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Whether it’s across town or across the block, book your local movers with iMoving.

Simple and Streamlined Local Moves with iMoving

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Finding the right mover can be tough, and repetitive. When you’re shopping for quotes, you’ll have to enter your info and make calls to get an accurate estimate, and you’ll have to do it for every moving company on your list.

We know how annoying it can be to re-enter all your contact information and moving details, and we know how stressful it can be making cold calls and cleaning house before a moving agent pays you a visit.

That’s why iMoving makes it easy. We’re the only place that lets you shop for movers, fill out your detailed inventory list, and book a move entirely online. No house calls, no phone calls, and no stress.

iMoving Makes Booking Simple

Go in-depth about your move, or just cut to the chase with a quick quote.

Let us know how far you’re going, and how much you’re hauling.

Compare prices and pick your mover from over 1000 vetted and verified options.

Connecting You with Top-Tier, Verified Movers

Relax with peace of mind, knowing you're in the hands of our trusted, expert movers.

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Door-to-Door Professionals

When you book with iMoving, we connect you with the best movers in your area.

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Vetted and Verified

We do extensive research on the movers in our network, checking their reviews, services, and availability.

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Strict Standards

iMoving has strict standards for the movers in our marketplace. If a mover doesn’t make the cut, we don’t include them in our network.

Top Rated Local Moving Companies

As of April 2024

We grade our local movers based on professionalism, respect, reliability, transparency and honest pricing.
It’s how we grade ourselves as well.

Your All-In-One Solution for Stress-Free Local Moving

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Packing can be a pain. That's why iMoving can organize your packing services so you don't have to.

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Packing Supplies

Use iMoving to get the right packing supplies for the job - and the pro movers who know how to use them.

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Moving Labor

If you can DIY the packing but aren’t a fan of heavy lifting, book moving labor to take care of the big stuff.

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Premium Moving

Find premium movers who can provide some much-needed TLC for your pool tables, antiques, art, and more.

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Corporate Relocation

Our pros can help you minimize downtime and get your company relocated without missing a beat.

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Auto Transport

Don’t load your Lambo with a bunch of moving boxes. Use iMoving to find the best auto transporter for your garage queen or garage project.

What Counts as a Local Move?

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In the moving industry, there are local moves and long distance moves. But what’s the difference?

Local moves: These moves are under 100 miles, and within the same state. Local movers charge per mover, per hour. For reference, each room of your house will take about two movers to pack up.

Long distance moves: Long distance moves are over 100 miles or anything across state lines. Even if you live right on the border, you’ll need long distance movers to handle it. The cost of these moves comes down to distance traveled and weight of belongings..

When you’re looking for the right moving team, make sure you have the right type of mover on hand. Fortunately, iMoving makes it easy to find the right carrier for the job.

Here’s How iMoving Can Help

Plan Your Move and Check out our Marketplace

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One and Done

Most moving companies require a bunch of personal information and moving details before you get a quote - and you have to jump through all those hoops for every mover. With iMoving, it’s a one-time process. Enter your moving details, and cut straight to a whole marketplace of quotes.

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Unbeatable Rates

iMoving connects you with the best movers in the business, and competitive prices are just a click away. Our detailed marketplace lets you find and compare quotes from over 1000 movers in our network. 

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No House Calls, No Phone Calls

iMoving is the only place you can search, compare, and book a move entirely online. Unlike other companies that require in-house estimates or phone interviews to figure out your inventory, we put the entire process on our website. Build up your own inventory list, or just go straight to the movers in your area.

Local Moving FAQ

The cost of a local move typically ranges from $300 to $1,500 for smaller apartments and from $600 to $2,000 or more for larger homes. However, these are general estimates and actual costs can vary based on factors like the amount of belongings, distance of the move, labor costs, and any additional services required.

A local move is any move that’s less than 100 miles, and within the same state. On the other hand, a long distance move is any move that exceeds 100 miles, or crosses state lines. Local moves are charged per hour, per mover. Long distance moves are charged by distance traveled and volume of belongings. Plus, long distance movers need to be federally licensed.

Every moving company has their own no-go list, but the basics are usually the same across the board. Movers won’t transport anything pressurized or flammable, and they won’t take anything perishable or alive (like plants, pets, or rambunctious children). High-value or sentimental items are also best kept either on your person or close at hand, so you should move those yourself.

If you want to save every penny, renting a truck and DIYing your whole move is the way to go. Unfortunately, with the price of gas these days, (not to mention the days you’ll have to take off work for packing and hauling) you may not save that much in the end. Make sure you really take the time to math out your final savings.

It’s a good idea to book your local movers at least two months in advance. This gives you extra flexibility, and if gives your movers plenty of time to plan out the big day. While you’re looking at your calendar, cross off June, July, and August. Those are the busiest, most expensive months for moving. Shoot for something mid-month, mid-week, and far away from holidays or vacations.