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iMoving helps you to have access to reputable long distance movers that can get the job done for you. We make it our priority to secure your personal information with us while we also ensure that our movers are licensed and insured.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a reputable long distance mover who can move your possessions safely and reliably.

Long distance moves are quite different from local moves that any movers can handle. A move is considered a long distance if you cross from one or more state lines to another on the way to your new destination.

Crossing your state line briefly because the route chosen is believed to be shorter than other options while traveling to another city within your state is also considered a long-distance move, and this mostly happens in states like Wisconsin, Texas, Idaho, and some states across the South and Northeast.

When it comes to moving, crossing state lines can best be handled by professional movers who specialized in long-distance moves.

How can choose the right one for your move? What is the average moving cost of a long-distance move? What is the long-distance moving checklist? This post will discuss all you need to know as regards long-distance movers. To start with, let’s define a long distance move.

Top 10 Long Distance Moving Companies of 2023

To find help with your next move, you can search the internet and contact moving companies. You can as well compare moving quotes from many long distance moving companies or local ones near you on iMoving.com free of charge with zero obligation.

iMoving.com is committed to helping you reduce the time, stress, and cost of your moving process by partnering with the highest quality moving companies that are licensed and properly insured.


How Much does it Cost to Move Long Distance?

It is a very complicated task preparing for a long distance move. Customers often encounter hidden costs and non-binding estimates; this makes planning a moving budget even trickier.

We contacted many long distance relocation companies and gathered all the information for you, so you can have some cold hard numbers you can rely on.

Continue reading to learn how much it costs to move long distance.

Cost of Moving Long Distance

Moving a single bedroom apartment on a long distance varies from $840 to $4460. Your pick-up and drop-off locations are the factors that greatly determine these prices.

Relocating from Los Angeles to New York City or the other way around, for instance, will cost you an average of $2586 to $2863  respectively. Prices may naturally be lower or higher than the average mentioned here.

Note that cheap long distance moving companies may not be your best choice as professionalism and reliability often come at a price in the relocation business.

Apart from your actual moving cost, below are some of the additional costs of moving on a long distance:

Additional Costs

There are other expenses you should be worried about apart from moving service expenses. Costs that are not included in moving quotes are included in long distance moving costs. The costs include:

  • Shuttle fee: The 18 wheel truck used for cross-country transport sometimes can’t get to your exact location when you are relocating into or out of a dense urban area.
  • Your belongings will be brought to your door using a shuttle in this case. This service will cost around $250 to $500 depending on the size of the truck.
  • Storage in Transit (SIT): Whenever you need short-term storage in the relocation process or your new home is not ready for your possessions to be delivered, storage in transit is required. The costs for storage are calculated by volume:

Home Size

Avg. 1 Month Storage Rate



1 Bedroom, Small        


1 Bedroom, Large           


2 Bedroom               


3 Bedroom               


4 Bedroom            



Some moving companies charge on a bi-weekly basis while most charge a monthly fee.

  • Guaranteed Delivery Date: Request for a guaranteed delivery date from your moving company if you would prefer your possessions to be delivered at a specific date rather than within a certain timeframe comes with a price.
  • Depending on each moving company’s operation status, inventory’s volume, route, and prices vary between $300 and $1,500. If a mover has less flexibility in a specified timeframe you requested for, they might charge double than normal. 
  • Insurance: It is highly advisable to spend more on additional insurance even though it is optional. Purchasing insurance on your own can cost close to $10 per $1,000 of valued goods at $250 - $500 deductibles.

What to do before Hiring Long Distance Movers

You have no idea where to start looking from when you need to hire a moving company for your long distance move, especially, if you have never hired a professional mover before.

Challenges and difficulties that are often overlooked or unforeseen by moving companies are commonly present in long distance move unlike in local moves.

Finding a moving company that accommodates and helps you personally, apart from being reliable and trustworthy is very important.

Asking others who have used the services of a moving company is one of the best ways to determine how good a moving company is at their job.

However, what some people see as best may not be what is best for you; hence, keeping an open mind and make quality decisions based on your own experience is the best way to go here.

How you can make your long distance relocation as simple and stress-free as possible and the specific things you should look for in a long distance mover will be discussed next in this article.

Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Service

Hire a moving company, call a container company or rent a truck are the three options to moving long distance. Let’s take a look at sample cost of each.

Hiring a Moving Company (about $10,000.00)

Atlas, Mayflower, Allied, Old Dominion and North American are some of the big names in moving industries. These full service moving companies offer insurance for your belongings and often guarantee delivery within a week or less. Some of them sometimes offer packing and unpacking services.

