Storage Services

Storage Services

Renting a storage unit for the first time? Hoping to store your possessions temporarily until you finalize living arrangements in a new city? We can help you find the ideal solution for your needs.


Storage units are so helpful when you are trying to downsize your living situation, reduce clutter, move to another city or store seasonal supplies. iMoving can connect you with companies that offer storage solutions.

What Are Storage Services?


Storage services are the renting of rooms, lockers, containers, or outdoor spaces for the purpose of keeping possessions. There are two types of storage services that are available to customers, full-service storage and self-storage.


Full-service storage is a valet-style service where a company will pick up your possessions, deliver them to a storage unit, and then deliver them back to you at a future date. Such storage can also comprise of movable storage containers, which are very useful if you are relocating.


Self-storage is a more affordable solution. It is the renting of a storage room, locker or larger space at a secure facility. These solutions provide you with a safe and accessible location nearby. But you are responsible for getting your items in and out of the unit at your own convenience.


How Much Do Storage Services Cost?


The cost of a storage service can vary greatly, based on where you live and the type of solution that you are seeking. Say you are renting out a 10x10 self-storage facility in a rural area - you would be paying around $20 to $30 a month. That figure would be hire if the facility is closer to a city.


Larger self-storage facilities will cost more. Many self-storage companies have promotions for discounted rates, but those deals usually involve paying for multiple months upfront.


Portable storage units have a typical cost ranging from $90 to $250 a month. The cost will depend on the size, with options varying from 7-foot containers to 20-foot containers. Portable units can be stored on the property. They can also be taken back to a secure facility and sent to your location when required - but such a service can increase the total cost.


The size of the unit that you rent will depend on how many possessions you plan on storing. For instance, a 5x5 unit can handle basic drawers, chairs, and smaller furniture. A 5x10 unit is useful for bigger furniture, such as beds and televisions.


If you are planning on storing an entire room or two’s worth of possessions, a 10x10 facility is the best option. If you are planning to rent a portable container, a 7-foot container can hold the contents of a roughly 700-square-foot apartment or home. A 12-foot container will hold the contents of a 1,200-square-foot home - and so on.


When and Why Would You Need Storage Services?


Some of the situations that would result in you needing storage services to include:


  • Decluttering your home by moving rarely used possessions to a storage unit.
  • Holding seasonal decorations at a unit, such as items you use on Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
  • Keep rarely used possessions in a portable container on your property, but not in the house.
  • You are moving to a new city, but you have not secured permanent housing and need to keep your possessions at a secure facility.


The type of storage service you require will depend on your circumstances. For instance, a storage container or full-service storage solution is most useful if you are moving. While a self-storage unit is a best and most affordable option if you are just planning to store unessential possessions or seasonal decorations.


How to Pack Your Items for Storage?


If you are hoping to save money on a full-service solution, it is a good idea to pack before the professionals arrive. They will load up your items onto the truck and take them to their facility. But you can deal with the packing.


And if you are just renting a container or storage unit, you will have to pack and move the items yourself!


Pack items into boxes based on categories. It will make it easier for you to find items within your unit or container. Stack boxes based on weight and easy access to items you will need if you are filling up the storage unit or container on your own.


It is also a good idea to cushion valuable and/or delicate items with foam, clothing, or bedding. It will ensure that if boxes are dropped or bumped against each other, your valuable and delicate items are safe.


How to Find the Best Storage Solution for You?


iMoving can help you find portable and full-service storage solutions. If you are planning on moving locally or long distances, we can help find a local moving company that can pack up and moves your possessions.


Say you have not finalized your living arrangements and you are living in a smaller place temporarily. You can take your most needed possessions in suitcases, while the professionals you hire through iMoving can pack up and store your possessions at a nearby facility.


If you are moving to a city further away, you can even have the professionals move your items to that city and store them at a facility there. Then you can easily request your possessions when you secure a permanent apartment or home in that city.


We can also put you in touch with companies that offer portable storage solutions, without any of the full service add-ons. These companies will provide you with a storage container that you can keep on your property. So long as you pay the monthly bill, the container will stay with you.


Securing storage solutions through iMoving is the best option, as it removes a lot of the legwork involved in finding a reputable provider. We only include the best portable and full-service storage solution providers within our network.


When you pick a provider, you can finalize the arrangements for them to arrive at your home, packing up your possessions and loading them onto a truck for storage. And you can contact the local moving company when you are ready to receive your stored possessions.




If you require a basic storage solution, such as renting a small unit at a nearby facility to store unessential possessions, you can look for deals online. You can assess ratings for storage providers while looking at the current promotions being offered.


When you are planning to rent a unit for the medium to long term, look to promotional pricing where you can pay for three, six, or twelve months upfront. It will drastically reduce your monthly cost.