Cross Country Moving Companies
Cross Country Moving Companies

All You Need to Know About Cross Country Moving Companies of 2020


If you wish to relocate across the country, Imoving is a reliable platform that will help you handle the entire process from the beginning till when all your goods are finally delivered to your preferred destination. We have the best cross country moving companies on our platform; they understand what it takes to move from one country to another so that you don’t have any regret whatsoever. At Imoving, we work with the best cross country moving companies in the United States; hence, you can always count on us to deliver nothing short of the best services to you.


Our cross country movers are experienced names in the industry with many years of delivering excellent moving services to our clients home and abroad. They are insured, secured, and licensed by the appropriate moving bodies and the Department of Transportation in the United State. When you decide to let us help you move across country, you are signing up for peace of mind, affordability, secured services, and convenience among others. Our movers are friendly, competent, and are ready to help you all the way from the beginning of your move to the end of the entire task so that you have nothing to worry about in order to allow you attend to more personal pressing issues.


With imoving you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable relocation whether you are moving locally, interstate, or cross country as we will help you handle all planning and logistics from the beginning to when your goods are delivered to your preferred relocation.

Find the Best Cross Country Moving Services in The United States


Imoving is a one-stop resource platform where you have the best and competent cross country companies listed. Whether you are moving your entire household, your car, or you are moving your business to a new location, we have got you covered with the variety of moving options and services our movers offer.


Imoving offers you the opportunity to view quotes from several cross country moving companies in our network, and we afford you the opportunity to compare prices, review their services, select your preferred mover and then you can book online; all in one piece. With this, you don’t have to start jumping from one website to another to view the prices and services the moving company offers.


Residential Relocation


With iMoving, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to move your household, and belongings cross country. We are here to help you with the entire process as it is what we have been doing consistently over the years and this has seen us earned the trust of our clients over time. We will work with you to put all logistics and planning in place so that your relocation will be seamless and all your belongings will be safely delivered to your new home.


Commercial Moving


We have experienced movers who are well-vast with moving businesses from one country to the other. We will carefully handle all your gadgets, computers, and files so that they don’t get damaged or missing in transition. We give special attention to handling commercial moves as we know there are lots of intricacies that may be involved in moving very important and expensive gadgets. You can count on our movers to always deliver top class commercial moving services.




Our movers on Imoving also offer storage facilities at very competitive rates. Hence, if you will need to secure your belongings before they are moved or probably before your new home is ready, then you are at the right place to get quality storage facilities that are well-conditioned to serve several purposes from our movers.


Full Packing


Our movers on iMoving offer full packing services for our clients who want to move cross country and may not have the time or expertise to pack their goods or belongings by themselves. Our movers will help you to pack all items with all caution, package them in boxes, and also label each box accordingly so that you can easily locate what item is in each box.


Auto Transport


If you need to move your car from one country to another, we have the expertise to help you with all logistics and planning that may be involved in ensuring your car safely arrives at your preferred destination without any dent or damage. You can view on our website a list of movers and compare quotes that offer auto transportation.


6 Things you Need to do Before Hiring Cross Country Moving Companies


One important part of your move is selecting the right moving company from the many cross country moving companies that are available. There are a few things to do before you finally sign the dotted lines with the company you wish to engage.



1. Know the type of Mover You Need:



One very important part of hiring a mover is for you to understand your moving needs so that you can know the type of moving company you will be hiring. You have to know it’s a local mover you need to hire or interstate or a cross country mover. This will enable you to get it right from the first step. Also, you need to know what your moving needs are and make sure the company you hire will cater to your unique needs. It is important to hire a mover that has experience with your specific type of move; so you have to find out about this in order to be confident they can handle the job the right way.



2. Ask the Right Questions:



Make sure you engage your movers by asking them the right questions to make sure you are both on the same page. Do not make assumptions about their services as you may be wrong with your assumptions.



3. Invite them Over:



It will not be a bad idea to invite your movers to your home, for an in-house assessment. This will enable them to have firsthand knowledge of what the task entails and how to best deliver, it will also enable them to know what will be captured in the estimates.



4. Understand the Estimates:



Take some time to study the estimates and the mover fees stated in the estimate. This will enable you to identify grey areas and you will be able to ask questions for clarification where needed.



