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Every move is different, so we made sure our marketplace has what you need. Use iMoving to book the right services for the job, and get a completely-custom relocation with the best in the business.

Build a Custom Move with iMoving

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It doesn’t take long to figure out that moves come in all shapes and sizes. But it takes time and experience to come up with a recipe for success that works for everyone.

Our team has been in the moving game for long enough to know that a custom move is a quality move.

That’s why iMoving makes it easy to choose your own services and build your move from the ground up.

Looking for packing? We’ll send the peanuts. Need help with the heavy lifting? We’ve got your back - literally. Check out our marketplace, and pick and choose what you need..

Our services

  • Local Moving

    Local Moving

    If your move is under 100 miles and within the same state, you’ll be on the hunt for local movers. Don’t worry - they may handle smaller moves, but we make sure the local carriers in our network offer world-class service.

  • Long Distance

    Long Distance Moving

    When you’re going farther than 100 miles or crossing state lines, you’ll need to work with long distance movers. We only feature long distance movers who are licensed with the DOT and the FMCSA, and we do secret shopping to keep them honest.

  • Commercial Moving

    Commercial Moving

    We’ve moved mom and pop shops and corporate HQs. Commercial movers know how to keep your inventory safe and secure, and they know how to minimize your downtime, too. Book through the iMoving marketplace to make sure you’re dealing with a team you can trust.

  • Moving Labor

    Moving Labor

    You don’t ego-lift at the gym; why ego-lift when you’re moving? Use iMoving and find some helping hands for the heavy lifting. Couches, wardrobes, pool tables - they’ll handle all the stuff that’s too much for one person.

  • Car Shipping

    Car Shipping

    Your Lambo’s pretty sweet, but it’s lacking in storage space. Plus, we’re not sure all that Italian engineering can handle a long distance drive. Book a covered trailer, and we’ll keep it race-ready from point A to B.

  • Storage Service

    Storage Services

    Whether you need more square footage or just a bit more time, secure storage can give you that much-needed flexibility. From lockers to full-size units, use iMoving to find the perfect storage solution for your needs.

Additional Services

  • Packing Services

    Packing is one of the most frustrating parts of a move. You’ll have nightmares about boxes and tape for weeks. Fortunately, we’ve got packing available on iMoving. Use our marketplace, and our movers will handle the bubblewrap.

  • Small Deliveries

    Did you Marie Kondo a little too much? If you’re on that minimalist kick but you can’t quite fit your bedframe into your Miata, use iMoving to shop for movers who specialize in few item deliveries.

  • International Moving

    The iMoving marketplace is full of local movers and long distance carriers, but we can also connect you with international moving pros, too. Moving on an international scale obviously comes with some challenges, but our carriers know their way around the process.

  • Disposal Services

    It’s always a good idea to downsize and get rid of stuff you don’t need. If you’ve got leftovers from that garage sale or you just couldn’t trick your nephew into taking that old dresser, we can help you haul your junk so it doesn’t follow you to your new home.

Why a Custom Move Matters

Being spoiled for choice isn’t a bad thing. Here’s what makes the à la carte option so much more appealing:

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When you’re booking the pros, you’re committing to spending a little extra for peace of mind and a stress-free relocation. But you shouldn’t be charged for services you don’t end up using. Building a custom relocation means you’re getting charged for what you need, and nothing else.

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You don’t need to be a control freak to appreciate this one. Think of it more as “less unpredictability.” Don’t want to be left hanging too long? Choose expedited shipping. Want to make sure all your stuff has a home? Book storage.

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Picking and choosing services also tells your movers what they can expect from the job. The more details they have, the more they can prepare ahead of time. It’s also good peace of mind on both sides if everyone has clearly thought a little extra about the job.

Here’s What Makes iMoving Different

iMoving is doing something that nobody else is doing. We’re making it easier than ever to book your move, and we’re making sure you’re getting only the best carriers in your area.

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A Moving Marketplace You Can Trust

If a mover isn’t up to our standards, they don’t make it into our network. Our researchers are always keeping tabs on the carriers in our marketplace, and we even call in and pose as customers to keep our carriers honest.

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One and Done

We only ask for your moving info once - and we keep your data safe and secure. We use your details to build a cultivated list of movers in your area, so you don’t have to re-enter your info every time you want a quote.

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No Phone Calls, No House Calls

Speaking of quotes, we’re the only place that lets you compare quotes and book a moving company from the comfort of your web browser. No need for a phone interrogation or an intrusive (and awkward) in-home estimate.

Moving Service FAQs

Full service movers do everything. When you book a full service move, you’re going completely hands-off. Your pros handle everything from packing to furniture arranging at your new place.

Downsize, downsize, downsize. Sell off, give away, or just plain trash your unneeded items. You can also ask offices, bookstores, and liquor stores for sturdy boxes on the cheap - or free.

Aside from getting behind the wheel yourself, you can find auto transport specialists on iMoving. Forget Bring a Trailer, these guys’ll do it for you.

If you just need help getting the big stuff in and out of the truck, use iMoving to shop around for moving labor. This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: teams of loaders and unloaders for when you just need some extra hands.

When you have items that require extra TLC, you’ll need to get in touch with specialty movers. Fortunately, we’ve got tons of them in our marketplace. They can look after your pool table, antiques, and artwork with extra care and protection.

You Made it This Far. Let’s Get You Packing.

You’ve seen the services on the menu. Now it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. Use iMoving to book your custom move, right here, right now.

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