partners to share our same core values. By publishing our standards below, we convey our values and ensure our movers are on the same page as us. Each and every one of our movers have been approved by us through a series of screening practices and have pledged to abide by our standards.


Our community standards:



Professionalism     Transparency       Respect        Reliability     Honest Pricing    

We make it our job to ensure our community standards are enforced. Learn How

Click here to read more about our core values in Trust & Transparency.


Choosing your mover


Choosing movers for your local or long distance move isn’t a decision to take lightly. Finding the best local movers near me or the best cross country movers in your area offers you less stress before, during and after your move. With help from iMoving, you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for the right movers. A simple search with certain criteria will pull up the most reliable movers for your move. iMoving takes great care to ensure that professional movers who are partners with us are fully screened.


Each of our partners must have authentication with your local state government or the Department of Transportation, which helps ensure that they are legitimate. They must also have a Certificate of Insurance in order to protect you from having to deal with any liability if movers are injured while handling your move. When you hire movers found through iMoving, you can rest assured that they have been working in the moving business for a minimum of 2 years and have been interviewed by our team. If any movers violate our standards, we hold them accountable and promptly remove them.


Finding Affordable Cross Country Movers


When you need to move to another part of the country, having movers at your side can make this experience a lot less stressful for you. Since moving costs can add up significantly, iMoving makes it easier for you to find affordable cross country movers, which means you don’t have to worry about going over your budget. Our movers are rated on their honest pricing, so you can count on getting estimates that aren’t far off from what you actually pay. Working with affordable state to state movers means that you’ll have all of your belongings moved from your current home or office to your new one without running up considerable costs.


How much do cross country movers cost? This varies based on a number of different factors, such as how much you’re moving, how far you’re moving and what kinds of packing supplies you need. The movers you find through iMoving will let you know what you can expect to pay, which makes it more convenient for you to manage your moving budget.


At iMoving, we understand how stressful the moving experience can be, especially when you need to move to another state or a different part of the U.S. Knowing that you have reliable movers to depend on helps take a lot of the anxiety out of these long distance moves. The cross country movers you find should have high ratings in professionalism, transparency, respect and reliability in addition to providing honest pricing information. You can read through customer reviews of these companies in order to find the ideal one to take care of your cross country move.


Choosing the Best Local Movers


A local move might not be quite as stressful as a long distance one, but there are still several factors to consider and many tasks to handle. Whether your family or your business is doing a local move, having exceptional movers handle it for you gives you extra time to devote to other activities and tasks. iMoving gives you a chance to quickly and conveniently find movers in your area who provide outstanding service that fits your budget. You’ll also have a team of movers who know how to expertly pack up all of your home or office’s belongings and get them loaded safely onto the moving truck. Even if you’re only moving a few blocks away, it’s important to have dependable movers with the professionalism and expertise to handle every aspect of your local move.


How much do movers cost for local move? The price you’ll pay for a residential or commercial move in your area depends on different factors, including the size of the truck you’ll need, how many belongings you need to move and the kinds of packing supplies your move requires. Finding affordable movers near me is easy, though, with iMoving. You can search for movers who offer budget-friendly prices for local moves and have a solid reputation for providing high-quality service to each and every customer. When you're ready to start your search, let iMoving help you.

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