Long Distance Moving Companies

If you’re in it for the long haul, book your long distance movers with iMoving.

Effortless Long Distance Relocation with iMoving

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There are tons of long-distance movers out there. But how do you know you can trust someone with all your stuff over hundreds (or even thousands) of miles?

Finding the perfect mover can be a challenge. Between re-entering your information for multiple movers, making endless calls for accurate estimates, and dealing with invasive house calls from moving agents, it’s a major process to find the right fit.

At iMoving, we streamline the whole operation. We're a one-stop solution for shopping and booking your long-distance movers, with a marketplace of over 1000 vetted and verified carriers to choose from.

Unlike the other guys, the iMoving platform allows you to fill out a detailed inventory list and book your entire move online. This means no house calls, no phone calls, and no stress.

iMoving Makes Booking Simple

Go in-depth about your move, or just cut to the chase with a quick quote.

Let us know how far you’re going, and how much you’re hauling.

Compare prices and pick your mover from over 1000 vetted and verified options.

Connecting You with Top-Tier, Verified Movers

Relax with peace of mind, knowing you're in the hands of our trusted, expert movers.

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Door-to-Door Professionals

When you book with iMoving, we connect you with the best movers in your area.

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Vetted and Verified

We do extensive research on the movers in our network, checking their reviews, services, and availability.

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Strict Standards

iMoving has strict standards for the movers in our marketplace. If a mover doesn’t make the cut, we don’t include them in our network.

Top Rated Long Distance Movers

As of July 2024

We grade our long distance movers based on their professionalism, respect, reliability, transparency and honest pricing - and it’s how we grade ourselves as well.

Your All-In-One Solution for Stress-Free Long Distance Moving

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Residential Moving

Move your home with ease. Our residential moving services cater to apartments, condos, houses, and everything in between.

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Commercial Moving

Relocating your business? Our commercial movers specialize in office and business relocations, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption.

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Long-Distance Moving

Our long-distance moving services make your cross-country or interstate move a seamless experience.

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Local Moving

Quick and reliable local moving services for those moving within the city. Perfect for fast, efficient relocations.

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Packing and Unpacking

Need help packing? Our movers offer full packing and unpacking services, ensuring your belongings are safely prepared for the move.

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Storage Solutions

In need of storage space? Find secure, climate-controlled storage options for short-term or long-term needs.

What Counts as a Long Distance Move?

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A long distance move takes a bit more planning and prep than a local relocation. Here’s what sets your long distance movers apart from local movers:

Local moves: These are short-distance moves. Anything within the same state and a 100 mile radius from your point of origin counts as a local move. Local movers usually charge per hour, per mover (and it takes about two movers per room).

Long distance moves: Anything over 100 miles or across state lines counts as a long distance move. These are charged by distance traveled and the weight of your stuff. Long distance movers also need to be federally licensed to handle interstate relocations.

There’s a lot of long distance moving companies out there, so we made it easy to search for the best. Enter your moving details, and compare quotes across 1000+ vetted and verified movers in our network.

Streamlined Long Distance Moving with iMoving

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One and Done

Most movers require a bunch of personal information and moving details before you get a quote - and you have to jump through all those hoops for every company. With iMoving, it’s a one-time process: Enter your moving details, and cut straight to a whole marketplace of quotes.

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Unbeatable Rates

iMoving connects you with the best movers in the business, and competitive prices are just a click away. Our detailed marketplace lets you find and compare quotes from over 1000 movers in our network.

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No House Calls, No Phone Calls

iMoving is the only place you can search, compare, and book a move entirely online. Unlike other companies that require in-house estimates or phone interviews to figure out your inventory, we put the entire process on our website.

Long Distance Moving FAQ

A long-distance move typically takes between 3 to 14 days, depending on the distance, the size of your home, and the route.

For example, a move across state lines might take 3 to 7 days, while a cross-country move can take 7 to 14 days or more. Always consult your moving company for a precise estimate.

Here’s a link to our moving cost calculator for an in-depth estimation, but long-distance moves can range from $3,000 to upwards of $17,000.

Normally, you want to start researching and comparing quotes from moving companies 2-3 months in advance to get the best deal possible.

  • Are there any hidden moving costs?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • What services do you offer?

These are some good questions to ask moving companies.

It’s most common to have some pre-move preparations like final checks and paperwork. Then, the movers arrive and load the truck. Then, you’re off!

Yes, movers should definitely be tipped for long-distance moves. Anywhere for $40-$80 is a good bet.

Contact the moving company immediately and speak with their management team to understand the cause of the delay and get an updated delivery estimate.

Document all communications and follow up regularly. Inquire about compensation for any inconvenience and review your insurance policy for coverage on delays.

No, your belongings are not automatically insured during a long-distance move. The level of insurance coverage depends on the type of protection you choose and the moving company's policies.

The first step is to document the damage. Take clear photographs of the damaged items, the condition of the boxes, and any other relevant details. Also, create a detailed inventory list of the damaged items, noting their condition and the extent of the damage.

Most long-distance moving companies do not transport pets due to safety, regulatory, and comfort concerns.

It’s typically better to arrange for a pet relocation service or transport your pets yourself.

Some specialized pet moving companies offer services including transportation and care for pets during the move.