The Ultimate College Packing Checklist

The Ultimate College Packing Checklist It’s that time of the year for you. You have been waiting for admission into college a long time now. You have finally gotten it, and you are super excited. The excitement can make you lose your thoughts for a while, and when you start to think, you’d realize you have a lot to do.

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The Ultimate College Packing Checklist

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The Ultimate College Packing Checklist It’s that time of the year for you. You have been waiting for admission into college a long time now. You have finally gotten it, and you are super excited. The excitement can make you lose your thoughts for a while, and when you start to think, you’d realize you have a lot to do. Among the many things you are to do, is to start preparing for a move. Not just any regular progress but a college move. The items and things you will need for this move are absolutely different from what you’d need when moving to a new home.


The process of packing is not always challenging until you have to do it. In your head, it seems really simple. “I’ll take this, I’ll take that,” but when the day comes, it becomes way too challenging for you. Your thoughts start to run from what you will need, to what you might find in the dorm, to what you might share with your friends or roommates. All those clashes of thoughts can keep you off balance, and that is why you need to get yourself together.


Working with a college packing checklist is one of the most efficient ways to have all your items gotten before the actual day of moving. The moving checklist will help you organize your day and your entire items. You arrange all the things you will be needed in order to have a stress-free day while moving. We hope to keep your mind focused throughout this entire process, and that is why we have gotten for you a college packing checklist.


Checklist vSchool essentials

These are some of the most important things you will need from the first class you will hold and for almost the whole session. It will be wise for you to have the checklist with you. It depends on how far your home is from your school too. If you are going to be having a long-distance move, you should consider using this checklist to get the things in your school bookshop. Your school bookshop will readily have the items, and if not you can simply get them. It’ll save you a great deal on having too much to carry to college.


Checklist vDorm Essentials


This is the tempting part. You might feel like you need to move all of your personal stuff in your room to the dorm. You should resist this temptation because you are going to be sharing a room with more than one people, or one person at most. Remember, it’s not your personal space. Besides, you don’t know the size of the hostel yet, so in our opinion, it’s better safe than sorry. Here is a list of some of the essential items you should get into your dorm.


Checklist vToiletries and Cleaning Supplies


Do not also forget that you will need some toilet supplies. It will not be nice to start your first few days in college begging for stuff, and you can do that later after making good friends. But, the first moments are the most critical. There are essentials you need to put in place once you are in college. Here are some of the toilet essentials you need to be added to your toilet checklist.


Checklist vBathroom Essentials


A bathroom is a place you are bound to visit frequently. So you will need some of these important things.


Checklist vMiscellaneous Essentials


Life can be precarious and unpredictable most times. It is at times like this that we have to make the best plans and try to cover up for the unexpected. You should get other items that would be useful to you. You can’t say for sure what you will need so it will be best you take some of the items below so that you at least have a backup plan.


Checklist vDecoration Essentials


If you are the type that likes to have your space looking a certain way, then you should definitely get some decorations on your hands for the college move. You should know exactly what you want to use for your decorations. You should have experience in decorating your room. But if you do not know what to expect in your hostel or dorm, we have a list of some of the most basic items you can use to brighten up your space a little.


Checklist vClothing Essentials


Clothing essentials are absolutely according to your taste. You should pack your clothes according to what you have, or what you like to wear. You might get a little confused about what to carry to your hostel because you have so much to choose from. As much as you want to dress to impress, you should pay attention to purpose.


Pay attention to the weather condition where your college is situated. If it is going to be cold, take your winter jacket along to keep warm. You can also take more than one if you will feel insecure wearing just one jacket all the time. You really need to be purposeful when selecting things here. Once you are done selecting your winter jacket, and you have gotten into college. You can always tell your parents to help you with more supplies to help you through the winter.


Like we said earlier, you do not know the amount of space made available to you yet. So be very thoughtful in packing your clothes. When you are packing for t-shirts, you should only take just a few. The amount you know you can wear comfortably. Do not take more than what is needed. Remember you will also have to do the laundry and you might have too much to wash. Make your load a lot lesser for you to carry.


If you are thinking of taking lots of your personal clothes, then it has to be your underwear. You should take lots and lots of it so that you are prepared for whatever situation comes up. When you are feeling too lazy to do the laundry, you should have what you can readily change to. You can also take lots of socks too; you want to be sure you never run out of these items when you need them the most.


Most colleges have a fitness center. You should try getting a few clothes that can grant you access to the sport and fitness center. Take some shorts, and yoga pants too. Something you can use to keep yourself fit. Take very decent sneakers for the sports, just a couple of changes of clothes, and more importantly complete a yoga outfit if you must have a mind and body session. Seizing the opportunity is one thing you should prepare your mind for.


With regard to shoes, you need only the ones that will serve a good purpose. Try not to take your fancy or stylish shoes. You can ask your parents to bring them later if you have an important event, but fancy shoes should not be an option. Think about all the times you will have to walk around campus, and all the classes you have to run to. A good pair of shoes should help you, and an extra just in case the first gets damaged. Another essential you need is rain boots. There’s no telling when the rain would come pouring down. A smart tip is to have your boots handy, so you can protect the rest of your shoes.


How to Pack for a College Move


Now that you must have gotten your things together, and your list duly covered, the next line of action is to think of how to move all your stuff to college. There are essentially two ways to move. The first is to move the things yourself, or with the help of your parents. While the other way is to hire professional movers in California.


You can use your parents’ truck to move your things if they are not too much. You can equally get help from your friends if they have a truck or a car that can take in all of your items. This is more or less a very cheap option for you to move your things safely and sound to your dorm.


The second option is to hire one of the best movers in California. This works if you do not have friends or relatives that can help you move your items. They might be too busy to help you on the day of your actual move too, so using them will be an excellent option. You should also use professionals if you need long distance movers. Your car or truck might not be built for such, and so you will need to hire professionals to help you.


Be sure that you do not just zoom off in excitement to hire the first local movers you see. Try and do thorough research so that your items and properties can be delivered safely and soundly. Check the background of the company you are selecting, and making sure you have options of companies to select from. Check to see if they are licensed and run an online survey about them to see what other customers are saying about the company you are choosing. You don’t want to ruin the first moments of your college days by making the mistake of hiring amateurs who would deliver nothing close to quality.




Packing for college is a bit different from regular packing, and you need to be careful when you are preparing for it. In the midst of the happiness, and excitement you need to plan well, and that’s exactly what this blog is meant to help you achieve. We hope you were able to get useful information to help you prepare for a successful college packing.

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