Best Moving Labor Companies

Hire Moving Labor at a Glance

Even if you love to do everything yourself, you don’t necessarily have to tackle the entire aspect of your move yourself. To make things easy for you, iMoving went the extra mile to research the best moving labor companies that can make your DIY move easier.

You can save much time and stress and, in some cases, money if you are not going for a full-service move when you hire a moving labor company.

In order to help you choose the best company for your moving needs, we researched many popularly-known moving labor companies. HireAHelper comes first on our list of top-rated moving labor companies. 

You can get small 1-hour jobs, such as packing done by other moving labor companies for a lower price, but if you need more, such as loading and driving, you can only get the best from HireAHelper. The company makes use of professional movers and is present in all fifty states with an easy quoting process.  

Top 5 Moving Labor Companies of 2021's

We picked 5 of the popularly known moving labor companies and compared cost, size, transparency, and availability. Below are five cost-saving moving labor options to consider for your next move: 


Are you about to go for a rental truck? Hire professionals to give you a hand with loading and unloading to save your back from breaking. You can safely find and book moving labor professionals with HireAHelper, one of the highly reliable online marketplaces.

HireAHelper states that the movers may be labor-only companies that deal mainly in loading and unloading services or full-service moving companies ready to send their employees out to do moving jobs labor-only. Since the movers do this job for a living, you can be certain that your items will be in good hands.



3,500 franchises in fifty states

Professional contractors

Easy quote process

Excellent customer reviews

Costlier than competitors

2-hour minimum

No background checks on workers

  1. 2. Moving Help

Just like HireAHelper, Moving Help gives customers an online platform where they can search and find local moving services nearest to them. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, cleaning, as well as driving help are all included in these services.

Moving helpers are ranked by the website based on star rating by the company. Customers have access to real customer comments and evaluate ratings on each moving helper before choosing. 

This will help you easily locate the most trusted and well-reviewed labor service with just a few clicks. Use Moving Help by first supplying your moving date and the zip code or city/state you are moving from and to.

You are also allowed to choose the time you plan to move as well as the size of your move. Then click on ‘find’ to see the list of available moving helpers in your area on the website. 



Low prices

Packing services

Quick online quotes

Several of locations

User-friendly mobile app

Limited services

Low online presence

Nonresponsive website

No customer service

  1. 3. Dolly

This is an online marketplace that links you with standalone contractors for hourly moving labor. The company has the lowest physical locations of all the companies on our list.

Still, its prices are some of the most affordable, and it performs well at some unique services such as retail delivery that are very useful even if you are not moving.

Based on your location, Dolly can be one of your cheapest options for hourly labor.

For instance, we obtained quotes for Dolly services in Chicago, IL, and Denver, CO. the cheapest option was Dolly in Denver, CO, while it comes second-lowest in Chicago, IL.

The great concentration on retail delivery makes the company recognized in the moving labor industry. Your newly purchased furniture piece will be picked up from the store and transported to your house for assembling by your hired Dolly helper. You will get your boxes and other tools moved without waiting in the line.   



Competitive prices

Tons of services

User-friendly mobile app

Retail partners

Amateur workers

No packing services

No phone number

Limited locations

  1. 4.

This is one other national moving labor company where you can hire reliable, professional, and affordable moving labor helpers for your next move. Established in 2004, has been offering moving service help to customers that need it.

Besides others on this list that serves as an online marketplace for moving companies, is one of the not-so-many companies that focus on providing quality moving labor to customers who need assistance lifting heavy items and packing, loading, and unloading. 

This means that if you require help for loading and unloading your rental moving truck, trailer, or storage unit, you can contact to help you out as it offers the exact service directly.

The company is committed to bringing integrity as well as reliability back to the moving industry even right now when the demand for moving labor is higher to improve DIY moves of the customers.



Great price lock

Flexible cancelation policy

Great customer reviews

Brilliant customer support

Effective insurance package

Low online presence

  1. 5. TaskRabbit

This is an online marketplace that provides various types of hourly moving services at cheaper rates. However, the company is only available in 31 states. If your budget is not flexible, Task Rabbit is your best shot for most tasks in several cities.

The company may generally be your cheapest option for by-the-hour labor. We couldn’t be specific because the company’s prices can vary a little based on your current location. Price comparison in Chicago, IL sees Task Rabbit as the cheapest option always across the board at around $20/hour. 

When we compare in Denver, CO, TaskRabbit was undoubtedly the cheapest option around half of the time. Packing and unpacking services are available with TaskRabbit at a reasonably affordable hourly price.

