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Alternate TextBox Sizes

Alternate TextDimensions: 12 - 14 inches long, or 1.5 cubic feet

Alternate TextBest for: Cans, jars, books, silverware, and other small-size, high-volume stuff

Out of all the boxes you’ll need, you’ll probably need the most small cardboard boxes. These are a pretty useful option for all those small items you have a lot of, whether it’s books, silverware, or canned food.

Alternate TextDimensions: 14 - 18 inches long, or 3 cubic feet

Alternate TextBest for: 80% of your possessions. Pots, pans, clothing, toys, bed linens, lamps and more.

Medium cardboard boxes are the do-it-all solution for your packing needs. Because of their balance between size and weight, they’re a versatile solution for the biggest range of home goods.

Alternate TextDimensions: 18 - 24 inches long, or 4.5 cubic feet

Alternate TextBest for: Large, light objects. Pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, and poofy blankets.

Large cardboard boxes are great for lightweight, yet large items. Big ol’ stuffed animals, pillows, and puffy duvets. Don’t load these up with big, heavy items - that’s a rookie mistake, and it’ll split the bottom.

Alternate TextDimensions: 30 - 40 inches tall, 24” x 24” footprint

Alternate TextBest for: Clothes.

Wardrobe boxes come with an internal hanging rod to keep your suits and dresses wrinkle-free. They range in height, so make sure you get one that’s tall enough to keep your clothes hanging straight.

Alternate TextDimensions: Varies depending on TV size

Alternate TextBest for: Pianos. Just kidding. These are for TVs.

As the name suggests, TV boxes are for your TVs and/or computer monitors. TV boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Measure your screen diagonally from corner to corner to get a rough idea of what size you need.

Alternate TextDimensions: Varies, can be almost twice as long as each half

Alternate TextBest for: Long, flat items that don’t fit easily into pre-sized boxes.

These boxes come in two halves: One is slightly larger and fits over the edges of the other. This allows you to adjust the size as needed. Telescoping boxes are great for mirrors and other items that are a little oddly-sized.

Alternate TextDimensions: 18 inches long, or about 5 cubic feet

Alternate TextBest for: Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, and other small, fragile items.

Dish and glassware boxes are a must. They usually come with an internal cardboard support structure that divides the box into smaller compartments. Load your fragile bowls, plates, and glasses up, and flood the box with packing peanuts.

Alternate TextDimensions: Varies depending on mattress size

Alternate TextBest for: Mattresses of all shapes and sizes. Box springs, too.

Mattress bags are great for short moves, but if you think you’ll need a bit of extra time to set up that second bedroom, we recommend using a mattress box to prevent your mattress from getting damaged or bent out of shape.

Alternate TextDimensions: Varies depending on contents

Alternate TextBest for: Large and fragile items, like artwork.

Wooden crates may seem old school, but they’re the best option for large and fragile belongings. They provide an extra degree of protection and stability, and your movers may even build the whole crate around the item in question.

Alternate TextDimensions: Varies depending on contents

Alternate TextBest for: Anything that won’t fit in a regular-sized, regular-shaped box.

We’ve had customers with everything from pianos to vintage motorcycles. These obviously don’t fit in a regular-sized (or shaped) box or crate. Instead, your movers may partially disassemble the bits and pieces, or build a custom-shaped box around the item.

Alternate TextMoving Box Calculator

Moving isn’t always an exact science, but it can be pretty close. Use our moving Box calculator to see how many boxes you’ll need, and what kind of boxes will be best for your move:

Choose Home/Apartment Size

Small Box10 boxes

Medium Box14 boxes

Large Box7 boxes

Dish Box 4 boxes

Wardrobe Box 2 boxes

Picture Box 5 boxes

Small Box 15 boxes

Medium Box 18 boxes

Large Box 11 boxes

Dish Box 6 boxes

Wardrobe Box 4 boxes

Picture Box 8 boxes

Small Box 22 boxes

Medium Box 28 boxes

Large Box 17 boxes

Dish Box 11 boxes

Wardrobe Box 6 boxes

Picture Box 12 boxes

Small Box 31 boxes

Medium Box 40 boxes

Large Box 25 boxes

Dish Box 13 boxes

Wardrobe Box 9 boxes

Picture Box 16 boxes

Small Box 42 boxes

Medium Box 50 boxes

Large Box 34 boxes

Dish Box 18 boxes

Wardrobe Box 11 boxes

Picture Box 20 boxes

Small Box 54 boxes

Medium Box 66 boxes

Large Box 42 boxes

Dish Box 23 boxes

Wardrobe Box 14 boxes

Picture Box 25 boxes

Alternate TextMoving Kits

Our moving kits come with everything you need to Box and pack your belongings. They’re even custom-tailored to the amount of rooms you’ll be moving.

















Moving FAQ

Yes, our moving boxes are made from high-quality, sturdy cardboard, designed to hold heavy items safely. We recommend checking the weight limit for each box size.

Delivery times vary based on your location. Typically, orders are delivered within 3-5 business days.

No, we do not accept returns or offer refunds for unused boxes. We encourage customers to carefully estimate their needs before purchasing to avoid excess. However, you might consider donating unused boxes or offering them to others who might need them.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes. Please provide a physical address for delivery.

Yes, our boxes are durable and suitable for long-term storage. We recommend storing them in a dry, cool place to maintain their integrity.

Yes, our boxes are designed to be stackable when filled. However, always place heavier boxes at the bottom and be careful not to stack too high to avoid toppling.

We offer a box calculator tool on our website, which estimates the number of boxes needed based on the size of your home and the number of items you have.

If you receive damaged or defective boxes, please contact us immediately. We will arrange for replacements or a refund as per our return policy.

Yes, our boxes are suitable for both domestic and commercial moves, providing the durability and size options needed for various types of belongings.