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How Local Moving Companies Charge for Local Moves?

The average cost for a local move typically ranges anywhere from $540 for a one-bedroom apartment to $1,900 for a four-bedroom house.

A local move is any move less than 50 miles and does not cross state lines. A long-distance move is typically 100 to 400 miles or more or crosses over state boundaries.

Local moves are usually charged at an hourly or flat rate, while longer interstate moves are priced by weight. Generally, in order to estimate moving costs, you take the estimated time to complete the move- usually charged based on how much and how complicated your move is- and multiply it by the moving company's hourly rate.

Add any additional charges for other things like the packing material, travel time, and tips, and you can get a pretty good idea of what your local move will cost. 

Full-service moving companies offer the most stress-free and customizable moving experience. They handle every little detail, without needing you to lift a finger, however, full-service moves are also the costliest options.

Local moving prices by miles & Volume

Home Size/Distance 50 miles 100 miles 150 miles and up
1 Bedroom $500 - $1000 $1000 - 1500 $1500 - $2500
2 Bedrooms $1000 - $1500 $1501 - $2500 $2500 - $3500
3 Bedrooms $2000 - $3000 $3000 - $4000 $4000 - $5000
4 Bedrooms $3000 - $4000 $4000 - $5500 $5500 - $7500

What Services Do Local Movers Offer?

Packing & Unpacking
Packing & Unpacking

Probably the most crucial part of moving from one place to the next, is packing and unpacking your belongings. Local movers will usually be pretty well prepared with all that needs to happen in order to get your belongings and most prized possession from point A to point B.  This means providing the packing material, like boxes and bubble wrap, and even doing the safe loading of your things into their respected boxes. 


If you have some things that you do not wish to take with you into your new spot, or perhaps not right away, you can store extra items until you are ready to move them to your new home. You can select the items you wish to store and let the moving company take them to a secure, climate-controlled storage facility and keep them safe

Assembly & Disassembly
Assembly & Disassembly

Couches, shelves, dressers, beds, closets, desks even chairs, these days almost all of our furniture needs to be disassembled to move it from place to place or to even have it fit through a doorway. Have no fear, the right local movers that iMoving will find and book for you will know exactly how to disassemble all of your furniture and reassemble it perfectly in your new spot. 

Spacial Items Handling
Spacial Items Handling

Let’s be real, if you’re taking the time to move your things into a new home, chances are they’re important to you. Somethings are more important than others, and other things are more delicate than most. Unique and precious items of all shapes and sizes may need some special care from your local movers. From pianos to mirrors, pool tables and fine works of art, some possessions need special care delivery instructions to keep their value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a local move typically take?

    Local movers work hard to get as many moves done in a day as they can. Because of that, a local move will only take a morning or afternoon to complete. It all depends on how much stuff you’re moving and how far your destination may be. 3 to 5 hours is pretty average, with larger houses taking up to 8 hours to complete.

  • When should you pay your local movers?

    You may have to pay a down payment to your movers ahead of time so that you can secure your spot. But, don’t pay more than 10-15% of your total quote. You will pay the rest of it after you get a final total and everything has been moved into your new home.

  • Would it be easier to do it myself?

    While some people say that it’s easier to take care of their move on their own, more often than not, you’ll find that movers can get the job done more quickly and without all of the logistics that you’d have to go through to find friends and family. So, it may be worth the extra money to just go ahead and hire local movers to help you out for a few hours.

  • How much should I tip my local movers?

    You should always consider throwing a little gratuity into the final bill to show your movers your appreciation for a job well done. If you think the local moving company you chose did a stellar job during your moving process, then you should think about tipping an extra $5 or so per hour, per mover.


    At that rate, it would add up to about a grand total of a $40 tip for each mover for the day, which would be a good tip for an eight hour day of moving things around. This is just about the standard tip for movers, and you can bet that they will greatly appreciate your gratuity.

    Find out more about tip to local movers

  • Should I help my movers while they work?

    You may watch your movers do the job of packing up and load or unload your things for you, and there certainly are ways you can give them a helping hand. Most movers, however, don’t want you to be lifting up on things and getting into the hard work, because that is why they are there!

    If you want to do something to help your movers, you could do small things like offering them a glass of water or lemonade, provide them with a snack, or even help direct them into the moving truck when they are carrying something heavy.


    Most local movers have an established working process to make things as fast and efficient as possible, so you jumping into the heavy work might slow them down.


    That’s why it is best to look for the little ways you can help, and you can be assured that your movers will definitely appreciate it.

  • Can I hire movers to move one single item?

    Got something heavy you need to move from one location to another locally, but you just don’t have the means to do it yourself? Local moving companies can definitely be a big help here. They are properly equipped and trained to handle the job of moving large items that folks just might not have the means to move by themselves.


    Large, single items that local movers handle moving almost every day are things like hot tubs, pianos, mobile homes, and so much more. If you have something like this that you need to move, just get in touch with local movers today to get a quote on how much it might cost you to move your large item.

  • Is it worth it to hire local movers?

    At the end of the day, the decision to hire local movers is entirely dependent on your budget and your resources. Local moves are a lot simpler to facilitate than long-distance moves, so if you’re really needing to move on a budget, you could always rent a moving truck and handle the heavy lifting yourself, with the help of some friends, of course.


    Local moving companies are a great way to take the stress off of yourself and let someone else handle the heavy lifting, pickup, and delivery of your belongings, so if you have the budget for local movers, then you will find it is definitely worth it. You can, of course, enlist aid from others and do it yourself if you just don’t have the budget to hire a moving company.

  • Should I provide food for my local movers?

    If you really want to simplify things for your movers, and possibly even speed things up, you could always provide for them if you wish. This could be a big help to them if the move is going up into the range of four or five hours, because at that point, it is probably nearing lunchtime for them, anyway.


    Every worker needs a lunch break, and that includes your hard-working local movers! If you are kind enough to provide lunch for them, they will probably greatly appreciate not having to go somewhere else to pick up food.



Moving is complicated but having first-hand information about how it works is a step to a successful move. One thing is to plan for your move earlier enough; another thing is to hire a moving company from your local area.

If you are looking for local moving companies in your area, you are at the right place to choose from a variety of handpicked qualified local movers from different categories of moving services. It takes a few minutes to receive quotes from various companies that are trusted and tested for the job. Happy moving!