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Sometimes it’s just easier to let the pros handle the packing. Use iMoving for all your boxing, packing, and bubblewrap.

Allergic to Packing Peanuts? Use iMoving

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Packing is the toughest part of any move. It’s one thing to lift heavy boxes into a truck, but filling those boxes in the first place? Not fun. Don’t worry - we’ve got a market full of movers, and not only can they handle your heavy lifting, but they can handle your packing, too.

iMoving has been in the industry long enough to know how to make your moving day easier: No more annoying in-home estimates, no more lengthy phone calls, and no more struggling to find the right box for that TV you bought four Black Fridays ago.

You’ve got better things to do with your time than getting wrapped up in your packing. Instead of dealing with all the boxes, tape, and packing peanuts, use the iMoving marketplace to shop around and book packing pros you can trust.

Here’s Why You Should Hire Pros for the Packing

You may have DIY’d your move back in college, but you’re a grownup now. It’s time to sit back, relax, and let the pros handle it.

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Quality Moving Supplies

Would you rather put your PS5 in an old Amazon box with busted seams, or let some pros pack it up with bubble wrap (and a box that was actually made this year)? Your movers will have heavy-duty moving supplies to keep everything safe.

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Custom Crating

If you’ve got some weird-shaped, large, or bulky items, you may be SOL if you DIY. But, if you use iMoving and book professional packing services, you can get custom crating for all those hard-to-box items. Just like in the movies, they’ll build a box right around your high-value stuff.

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Extra Hands, Extra TLC

Packing services can keep your stuff safe. When you pair it up with moving labor, you’re getting a whole safety net. An experienced team dealing with the wrapping, packing, boxing and loading means less of a chance to accidentally drop that box full of fine china.

Top Rated Packing Services

Choose iMoving to Book Your Packing

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Totally Transparent

No unpleasant surprises before, during, or after your move. We make sure your carriers are clear about what you’re getting, and what you’re paying.

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Safe and Secure

You’re trusting us with your info, so we’re keeping it extra safe. iMoving doesn’t sell your data to third parties.

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Nationwide Reach

Local, long distance, and even international - we’ve got movers everywhere, and in all shapes and sizes.

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Easy to Book

Just tell us your moving deets, and we’ll compile a list quotes for you. No need to re-enter your info every time you want to compare prices.

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Custom Moves

You shouldn’t get paid for services you don’t need. Our platform lets you pick and choose your services for a completely custom experience.

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Vetted and Verified

Our researchers thoroughly review every moving company that wants to join our network. If they don’t make the cut, we don’t let them in.

Packing FAQs

If you want to do some boxing and packing by yourself, you can find some sturdy boxes at office parks, bookstores, and liquor stores. (Yes, liquor stores. Those boxes have to be built to last.) They may be free, but you should still make sure they don’t smell funky or have any weak seams.

Packing isn’t just a chore, it’s time-consuming. And no matter how optimistic you are about how much time and energy you have, you’re still going to resent throwing away a few weekends just to put stuff in boxes. Cut down on stress and save some time by hiring professional packing services.

DIY moving is usually the cheapest, but not by much. While the savings look good on paper, once you factor in the price of gas, the price of food and lodging (if you’re going long distance) and the price of all those paychecks you missed during your move, that DIY job may not make much financial sense.

Pool tables, sectionals, wardrobes - whatever it is, it’s not gonna fit in a 18” x 18” x 15” box. When you use iMoving to shop for packing services, look around for movers that also offer furniture disassembly and custom crating. Some of the movers in our network even offer furniture rearranging for when you make it to point B.

A full service move means a completely hands-off experience on your end. When you book one of these relocations, your moving team will handle everything. Clothes? Folded up neatly, or hung with care in a wardrobe box. Dishware? Wrapped up and boxed up. It’s super convenient, and usually worth the extra cash.

Time to Get Packing! (But let’s have someone else take care of it.)

We’re not just in the moving business, we’re in the convenience business. iMoving makes it easy to shop, easy to book, and easy to move - and it all comes down to finding the best packing pros in the business. Shop the iMoving marketplace today.

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