Four Key Facts to Know Before Your Move to Florida

Learn about the most important factors to consider before moving to Florida, such as how early you should hire movers and what services to request to save money.

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Four Key Facts to Know Before Your Move to Florida

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Completing a move to Florida requires planning and execution. Whether you are moving locally or cross country, you must be aware of the process of hiring movers and relocating your belongings.


Relocating can be an expensive process, and first-time movers often struggle to find the best company to handle their move. By creating a moving checklist using our guide, you can ensure your upcoming move to Florida is a resounding success.


Below are four key factors to know before you start planning your move to Florida.


1. When to Hire Movers


Most Florida movers are extremely busy in the summer, while they also receive a lot of requests for service in the fall and spring. Weekends are generally a lot busier than weekdays for movers, as most people prefer to relocate when they have time off work.


If you are planning a summer move, and are only available to supervise on a weekend, you should book your moving slot at least one or two months in advance. Any later, and you may struggle to find a reputable company with an open slot.


Those who are relocating in the winter do not have to rush, especially if they do not object to relocating on a weekday. Movers may even have open slots for the next day or two, as they receive far fewer requests during the off-season.


2. How to Choose Between Moving Quotes


Parsing through several moving quotes from reputable companies is difficult, especially for first-time movers. When assessing a quote, look at the fine print. What services is the mover including in the quote? Are they also mentioning possible additional charges, depending on what happens on moving day?


The quote that appears the most enticing at first glance is not necessarily your best option. Read through all the relevant information in the various moving quotes, and only trust companies that offer binding quotes. If a quote is non-binding, you may as well disregard the numbers, as the company could charge you an entirely different hourly rate for their services after they complete your relocation.


3. Tips to Save Money on a Florida Move


When you hire local movers or cross country movers for a Florida relocation, you can save money in a few different ways. One option is to complete all packing and unpacking on your own, without any professional assistance. The movers load and unload, but you are responsible for getting your belongings into boxes and suitcases.


Another tip for lowering your moving expenses is to downsize your possessions. If you are moving fewer items, especially fewer appliances and furniture, you could request a smaller moving truck. Movers charge a flat fee for truck rental, which is lower for their smaller units.


A final option for moving on a budget is to get in touch with reputable movers who offer you binding moving quotes and ask if they have any time slot cancellations in the next few weeks. If you can relocate your belongings a little earlier than schedule, you could tempt movers into offering you a lower rate to fill up a slot of a recent cancellation.


4. Steps to Take Before Closing Out Your Present Residence


Before you say goodbye to your current home and welcome life in sunny Florida, you must complete a few steps. Ensure you are closing out all utility accounts at your present address, which involves calling each company in question to cancel.


Do not forget to forward your mail, as you do not want important packages or letters arriving to an empty apartment or being read by the new tenants. You can forward mail through the USPS website, and there are also mail forwarding forms available at post offices.




Do movers charge per hour for Florida moves?


Some moving companies charge per hour of labor, while others provide a flat quote for the entire relocation. Moves that involve shorter distances, even if they are state-to-state, usually result in movers offering an hourly rate. If your move is long-distance or cross country, the mover will provide you with an all-inclusive moving quote that is usually based on distance and amount of possessions to move.


Should I always choose the mover that offers the lowest rate?


No. Going with the mover with the lowest rate is not always the best option. You must consider the combination of the binding quote, along with the services they are offering. For instance, a mover may offer a cheaper quote for a long-distance move, but their quote does not include packing or unpacking services.


Can movers get my car to Florida for an extra fee?


Not usually. The vast majority of moving companies in the United States do not offer vehicle transportation services. If you can’t drive your vehicle to the new location, you may have to arrange for vehicle transportation through another company.


If I have food left in my fridge, can I get the movers to put it on the moving truck?


No. Moving companies have strict regulations regarding the inclusion of any perishable items on their moving trucks. Even if you are moving locally, a mover is unlikely to allow previously refrigerated or frozen food items on the moving truck.


Can I change my time slot a few days before my relocation?


Changing your time slot one or two days before your upcoming move is extremely difficult. Unless you are moving on a weekday in the off-season, your movers likely have filled up the remaining slots on your moving day.


Final Thoughts


A move to Florida is a significant moment in anyone’s life, as the state is full of promise and potential. Whether you are relocating for work, school, or personal reasons, you will be eager to complete the move without any hitches.


The above four factors to consider should help you plan your move in the coming weeks. Between finding the best movers, getting your ideal moving slot, creating a packing list, and closing out your interests in your current location, you can ensure nothing goes wrong.


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