They have experienced professionals as loaders/unloaders and drivers. Just that they are the most expensive moving option.

Renting a Truck (about $3,000.00)

U-Haul has become the popular name for any moving truck rental company. The size of the truck you need together with the features that moving truck should have – such as ramp, attic, lift gate, etc., will be determined by U-Haul and other big names in the rental business.

You are responsible for the safety and insurance of the move, even though this is cheaper than hiring a relocation company. The packing, loading, and hauling is done by you.

Opting for Container Companies (about $4,500.00)

These companies drop a portable storage container at your house and allow you to pack it at your convenient time. They then pick up the container from your house and deliver it to your new home for you to unpack.

This option is gaining much attention lately when it comes to moving. PODS is the most popular player in the business while 1-800-PACKRAT and U-Pack are also included. 

A Successful Long-Distance Move is Priceless

The costs associated with hiring a moving company for your long distance move always reckon with the adage that says ‘you get what you pay for’.

You get to save time and relieved from relocation stress, ultimate safety of your high-priced possessions and spared from possible bodily injury when you partner with a professional, reliable and trustworthy moving company.

What Makes Long Distance Moving Companies Stand Out?

You first have to understand what makes an interstate or cross-state mover, so good so that you can hire the perfect one for your move.

This is a good move knowing that you will entrust your possessions into their care for safe-keeping and transportation across a very long distance.

Therefore, this decision is to be taken seriously. For this reason, knowing which qualities to look for in a professional moving company should be your priority. Below are some general ideas:

  • A well-established and good reputation
  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Customer satisfaction

The above are the most important qualities but are not the only traits you should consider in choosing a long distance mover.

You have the right to decide which of these qualities will have priority as exceptions do exist. You will be able to find a match for any of these you consider most important if not all from our database of potential long distance movers.

Licensing for Long Distance Movers

A license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is required to operate as a long distance moving company.

This federal governing body does the regulation of residential relocation and trucking industries. The laws and regulations long distance moving companies must abide by are created and enforced by this body.

We, at imoving.com do advise our customers always to do their own background digging on any relocation service we refer even though we only work with moving companies who hold the proper licensing.

It is important to review performance records including accident and complaint reports about a mover on the USDOT website even if the mover has proper documentation. 

Reputation is Important for Long Distance Moving Companies

You cannot just hire a moving company you come across at random, most especially when you haven’t heard or research anything about them.

No matter how big or small a business is, reputation plays a vital role. And when talked about, the moving industry is more relevant in this category.

You have to make sure the moving company is well established and worth the investment, as they will be the one you hire to handle your highly prized possessions.

Without this, you risk potential damages, scams, fraud, additional expenses, and so on.

People always want a professional who they are sure will get the job done. You want a moving company that is:

  • Well known to the general public with a presence on social media.
  • Established as a brand in the moving industry
  • Operating for over five years.

The Credibility of Long Distance Movers

You should never neglect this quality even though the significance of the qualities we discussed here is equal. You get to know how reliable a long distance mover is with the level of credibility it conveys.

In this business age, each industry has unlimited numbers of companies to choose from under them. And some of them do not have the required certifications or capabilities for the work and services they offer.

For this reason, you should take your time to do some digging on the moving company you consider hiring before you make your decision to hire one.

By offering you only long distance moving companies that are BBB approved, iMoving have already given you heads-up.

Our Thorough Reviews of Movers

Before we give any relocation company the right to offer quotes through our services, iMoving.com reviews each of their partners.

The criteria that all moving companies must meet so that we can make sure you are receiving reliable, safe and trustworthy service include the following:

  • Each moving companies must possess the proper operating authority required as a household belongings carrier.
  • The appropriate amount of insurance coverage required to transport household belongings must be possessed by each moving companies.
  • Long distance moving companies must provide valid USDOT and/or MC license numbers.
  • Each long distance or local moving company must provide valid license numbers based on imposed state or federal requirements.
  • In their interactive advertising campaign, relocation companies may only use their legal or Doing-business-as (DBA) name.
  • The resale and/or redistribution of leads is strictly prohibited as acknowledged and agreed to by each moving company.
  • The 110% rule for collecting charges on non-binding estimates has been agreed to and acknowledged by all long distance moving companies.


You can be assured that you will be working with the best local moving companies we could find when you allow iMoving.com to provide you with price estimates or moving quotes from local (within state), long-distance (interstate), or international moving companies.