Small Deliveries

You don’t always need a huge truck to haul your stuff. If you’re packing light and moving small, use iMoving for all the bits and pieces.

Just a Few Items? Use iMoving

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Most moving companies have a pretty strict minimum size requirement. After all, they don’t want to use a big ol’ truck for just one dresser.

This leaves you with two options: Pay more so a major hauler will take your stuff, or find a mover that specializes in light moves. We think it’s a pretty easy choice, so we made it easier than ever to find the right carrier for just a few items.

When your move is too big for your car but too small for a moving truck, we’ve got you covered. Shop our marketplace, compare quotes, and book your few items delivery in just a few clicks.

Here’s How Pro Movers Can Help With Small Jobs

When you’re not meeting the minimum weight for most movers, you’ll need to look for a moving company that specializes in lighter transport. It may seem a little extra, but there’s plenty of good reason to hire pros:

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The Extra Real Estate You Need

Your dresser doesn’t fit in your hatchback, no matter how much Tetris you’ve played. Movers that specialize in smaller deliveries will have just enough real estate for your just-too-big items. They’ll bring a van or a truck that’s not too huge, and they’ll drive it so you don’t have to.

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Loading and Hauling

Even though you don’t have a lot of stuff, it’s still helpful to have some extra hands. We can get you in touch with moving labor for those awkward items. Plus, they can bring packing supplies like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.

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Deliveries Done Right

Movers usually bundle several moves in the same truck, but that means delays for deliveries and dropoffs. You shouldn’t be stuck waiting for your bedframe just because it didn’t fit in your car. Movers who specialize in low-weight deliveries can get there faster.

Top Rated Small Movers

They Do the Hauling, We do the Research

Moving can be stressful, even if you’re just dealing with a couple awkward items. No matter the size, we make sure your stuff’s in good hands.

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Licensing and Certs

We make sure the movers in the iMoving network are licensed and by the DOT and the FMCSA. We check their safety records, too.

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Customer Feedback

Before we let a carrier join our marketplace, the iMoving research team checks out their reviews. If they’ve got a bad rep, we don’t let them in. Simple.

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Secret Shopping

Every now and then, we’ll call one of our carriers and pose as customers to make sure we’re getting the same fair deal as everyone else.

Why Choose iMoving for Few Item Delivery?

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Nationwide Network

You may be moving small, but you could be moving long. Our network includes local, long distance, and international movers.

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Safe and Secure

We’re serious about data security. When you give us your moving deets, we don’t share them with anyone else.

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Easy to Book

No more annoying phone calls or in-home estimates. Our booking process is entirely online, and you don’t need to request new quotes from every mover.

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Totally Transparent

iMoving is a marketplace, and we don’t let anyone join our network unless they’re totally up-front about what they’re selling, and what it costs.

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Completely Custom

Packing, white glove service, and more. Our low-quantity moving pros offer plenty of extra goodies.

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Movers You Can Trust

The iMoving team keeps our carriers on their toes. We check customer feedback, and even call in and pose as customers ourselves.

Small Deliveries FAQs

If you’re looking for movers for just a few items, chances are you’ve already downsized quite a bit. But you can also reduce labor time by staging all your stuff in an easy-to-access spot. If you’re moving local, time is money.

Think of the path your movers have to take from the truck to your front door. Is it a straight shot, or are there stairs, elevators, long hallways, and inconvenient parking regulations? The more obstacles your movers need to deal with, the more access fees you’ll have to pay.

iMoving has a ton of moving specialists in our network, including furniture disassembly. This will make it a lot easier to move those items you can’t really fit in your car. (Some movers even offer furniture rearranging in your new place - take some time to shop iMoving to see all the goodies on offer.)

DIY moves are usually cheaper (emphasis on usually). After paying for your truck rental, your gas, and your food and/or lodging, those savings may dry up a little. You’ll also miss some of your paychecks for the privilege of beating yourself up with all the loading and hauling.

Bookstores, office complexes, and liquor stores usually have some boxes they’re willing to part with for cheap - or for free. Of course, if you really want to be sure your packing supplies are legit, you can use iMoving to book movers who’ll bring their own equipment.

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You’ve seen the tips and tricks. Now it’s time to see if iMoving is worth the hype. Tell us more about your low item delivery, and we’ll connect you with the right movers for the job.

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