Critical Moving Step: Creating Your Own Moving Inventory List

iMoving is here to help you create a moving inventory list that will make sure all your items arrive in the same condition they were received. Read on to understand how to create your own.

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Critical Moving Step: Creating Your Own Moving Inventory List

Creating your personalized moving inventory list ensures that all your treasured items make it to their destination. This task might seem a little stressful at first, but we promise it’s quite simple. Your personalized moving inventory checklist will keep you focused when moving in and out.

Why Should You Create A Moving Inventory List?

Having your own moving inventory list is likely to be helpful for insurance claims and just to keep things clear when packing and unpacking.

As much as we know we are working with trusted vendors, there is nothing as valuable as written data so that when memory fails us, we can still find our key items. iMoving is here to help you move with ease, stress free. 

Pro-tip: Take a slow and detailed video of your home before beginning to pack so that you can remember how to best unpack your items.

What is a detailed personal inventory list?

It is a list you create according to your household of all items packed, according to the room they belong to and their according box number so they can be easily found.

Lets Begin (No Stress):

  • Start with the big items and work your way down. Keep a tally of the number of items your mover should be delivering ie: TVs, lamps, kitchen appliances.
  • Tally out the number of boxes of other smaller miscellaneous items sent and label each box accordingly. Assigning a box number for each room can make the process flow smoother, as you can label each box with its contents and the assigned room and have a check list to follow when unpacking.

Important Side Notes:

You can go room-by-room when creating your list to ensure nothing is missed. Don’t stress about labeling small things like the number of towels or sheets, but rather think of this list as a master guide to what you should find delivered by your mover. Ie: 2 boxes of towels and sheets.

If you have kids we recommend making this into a fun game where they tally out the number of big items, and then you review and double check their finds. Sometimes you will find that kids notice the small things we tend to miss in our count.

It's important to note the condition of each item. For example if the TV always had a crack on the upper left, note this and take a photo so that if it arrives with 4 new cracks you can put in an insurance claim for the damage.

How Do I Use This List?

When you're finally loading up the truck, take a tally that everything on your list was actually loaded onto the truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start with the big items and work your way through to the small household items. Keep a tally and write everything down along with photo evidence. Count the number of beds, bed frames, tvs, and so on so that you can hold your mover accountable.

We recommend purging as many items as you feel comfortable with. Whether it be by way of clothing and toy donations or a giant garage junk sale, you will feel more comfortable going into your new home with minimal clutter. Marie Condo that wardrobe!

Many moving companies supported by iMoving offer this VIP option. When booking feel free to call them directly and let them know any quarries you have. Their teams arrive and pack up your whole home quite swifty. It may be smart to prepare a little in advance and keep aside any precious items that you don;t want to end up in the bottom of a box.

Of course! Having a precise list of all your items saves later quarrels about untold items to your movers.

Whatever works best for you. If you go the written route, ensure to take a photo or make a copy in case it gets lost.

Final Thoughts

A moving inventory list is great and can be found online, but your personalized version is likely to keep you on track for your move and assist you in the unpacking phase. Take the extra few minutes to write one down on your phone or on paper as an extra insurance to yourself. Moving can be a little rough, but with enough preparation and the right movers, you will be settled in your new place in no time. iMoving is here for you every step of the way.


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