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Arkansas Movers - iMoving

Moving in Arkansas


How ready are you to make the move to Arkansas? Don’t be fooled with how far out your move date is from today, because iMoving knows better than anyone how quickly people find themselves overwhelmed and stressed because they didn’t start preparing sooner.


Moving is complicated enough as it is, but it can be made much worse when you deal with local or cross-country moving companies that don’t care for your possessions or respect your business as they should. iMoving was created for this very reason – moving prices and expectations shouldn’t change on the big day, but so often that is what people experience.


Instead of moving the old-fashioned way, let iMoving show you how packing your things and moving to Arkansas can be relatively stress-free and efficient.


iMoving is the simple and secure way to take care of your next move. Here are some of the things you can expect when you use our service:


  • Payment security
  • The best prices through competitive bidding
  • A network of insured, licensed and thoroughly vetted movers
  • Customer support that keeps you connected


You no longer have to worry about doing the time consuming research necessary to choose a quality, trustworthy Arkansas movers. We handle it all for you, keep your money safe and hold local movers accountable just the same as the long-distance moving companies we work with. You are always our top priority.


Moving Services in Arkansas


  • Commercial Moving: These kinds of moves require a different skillset and expertise than moving a home or apartment. This service will coordinate your move and execute it without disrupting your daily operations.


  • Long-Distance Moving: When you’re new home is located over 50 miles from where you are now or if you are crossing state lines, you’ll need the assistance of a long-distance moving company. Typically, you’re charged by the amount, or weight, of things you are moving.


  • Local Moving: If you’re moving less than 50 miles away from your old residence, local Arkansas movers can help you get it done all in one day. These moves are generally less complex than other kinds and charge you a fixed rate (based on the number of hours and number of movers).


  • Special Handling: Bulky, large and unwieldy items of value fall into this category. If there’s something you simply cannot take the chance on, use this service to ensure it gets to the final destination in perfect condition.


How to Make Your Arkansas Move an Easy One


Don’t let your move get the best of you. Follow iMoving’s easy simple tips for a smooth ride.


1. Move during off-peak times


There’s nothing worse than moving during the summer. The streets are full of cars, people, block parties, kids playing and so much more. Also remember it’s going to be pretty hot. This can make moving more expensive but also just more exhausting. Try moving at a time that is a bit calmer and you may find yourself feeling a bit more at ease and perhaps saving some money.


2. Make a moving folder/binder


It may sound too organized for some, but setting this up saves you so much time in the long run. You’ll be able to go to one place for receipts, contracts, swatches and contact information regarding your move. Having everything in one place always goes a long way to making your move easier to deal with.


3. Leave some things behind


Moving to a different place gives you a fantastic opportunity to purge. We all know there are number of things in your home that you haven’t used, or hate, or honestly don’t even want anymore. Now is the time to get rid of them. You’ll save money and the headache of finding some place to put them in your new home.


4. Get your friends and family to help you


Who said you have to do it all alone? If you can’t afford full service, getting other people involved is a great way to bond before leaving and save some extra money. You’ll be surprised at how much quicker things move and by how many people are willing to help you out.


5. Prepare your family and friends


Telling them you’re moving a week ahead is not going to make them feel very good. As soon as you know you’re leaving, talk to your family (especially children) to let them know how things are about to change. Your move affects more than just you, so giving proper notice will help everyone adjust and be more open to helping and making more time for you.


Arkansas: Need to Know Facts


  • You’ll be pleasantly surprised by nature. Arkansas doesn’t get much attention for its nature. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say it’s underrated. The Ozarks are located in Arkansas, as well as parks and trails with rolling hills and water. You’ll find that many people are outside on a nice day. You may just become an outdoor person if you aren’t already.


  • Chocolate gravy is a thing. We know it’s not enough to say that it tastes like what it sounds like, but it really does! Your first taste is unforgettable, and you’ll be slathering it on your bacon and biscuits in no time!


  • Stifling humidity. The humidity in Arkansas can be overbearing, and that’s putting it nicely. The good thing is everyone suffers together and you’ll get used to seeing that thin layer of sweat on everyone else when you’re outside.


  • Bug spray will be your new best friend. A hot, humid climate containing lots of water means mosquitoes. They are going to be everywhere. Don’t leave the house without bug spray if you’re planning on spending any amount of time outside.


  • Coke is not what you think it is. When you order a coke in Arkansas be prepared for the follow-up question: What kind of coke do you want? That’s right, coke is the generic word for pop or soda (depending on where you’re coming from). If you want a coke, flat out ask for a Coca-Cola.


  • Dinner is lunch. One of the more unique things about the state is that many people refer to lunch as dinner. They refer to dinner as supper. We have no idea what breakfast is called but you should have a good time figuring it all out.


Your new life in Arkansas is sure to be amazing, so make sure you set your move up for success by picking the very best moving company. Use iMoving to get started with a quote or talk to us about booking the best price for your upcoming Arkansas move.