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A cross country move takes a lot of planning and prep, but iMoving can deal with the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Get a quote and book your cross country move in 3 easy steps:

Cross Country Moving with iMoving

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Hiring cross country movers that partner with iMoving ensures that your entire moving process, from start to finish, goes as it should.

iMoving works with is the best cross country movers in the business. Each of our top picks has years of experience, plus, every mover on their team puts you and your moving needs at the top of their priorities.

The cross-country movers that iMoving partners with are fully licensed and bonded, and they offer insurance so that you can have the peace of mind you need and deserve on moving day.

iMoving makes it easy. Shop for your cross country moving company, use our utility to compare quotes, and book your move. We’ll handle the rest.

iMoving Makes Booking Simple

Go in-depth about your move, or just cut to the chase with a quick quote.

Let us know how far you’re going, and how much you’re hauling.

Compare prices and pick your mover from over 1000 vetted and verified options.

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Sit back and relax. Our cross country movers can handle the rest.

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Door-to-Door Professionals

When you book with iMoving, we connect you with the best movers in your area.

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Vetted and Verified

We do extensive research on the movers in our network, checking their reviews, services, and availability.

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Strict Standards

iMoving has strict standards for the movers in our marketplace. If a mover doesn’t make the cut, we don’t include them in our network.

Top Rated Cross Country Movers

As of April 2024

We grade our cross country movers based on their professionalism, respect, reliability, transparency and honest pricing - and it’s how we grade ourselves as well. 

Everything You Need for Cross Country Moving, All in One Place

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Local Moving Services

Whether it’s down the block or across town, choose from our verified local movers to get the job done.

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Long Distance Moving

Cross country relocation at your fingertips. We have a marketplace of over 1000 verified carriers.

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Packing and Unpacking

Sit back and relax. Our qualified movers can handle the packing.

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Storage Services

Extra time, extra space, and extra flexibility. Book storage with the press of a button.

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Moving Labor

From heavy lifting to furniture assembly, the movers in our network can handle it all.

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Auto Transport

Driving your car to your new home may not be the best idea. Easily find specialist auto transport with iMoving.

Coast to Coast? Choose iMoving

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One and Done

iMoving makes booking your cross country move a one-time process. Enter your moving details, and cut straight to a whole marketplace of quotes.

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Unbeatable Rates

Our detailed marketplace lets you find and compare services and prices from over 1000 cross country movers in our network.

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No House Calls, No Phone Calls

iMoving is the only place you can search, compare, and book a cross country move entirely online. No in-home inspections, no awkward phone calls.

Cross Country Moving FAQ

Cross country moves can be a lot more complex, so your experience with your moving team will likely differ from any other time that you’ve worked with local moving companies. 

In general, you can expect to be charged based on the total weight of all of the items you are moving in the moving truck, the total mileage of your move, and the number of special services you choose from your moving company (such as if you need loading services or packing services).

You can simplify your move by using specialized services, but keep in mind that it will most likely drive your final price up quite a bit compared to handling the packing and loading of your belongings by yourself.

In comparison to local movers, cross country movers generally don’t charge by the hour. Instead, they prefer to charge a flat fee for the whole job, with the potential of additional fees depending on the weight of your haul and the total mileage of your move. 

If you were moving locally, you would probably pay local moving companies between $25 and $125 per hour, per mover. Since you’re moving long-distance, you’ll most likely be paying for the total cost of the job, which, for an average haul of about 3000 pounds, might come out to around $2000 (depending on the cross country moving company you chose).

When working with cross country movers, you should be aware that there are some items that they are not allowed to transport. Instead, you’ll be responsible for moving these items yourself. In general, this list is usually the same for any moving company that handles long-distance moves:

You won’t be allowed to load a moving truck with any perishable foods, items of extremely high value, perishable food items, and live plants. There may be more items depending on the specific moving company you have chosen to work with, so be sure to request a complete list of forbidden items from your moving company when you have a chance.

If you do have any of these forbidden items that you need to move, you’ll have to handle moving them in your own vehicle.

You need first to figure out the weight of all your furniture items to have proper planning for your budget. This time could also be the right time for you to make an inventory of your items with their value for the sake of insurance.

Below is the typical weight of each room:

  • Bedroom(s): The average weight of a bedroom should be around 1,000 to 3,000 pounds. This should be your starting point. Count your bedrooms for a more accurate weight.
  • Living room: You probably have a few couches in your living room; this will weigh more and consume a lot of space - usually more than 3,000 pounds.
  • Kitchen: This varies depending on whether you’re hauling appliances. You need to calculate the weight of your chairs, pots, pans, and everything but the kitchen sink (unless you’re taking that too). 

Distance is one of the most important factors when you’re figuring out the cost of moving to another part of the country.

A move will become more expensive as you travel farther. A cross country move may likely involve 1,000 to 2,000 miles: