Cross country Moving Companies

How to Move Across Country without the Nervous Breakdown


No one takes the decision to move from sea to shining sea lightly, it is a big undertaking. But even so, it holds promise and excitement. It isn’t quite the same as setting off with a Conestoga Wagon into the west. But it has a frisson of romance and new beginnings.  

If you’re lucky and have some time to plan and work up to the move there are many things you can do to make it easier and hopefully somewhat stress-free. If you have to move in a hurry, get the professionals in. In this article this is exactly what we are going to uncover i.e. best cross country moving companies 


Opportunity to downsize


iMoving will help you by streamlining your search for quality cross-country moving companies and obtaining quotes. But a move of this size is a heaven-sent opportunity to get rid of all the stuff you really don’t want any more.

Selling stuff is a great way to create a fund for new things at the other end which will be better suited to the new place anyway. 

Of course, the less you ship, the less you pay to ship it, and the more ways there are to ship it. If you are not shipping huge amounts of furniture or cars you might not need one of the huge interstate moving companies to do the actual transporting. 


To Do Lists


The new upgraded title for To-Do Lists is Project Management, which is exactly what you’re doing. There are loads of online tools which can help, and you really could use project management software if you want to.  

Alternatively, one big to-do list which you can segment will do the job just as effectively. The trick is keeping track of things and making sure they get done.

So, the question arises how do you find the best rated cross country moving companies?


Some bills are unavoidable – other’s not so much


If the thought of how much this will cost is frightening you there are some things where you can reasonably make savings and others where it is a false economy. 

People tend to move at a similar time. Often the move is dictated by school-age children who finish at one school and then need to start anew the following semester. The effect is twofold. Firstly, everyone involved charges more, and secondly in the dash to get things settled you rush for the first available and it is not necessarily the best.

Again, the internet is your friend. By using services like iMoving i.e. one of the best cross country moving companies, you harness their influence to get you moving options even at the worst times of the year. If you can move midweek you will also reduce the price, and that might even give you the chance of a breather as you either arrive before or leave after your things.


To pack or be packed


The idea of someone packing for may appeal as either heaven or hell. But it’s worth doing the math. Experienced packers know what they are doing and maybe can do it faster than you. It’s worth getting an estimate for them to pack and ship. Many of the cross-country moving companies in our iMoving network offer packing services. It could be more cost-effective than you buying packing materials and spending weeks putting stuff in boxes. 


Labeling and inventory


You’re never going to remember what is in each box, not ten days later when they all look the same. So yes, get the sharpie out and mark everything with room and contents. A good idea is an ‘Open This First’ box. This is the one box you need on the first night as it holds absolute essentials like the corkscrew. 

Also, make sure you have a detailed inventory. It is not enough to ship 37 boxes and have 37 boxes when the movers drive away. You need to see all pieces and parts in and out. Imagine if you don’t have the thing that connects the slats to the bed frame and it is already 11:30pm.


Pulling it all together


The better organized you are, the better service you will get from your cross-country moving company that would help you moving companies cross country. Cutting their stress has a great effect of cutting yours, and you are in this together.

The other alternative, of course, is to throw money at it and hand over the job and the responsibility to someone else. Nice idea but dream on, when does that happen in real life?