Trust & Transparency
Trust & Transparency

We’re Improving the Moving Experience



To make the moving process a better experience for everyone, we aim to create a foundation of trust and transparency between customers and movers. It’s important that we share with you the standards that we hold ourselves and our movers to, both to communicate our values and guide behaviour. Our five standards below are at the heart of iMoving and we work hard to ensure that they’re honoured.



Professionalism     Transparency       Respect        Reliability     Honest Pricing    




Professionalism is pivotal to our success and it’s one of iMoving’s guiding principles. We always strive for excellence and are constantly improving; we are ethical, act with integrity and respect confidentiality; and we maintain a positive and helpful attitude. Since our movers are providing a service in our name, it is important that they hold themselves to the same standards as us.




One of the founding principles of iMoving is transparency. From pricing and updating your inventory to mover reviews and ratings, we make sure that there are no surprises on moving day. All mover price quotes through iMoving are binding. You can update your inventory at anytime online, and see the cost of moving individual items. iMoving will send you your inventory list 7 days before your move to confirm its accuracy. Users review and rate individual movers based on their personal experiences, to help you make the best moving choice.



Treating people with respect is at the cornerstone of our values. Respect and courtesy is what makes it possible for a customer to trust a mover in their home and with their personal belongings, and creates the positive atmosphere that is necessary to ensure the process run smoothly. Simultaneously, our movers can only be expected to do their best, when they are treated politely and respectfully.





Every move is different and has individual requirements. But one requirement that is  never changing is the reliability of a mover, both before and during the move. It’s imperative that our customers feel that their personal items are in safe hands and packed with care. Since our customers make commitments based on the guarantees of our movers, it’s only fair that our movers communicate in a timely manner, show up on time and as planned, and offer an all-over reliable service that meets expectations.





Our customers can rest assured that our movers are professional,  licensed and  insured. Authenticated with the department of transportation or local state government, we interview them personally to ensure they are a good fit for our customers.


We put concrete safety measures into place to make certain that customer payments are secure. Our security measures include holding payment to movers until 7 days after delivery, giving customers the time to update us that their belongings are intact. If there’s a dispute, we manage it to ensure the resolution is fair. If a mover cancels a customer job, iMoving will find a new mover to match the customers price quote.  And we don’t charge a cancellation fee for customers who need to cancel their order anytime before moving day.





By conveying our guidelines, we hope to avoid any mishaps in your experience with iMoving. To ensure that iMoving remains a good safe experience for everyone, in a case where a mover does violate our community standards, they will be removed from our site.