Amazingly, packing and unpacking services are one of the services other companies strive to offer. Dolly doesn’t offer the service while packing, and unpacking is charged about a double per hour by HireAHelper.

However, Task Rabbit offers you several quick quotes at a reasonably fair price to its next-priced competitor



Competitive prices

Many services

User-friendly mobile app

Affordable packing services

Easy online quote

Amateur employees

No phone number

Fewer locations

What is the Cost of Moving Labor?

Just like local moving companies, moving labor companies charge an hourly rate.By hiring a moving labor company, you will pay between $60 and $80 for each hour for two movers.

Below are other things you should know about the rates of moving labor:

    • You will spend extra for each additional moving helper. If you hire two movers for $60/hour, for instance, hiring one additional moving labor helper will cost you $30 or more per hour, which brings the total to $90/hour for three movers. That means you will spend $120 to hire four movers per hour. 
    • Moving labor companies often charge a minimum of two-hour.
    • Usually, the billing time begins when the movers arrive.
    • They usually bill the average work hours in 15-mins increments. 
    • It would help if you didn’t face any surprise charges during your payment since best-moving labor companies don’t charge customers hidden fees.
    • You may or not be charged a mileage fee (travel fee), which is the time taken by the moving crew to get on the job site. Some moving labor companies don’t charge travel fees on custom fees within 40 miles. The foliage fee is often the same as 1 hour of work. 
    • Using moving equipment such as dollies, hand tools, and so on by moving laborer is free and included in the price.
    • In general, the prices for moving labor stated above are the same for all moving labor services: disassembly of furniture, reassembly of furniture, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and so on. 
    • When you have more understanding of how the moving cost is determined, you will be able to lower the price of your moving expenses.

Now, several factors will determine the cost of moving labor:   

    • The moving labor company
    • The exact location of the home
    • Additional moving labor services included by the consumer.  
    • Moving of special items such as a hot tub, a piano, a grandfather clock, a pool table, and so on.
    • Time of the move

Below is a pricing table for three moving labor companies as an example for typical moving labor cost:


HireAHelper (Cost/hour)

Dolly (Cost/hour)


Loading & unloading




Moving (truck included)




Pickup & delivery of donation




Packing & unpacking


Not offered


Types of Moving Labor Services Available to Consumers


Packing your household for a move takes a lot of time, and if you couldn’t get your friends to help, you may not be able to meet up with your packing arrangement. You certainly want to avoid having many boxes unpacked on a moving day, so you need to hire moving labor to assist you with packing in preparation for your household move.

Furniture disassembly:

You need to properly disassemble extra-large furniture items before you pack and load them. If this task doesn’t seem clear enough to you or have other things to do with your time, we suggest hiring moving labor experts who can handle the task swiftly.


Moving truck loading services may be necessarily needed for your move, and that is because you need a lot of physical strength to load a moving truck since you will need to move out all your heavy furniture items, appliances, and packed boxes before loading into the moving truck. First, ask yourself if you have the skills, tools, equipment, and manpower to handle the heavy lifting without causing injury to yourself or damaging the items.

Furniture assembly:

You will need to re-assemble all the furniture items that have been disassembled when preparing for loading into the moving truck. Can you tackle this task? If not, seek the help of moving labors to handle the task.


You are not expecting to perform a move any time soon, so you can take your time to unpack your belongings after the move. Yet, there are instances where you may need unpacking service available with moving labor companies.

Truck driving:

Many consumers are not aware that this service is available. Truck driving is an extra service offered by the best labor moving companies in the U.S. You get a moving vehicle; they haul it to your destination. So, consider your readiness to face the stress that associates driving of big trucks all over the country.


Just like loading, you may need moving help at your new home when you will need to safely unload all the heavy belongings from the moving truck and move that inside the new home. Regardless of what you do, just make sure to remember the stress of unloading a moving truck is no joke.

Tips on Hiring Moving Labors

Now that you have knowledge of what moving labor is and the types of moving labor services available with moving companies, you can now find out whether or not you need to hire moving labor assistance for your house moving needs. And if you discover you need the service, you will need to know how to discover moving labor.

The following simple steps will guide you in locating reputable and reasonably affordable moving labor help closer to you: 

    • Checking credentials: Make sure you obtain license numbers, business as names, as well as the number of years the company on your list of potential moving labors have been in the business. Then, check the website of FMCSA or the website of the Department of Transportation of your state to double-check the license and other credentials. You can start identifying trustworthy local businesses to consider for your job by checking online reviews. 
    • Getting estimates: Obtain estimates from several moving labor companies. Some experts suggest obtaining and comparing quotes from 5 separate companies. Obtain moving estimates from a minimum of 4 companies to make sure the prices you get are the most competitive and to locate the movers that serve your particular needs.
    • Ask questions: Obtain every possible you can get about factors like payment terms, additional fees, rate structure, company’s history, hidden costs, and if it uses subcontractors. Other useful things to know about packing services, storage services, insurance, and the things to prepare for on a moving day. 
  • Obtaining references: Be bold enough to request for references from old customers to obtain feedback from other customers like you. They can share with you first-hand experience of what they enjoyed or didn’t about the company.      

