Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

It is not every day that you need to move your business. Whether you are moving into a bigger office, shifting to a nearby city or moving temporarily, there is a lot that must get done to ensure a smooth transition.

Hiring a reliable commercial moving company can make all the difference. These companies have the experience, tools and skills necessary to ensure your office move is handled with precision and care. And iMoving can help put you in touch with them.

What Is Commercial Moving?


Commercial moving involves relocating a business, such as an office, government site, medical center, school, warehouse, or distribution center.


There are many steps involved in a commercial move, such as laying out a new floor plan, completing certain steps before the move, properly packing furniture and other items, and unpacking at the new site.


Experienced commercial movers can handle all these steps. From the first inspection of your office to the day everything is moved into the new facility, the movers will take care of all the heavy lifting. It will allow your employees and upper management to focus on running the company, instead of worrying about the logistics of an office move.


How to Find Commercial Movers?


Finding a reliable commercial mover is harder than it would appear. While there are many local moving companies offering commercial moving services, not all these companies are reliable and trustworthy.


It would be possible to ask similarly sized businesses in the area about the moving companies they used. But businesses do not move very often, while some of the companies in your area may have encountered unprofessional movers in the past.


Instead of spending days researching and vetting the various commercial movers in your area, use the iMoving referral service instead. iMoving makes it a lot easier for you to hire movers who can handle your office or warehouse relocation project.


When you enter the relevant information about your move on the iMoving site, we match you up with movers who have the expertise and infrastructure to handle your move in a timely and affordable manner.


These are reputable, vetted, and monitored movers who have the highest standards. Using the iMoving network to hire a commercial mover can put you at ease, as you will know that your upcoming office relocation will be handled professionally.


Things to Know About Commercial Moving


Many factors go into a commercial move, which makes the process very different from a typical residential move. While moving from a house or apartment to another living situation involves packing items in boxes and loading them up in a truck, there is a lot more work to be done in a typical commercial move.


Liaising With a Specialist


The top commercial movers within the iMoving network will start the process by assigning an office or industry specialist to oversee your move. The specialist is someone who has overseen moves of similar businesses (both type and size) in the past.


The specialist works with your in-house contact to coordinate the move. Your employee must provide all the relevant details about the move, such as dates, office equipment and furniture being moved, and any other additional details. It is the time when floor plans and access to the new office or facility must be reviewed.


Storing New Furniture and Equipment


It is common for businesses to purchase new furniture and equipment in advance of an office move. Say you are moving to a larger office or facility - you will already have put in orders for supplies, furniture and tech equipment.


The best commercial movers are able to accept delivery of these items and store it at their secure facilities until it is moving day. If your business will require such services, it is a good idea to hire a mover who can handle such a task.


Installing Workstations


Almost all commercial moves involve dismantling and reassembling workstations. These stations will include computers, tablets, projectors and other tech equipment used by your employees.


The best commercial movers have experts who can handle this process without needing outside assistance. The specialist you liaise with should make a note of the specific equipment that must be packed up and reassembled, as they can request the relevant personnel and tools on moving day to take care of that job.


If you are setting up a new network or adding other connectivity to the new office space, you may have to connect with an IT services company before moving day. It is better if such work is done before furniture, supplies and tech equipment is moved into the facility.


How to Save Money on Commercial Moves?


Some of the factors that will determine the cost of your commercial move include:


  • The size of the space where you are moving from
  • The number of desks, file cabinets, chairs and other furniture that must be moved
  • The number of workstations that require disassembly and reassembly
  • The number of tech equipment that must be moved
  • If any special or valuable items, such as artwork, decoration pieces and statues, require moving
  • The number of trucks the commercial movers must use to complete your move
  • The number of personnel and/or tech specialists required for the moving process
  • How many hours the move takes to complete


If you are hoping to save money on your upcoming commercial move, there are some steps you can take ahead of moving day.


Make an effort to get rid of any items that you are not taking with you to the new office. For instance, documents that are digitized may no longer be required. Certain furniture may not be going to the new office. If these items are out of the way, the movers can work faster, thereby reducing the cost of the move.


Your team could also choose to do some of the work themselves. For instance, disassembling and reassembling workstations is a big job that requires specialists. If your employees can disassemble, pack up, unpack and then reassemble workstations, it would reduce the cost of the move.


By hiring a commercial mover within the iMoving network, you can save money and get payment protection on your upcoming move. The movers in our network offer the best rates, while we provide protection to ensure that your payment is not cleared until you are completely satisfied with the moving service.