5. Ask for References:



Just as you will not hire an employee without references, you also should request references from the moving company you wish to engage before entrusting your belongings into their hands. Another way to go about this is to read about them; read reviews about the companies you have penciled down and also as friends and family who may have had to move cross country in the past for recommendations.



6. Find out if they are Licensed and Insured:



Make sure the company you hire is insured and also licensed by the Department of Transportation in The United States. This is just a measure to be safe in case of any eventuality that may occur in the process of relocating your goods or belongings.


Cross Country Moving Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What Happens when a moving company visits my home?

The major reason why your mover comes to your home is to carry out a visual survey of your items and belongings. This will enable them to have accurate billing for your move based on the weight, packing charges, and other charges that may be incurred.


  • How is the cost of my Shipment calculated?

The cost of your move will be based on mileage (distance to be covered), weight of your shipment; these are often referred to as transportation charges. Other charges that may appear on your estimate may include extra labor, bulky article charge (For heavyweight items), crating, and packing among others.


  • What is a Bill of Loading?

A bill of loading is a receipt for your goods or belongings and the contract with your mover for their transportation. You have to get a copy of the bill of loading from the driver who loads your shipment. Make sure you understand every detail on the bill of loading and ask questions where necessary.


  • What is an Inventory?

An inventory is a detailed and descriptive list of all your household goods and the conditions of these items as at the time it was received by your mover. Make sure you go through the list to ensure that none of your item is left out of the inventory so that you don’t have missing goods in the process of transitioning.


  • Are you properly insured and licensed?

You need to be sure that your cross country moving company are insured and licensed by the appropriate bodies. This will safeguard you to get compensation in the case of a mishap and that makes you comfortable doing business with an insured and licensed cross country moving company.



How to Choose the Best Cross Country Moving Companies


Choosing the right cross country moving company is no different from how you go about choosing your movers for other types of move, whether local or interstate. You have to do your due diligence to ensure that the cross country moving companies you plan to engage guarantees you the following;


  • Check that they are incurred and licensed: Before committing your belongings into the hands of a moving company, check out information about them to know if they are insured and licensed. It is easy to find out this; ask your mover for their U.S DOT (United States Department of Transportation) number and enter it into the U.S. DOT’s database on their website and you will be able to view the company’s complaint history.


  • Read reviews about them on an independent website so that you don’t get to read doctored reviews that are not genuine.


  • Ask for quotes from more than one moving company, compare the quotes and make your decision on which of them you will engage.


  • Review your estimate to make sure you have a good understanding of all that is quoted and if there are any grey areas, ask your moving company for better explanation.


  • Ask friends and families who may have used their services in the past to know what their experience was like with the moving companies. The best way to predict future performance is to evaluate past performances.


How to Reduce the Cost of Cross Country Move


There are a number of things that you can do to cut cost when you are moving cross country, this will enable you to save enough and have some bucks left for other things. Here are a few things that can be done to cut cost when you decide to move cross country;


  • Choose the best time to move; the best time to move is during the week, avoid moving during the yuletide to avoid the rush as the number of people moving during this period is always on the high which will definitely spike up cost of moving.
  • Plan ahead of your move dates so that you will not incur extra charges due to last-minute arrangements that ought to have been catered for a long time ago.
  • Get rid of items and junks that you no longer need.
  • Get quotes from different companies and choose the one with the best quote and also covers all your moving needs.
  • Get boxes for packing your items from friends and families.
  • If you are moving as a result of job redeployment, see how your company can fund part or all of the moving cost.
  • You can also invite friends and families to help you out with packing and other minor labor in order to reduce labor costs.
  • Look out for discounts from your cross country moving company to cut moving rates.


iMoving is your complete one-stop solution for handling and planning your relocation whether you are moving locally, interstate, or cross country. On our website, you can check a wide range of several reputable moving companies with good antecedents that have delivered quality services moving households, commercial enterprises, and goods over the years.


What we offer you is an opportunity to search for moving companies on our platform so that you don’t have to start jumping from one moving company website to another in search of a good company to engage. When you search on our platform, you can request quotes and you get the quotes almost immediately and you can also see services that each moving companies offer so that you can be sure you are engaging a moving company that will cover your specific moving needs.




If you find the right cross-country moving company for your purposes, you can feel confident that your move will go the way it should. You deserve to have the best service for your move, so do research ahead of time, compare quotes, and connect with the cross-country movers that are right for you.


Choose iMoving today, and let us help you have a seamless relocation whenever you plan to move.


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