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Need an extra hand? Book the best moving labor in the business with iMoving.

Moving Labor with iMoving

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Sometimes you can handle most of your move, and sometimes you just need help with the really big stuff. That’s why iMoving makes it easy to book moving labor you can trust.

At iMoving, we make sure our carriers are vetted, verified, and backed up by positive reviews. When you book moving labor with us, you’re getting the best of the best, and you can shop entirely online.

When you need a few extra hands, hiring moving labor for the heavy lifting can make a huge difference. Use iMoving and book your movers in 3 easy steps.

Book Your Moving Labor in 3 Easy Steps

How big is the job? Choose the number of moving helpers you’ll need.

Let us know your moving date, and where your moving help should meet you.

Pick from over 1000 verified movers. We’ll take care of the rest.

Book Moving Labor Services with iMoving

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Book packing services with iMoving, and let the pros handle the packing peanuts.

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Some items are just too big, heavy, and awkward to move solo. Get help.

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Furniture Assembly/Disassembly

Large furniture? Have the pros handle the disassembly and reassembly.

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We’ll help you get everything off the truck and out of the box.

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Arranging Furniture

Professional moving labor can unbox and arrange everything so you don’t have to.

Top Rated Moving Labor Companies

As of July 2024

We grade our moving teams based on professionalism, respect, reliability, transparency and honest pricing. It’s how we grade ourselves as well.

Why Hire Moving Labor?

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Hiring professional moving labor with iMoving is way easier than trying to DIY your move. You’ll get professional help for the hardest parts of your move so you can handle the rest solo.

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Some of your stuff is too heavy to move by yourself, but your family and friends may be suspiciously unavailable on moving day. Don’t ego-lift. Book moving labor instead.

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Moving labor comes at a price, but it’s a lot cheaper than hiring full service movers who’ll take care of every single part of your move.

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When you book moving labor with iMoving, you can pick and choose the specific services you’ll need. Whether it’s packing, loading, hauling, or disassembly, you have a full menu.

How Much Does Moving Labor Cost?

Hiring moving labor usually costs between $95 and $200 per hour. It’s a big window, but it all comes down to the exact services you’ll need, and how much stuff you’re moving.

Choose Home Size

Average Price:$278 – $ 599

No. of Helpers:2 helpers

Ave Cost / Hr:$95/hr

# Hours:$95/hr

Average Price:$389 – $750

No. of Helpers:2 helpers

Ave Cost / Hr:$95/hr

# Hours:$95/hr

Average Price:$750 – $1900

No. of Helpers:3 helpers

Ave Cost / Hr:$125/hr

# Hours:$125/hr

Average Price:$1250– $3500

No. of Helpers:4 helpers

Ave Cost / Hr:$165/hr

# Hours:$165/hr

Average Price:$1,400 – $5100

No. of Helpers:4 helpers

Ave Cost / Hr:$165/hr

# Hours:$165/hr

Average Price:$2500 – $8000

No. of Helpers:5 helpers

Ave Cost / Hr:$200/hr

# Hours:$200/hr

How Many Movers Do you Need?

Choose Home Size

No. of Helpers:2 helpers for2 hours

Unloading Only:2 helpers for2 hours

Load & Unload:2 helpers for4 hours

No. of Helpers:2 helpers for3 hours

Unloading Only:2 helpers for2 hours

Load & Unload:2 helpers for5 hours

No. of Helpers:3 helpers for4 hours

Unloading Only:3 helpers for 3 hours

Load & Unload:3 helpers for7 hours

No. of Helpers:4 helpers for4 hours

Unloading Only:4 helpers for3 hours

Load & Unload:4 helpers for7-8 hours

No. of Helpers:4 helpers for5 hours

Unloading Only:4 helpers for4 hours

Load & Unload:4 helpers for8-10 hours

No. of Helpers:4+ helpers for6+ hours

Unloading Only:4+ helpers for4+ hours

Load & Unload:4+ helpers for10+ hours

Moving Labor FAQ

It can be tough to find moving labor. Ordinarily, you’ll have to dig through google, find a moving labor company, and enter in all your details. Then you have to do it again multiple times to compare quotes and get the best price.

Thankfully, you can use iMoving and cut all the BS. We provide a whole marketplace of 1000+ movers, so you can compare quotes and book moving labor entirely online.

Yes, there’s a minimum booking time of two hours. There’s no maximum time limit, but it's best to discuss long-duration needs with our team.

Every move is different. Some are small enough to be dealt with solo, and some may need a bit of extra help. On the other hand, if you’re really allergic to packing peanuts, hiring full service movers may be your speed.

Moving labor is a great option if you have a few heavy items you can’t move yourself, or if you need some extra hands with the packing and boxing. Full service moves are completely hands off (and they’re much more expensive).

Our primary services include loading and unloading. Driving services are not typically included but can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Ensure all items are packed and labeled. Clear pathways in your home for easy access. Detailed preparation tips will be provided upon booking.

We value your feedback! After your move, you’ll receive a survey via email, or you can provide feedback directly on our website or customer service line.

The cost is based on the number of laborers needed and the hours of service required. A detailed quote will be provided upon request.

Book Moving Labor with iMoving

If you’re ready to get moving, book some moving labor to help with the heavy lifting. iMoving can connect you with vetted and verified professionals in 10 seconds flat:

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