What is the Average Age to Move Out of Parents’ House?

Knowing what you need to accomplish when moving out for the first time is essential. Here’s our guide for moving out of your parents’ home.

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What is the Average Age to Move Out of Parents’ House?

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While there are a lot of factors involved, the average age when people move out of their parent's home is somewhere between 24 and 27. This makes logical sense – it’s after many people have completed college and around the time when most people get married and/or are in a long-term relationship.


But moving out of your parents’ home can be quite a challenge, especially if you aren’t sure what is happening next. Our guide is here to help you sort out what is most essential as you get ready to move out of your parents’ home for the first time.


How Do You Know that It’s Time to Move Out?


There are a lot of things that can come up as you get older, especially if you’re still living at home. Sometimes, there are subtle things – your commute is too long, or you just don’t feel like you have enough privacy or autonomy related to how you spend your time.


There are some mental health issues that may arise that indicate that you should move out of your parents’ home, as well. For example, if you have a bad relationship with them, or they’ve mistreated you, then you want to try and move out sooner than later.


Lastly, you may just feel that it’s time. Maybe you want to be more independent, or you want to learn some more life skills and get things in order before you settle down with a potential significant other. But when it’s time, you’ll probably figure it out quite quickly.


What Should You Do Before Moving Out of Your Parents’ Home?


It’s not recommended that you just leave your parents’ home whenever unless you’re in an unsafe situation. Here are a few things that you may want to get in order before you decide to move out.






How to Choose Your First Apartment


Choosing your first apartment is so exciting – but if you’ve never looked at renting anything before, you may feel overwhelmed by your choices. Here’s a quick overview of what you should consider when you’re looking to rent your first place.









These are not the only things that you need to look for when you start shopping around for an apartment. More often than not, you want to put together an entire list of the things you want and need. If you do that first, you’ll find that you’re much more prepared as you go and check out potential options.


What Should You Have on Your Wish List?


Your friends and family are going to want to help you get on your feet when you move out. One of the best ways to let them help is by putting together a wish list of the items that you may want or need in order to make your new home your own.


How do you get started with a list of wants and needs? Here are some ideas that you can use when you’re putting together your own list of needs and wants for your new space.












You may have some additional needs, and you can include them on your wish list as well. Put your wish list online so that friends and family who want to give you a hand are able to do so. Some wish list options will give you a discount on items that you


Frequently Asked Questions


How much money should I have saved before moving out?


You want to be reasonable and start small. Typically, you want to have somewhere between $1000 and $2000 set aside in your emergency fund; more if possible. The more prepared you are upon leaving your parents’ home, the less stressful it will be (and the less likely it is that you’ll end up back there because of financial issues in the future).


What if I’m older than the average move-out age?


It’s totally fine to be a “late bloomer,” even when it comes to moving out of your parents’ home. Sometimes, economic factors make it difficult to find a job with a living wage and/or affordable housing. Basically, it’s up to you and the family that you’re living with to determine what may be best in terms of moving out of their home and being on your own.


Is it normal to feel nervous about moving out?


Of course. It’s a huge step to move out of your parents’ home, and you want to be sure that you plan for it properly. You may even have a hard time adjusting to not being home. But that’s okay – this is an important step for you and, in the long run, you’ll be glad that you finally took the leap.


Getting Ready to Move Out


There’s a lot to be said about moving out of your parents’ home (hire a local moving company), and it can be overwhelming. But, if you plan well and you determine what you want to do, you’ll find that it’s a great experience and can help you to start growing up in big ways.


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