Benefits of Hiring Moving Labor


Certainly, your hired helpers will work and get paid since you will only need them to handle special tasks such as packing, disassembly of furniture, loading, unloading, and reassembling your furniture pieces. You will only spend less when you hire moving labor than you would hire full-service movers.

Sure, the main reason for the reduced cost is that you will not be required to pay the moving labor company to haul your belongings. There are affordable moving labor services, of course, but you sure want to know how affordable they are.


You should only decide to arrange a DIY move after you have checked your household moving situations very well. As you may know, knowing that you have good friends that can be relied on for assistance during your move is one of the major requirements of a DIY move.

However, your friends may not be available to help due to some reasons best known to them; you will have to look for a moving labor company to get things done.


You have access to a lot of flexibility when you hire moving labor because you get to decide the type of help you need from them. If you are chanced to do your own packing yourself, you may only need to have someone transport your belongings to another home by loading them into the moving truck.

On the other hand, if you won’t like to take care of your own items or don’t have the time, you can get professional packers for the task. You may also need help during the unpacking of the moving truck at your destination. Regardless of your moving needs, the best labor companies nearest to you should be able to provide a solution to it.


You are assured of your belongings' safety when you decide to hire professional moving labor for your items. This is because you and your household members will be free from any bodily injuries since the whole work, which involves lifting, carrying, and loading heavy household belongings, will be done by professionals.

In addition, your items will also be protected well since your hired laborers are well-experienced and have been professionally trained for this purpose.

Also, your hired men will be properly insured, so you will be compensated if any unexpected damage of any kind happens to any of your household goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of moving labor?

    Local moving labors charge about $25/hour/mover. Three movers should be able to move a two-bedroom apartment locally within 6 hours, which means about $450 for only labor. You can expect to pay about $3,500 for a median weight of 5,000 lbs during a long-distance move. 

  • Can someone else be hired to help with your mover?

    Yes, labor-only movers can help you pack, load, and unload your goods. Unlike popular belief, having your friends help you move may not be the wisest option. Even if they did show up, you would be trying to complete a skill-required task with unskilled people, taking into account none of your friends are movers. 

  • What does moving labor mean?

    Moving labor companies assist with parts of your move, such as packing moving boxes and loading moving trucks. They often cost less than full-service movers, but more than a DIY move.

    There are professionals for hire to help you pack, load, and unload your goods, but they will not transport your household items for you.


    This is because even though they possess the same experience, strength, skills, and expertise as standard professional movers, they do not have a moving truck. 

  • How can I save money when hiring moving labor?

    If you would like to spend less on your local move, the best means is to handle most of the work yourself. Hire professional moving labor for those tasks you cannot complete on your own, like moving heavy objects and loading or unloading heavy moving boxes.


    That puts you in charge of everything, which includes purchasing packing supplies, packing your items, and unpacking all your items at the new home; endeavor to handle all the work before the arrival of your movers, as you will have clear space in your home for them to work speedily. Moving labor companies often charge hourly rate; pay less when they do less work. 

  • Is it necessary for me to tip the moving laborers upon completion of their work?

    Yes, as this is a popular practice for customers to tip movers after they have completed your local move. If they did a great job, you should consider tipping them $20 or $40/mover.


    Tipping is an extra expense, but it shows that you appreciate them for the hard work your movers did in packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your belongings.

  • How can moving cost be determined?

    Moving labor cost is determined by factors like date, locations, and type of service. According to our research, the average cost for loading and unloading (the most popular service for moving labor) is approximately $68/hour. Expect to spend between $40 and $80 per hour for loading and unloading when you hire moving labor providers. 

  • Is getting movers worth it?

    If you don’t have enough time or want to reduce stress, hiring a moving company to handle all the task is worth the cost. Many full-service moving companies add damage coverage in the event that your items were to break during packing or hauling. 


Customers get to make comparison and reservation of available labor experts near to them through moving labor companies’ websites. Check the truck rental center on iMoving to locate discounts and information on different rental truck companies. Still, want to go for full-service movers? Check iMoving network of reliable and reputable movers for your needs. Our list contains licensed and insured moving companies so your move will go smooth, and you will have nothing to worry about.