11 Ways to Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

There is never any feeling that comes close to getting your new apartment and trying to settle down. Many people are always so overwhelmed by the feeling that it still doesn’t feel like they have moved until days or weeks after living in the new apartment.
11 Ways to Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

There is never any feeling that comes close to getting your new apartment and trying to settle down. Many people are always so overwhelmed by the feeling that it still doesn’t feel like they have moved until days or weeks after living in the new apartment. The fun part is that you try as much as possible to blend with your new apartment, try to figure the new arrangement for your stuff, you try to see how best to manage the rooms and spaces you have. All your thought is also centered upon “what goes where” and a list of other things, it’s a truly exciting moment for both you and everyone in your family.


We understand how it feels when you move to a new house, it still doesn’t feel like it’s your home yet, you move through the open space, trying to picture your former apartment, and in the midst of all this, you don’t settle with your new place yet. We know this feeling, and we are here to help you out with ways you can quickly become familiar with your new apartment and feel at home in your new home.


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1. Try Cleaning Up The Place


This is more or less like the first big step you can take towards being familiar with your home. There are several reasons why you should consider cleaning your home as the first big step. One major reason is that your new place might have been used by someone else, and you might not be able to tell the state the former person left it, and as such you must clean the entirety of your home.


You can handle this process alone, or with your entire family, it brings a better bond when the entire family cleans together. The second reason why it is very important to clean your new home is just so you get very familiar with all the spaces, the corners, and the vertices of the room. It’ll help you in placing a new picture of your place in your mind.


It is very important that you note that you should not carry out an ordinary cleaning process on your new home, rather you should do a deep clean because that is what your new apartment needs. Forget about the fact that it might not look dirty, germs and infections cannot be seen by the eyes, and it doesn’t matter if the former tenants disinfected the whole house, it doesn’t matter if you do it twice for your safety.


2. Unpack


As much as this sounds funny, it is still something you are bound to do. Once you are settled in your new home, you should unpack all your boxes to see the items you have moved from your previous home. The feeling you should get seeing all your items in a box should be like “oh wow, I think I have moved, time to get it more into my consciousness.” Unpacking should be something you do all at once, over a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, as you so, please. Just make sure things are taken at your own pace. The sooner you bring out all your kinds of stuff and put them where they belong, the more homely you’d feel.


At the initial point, if you unpack your boxes slowly, the apartment would feel like a space with many various boxes where you can get all the necessities you need to live through the day, but a faster unpacking process would lead you on to feel more at home.


3. Clear Out The Unpacked Boxes


Now that we have some, most or all of our items removed from the boxes, the next thing we want to do is to make sure we have cleared out all of the boxes. The more empty boxes you leave around, the lesser the connection you feel between you and the apartment. It would only feel like a hostel of some sort or an ordinary place for you to sleep and wake to every morning. Clear out your stockpile of boxes and make way for other parts of the room to be seen clearly so that you can readjust the necessary and start feeling at home as soon as possible.


4. Lighting is of The Essence


As a rule of thumb, you should always remember to get your lighting in place when you move to a new apartment. One of the most underrated elements in making a new apartment feel like a home as quickly as possible is having the right lighting. If your apartment feels a little bit awkward, and not so in the right shape, then you can try bringing the beautiful elements of light in the style and way you love it best. Many people who have a chandelier or extra lighting properties in their previous homes waste no time in carrying their light to their new places, and this affects a homely feeling instantly.


Remember that you need to check the apartment before night falls so that you are sure you have light to work with at night. Even after you must have adequately lit up your apartment, you can add extra light to make the environment even more cozy and friendly. During the process of lighting up your house, you will discover several things. First is that you will discover the bad switches; you will also be led to discover the light fixtures that are not working properly and the ones you need to replace.


5. Let's Do Some Art and Painting


Let us think about it this way, imagine painting your new home, the rooms and kitchen in the way your previous home was, how do you think you’d feel? Wait, I can answer it, At Home! Yeah! You can help your mind adjust faster to your new environment by painting your place in the same fashion as your previous place; it brings a whole new sense of ownership. Painting is something you can do yourself, with all of your family, or you can hire professionals to help you out with the process. Now that all the painting is in place, you should feel more at home.


Even though you have successfully painted your rooms and entire apartment with the paint you love, the room will still look as empty and bland as can be, and this is where wall arts come in. Wall arts have a more psychological effect on your mind, especially if they are the ones you moved from your former place to your new home. Adorning your apartment with beautiful works of art makes you feel a lot more comfortable since we derive pleasure in just staring at the things we cherish. Give yourself and your home a deeper sense of connection by changing some of your favorite artwork, maybe a framed drawing of you, and an artwork given to you as a gift from your parent or any piece of work that you find priceless to you.


6. Decorate The Place According To Your Style


Your style and taste are very important in maintaining the rhythm and atmosphere of your former home. The more you can replicate the new apartment like the former home, the faster it will be for you. Of course, if you have a family, you should know that the style and decoration will not only be influenced by you alone, all other members of your family will have to add their input to what you are doing.


Upon agreement, you can choose where things will be, and where you should add items that should be easily accessible. So get your artwork, your decorations, lights, and other items that make up the perfect decoration for you and your family. Do not forget that you should be open to creativity, and you can create new kinds of stuff on your own if you are ready, maybe a new painting, and new artwork, all these add to the beauty.


7. Use The Scents and Fragrance You are Familiar With


Scents and fragrances are another excellent way to send signals to your brain that you are in a somewhat similar condition as your former place. The process of getting used to your new home all happens in the mind, and it is only through the mind that things can be achieved. So choose a scent that you and everyone are familiar with, the fragrance might spark up memories and emotions, but this the sole reason, so that you don’t fight too much with settling down. Always remember that certain memories are tied to scents and fragrances, and they eventually lead to helping your home feel very cozy, so adopt this method today.


8. Work on Your Wardrobe or Closet


Let us move on to the closet and wardrobe, shall we? This is seeming trivial but trust me, all these little things adding up in our brain cells are the things that make it easier for us to make a random apartment feel like home. Go to your closet and see what you have there, if all you have are cobwebs, specks of dust, some hangers, and all then you will not have the homey feeling. To help yourself out of such a situation, you can start stacking your closet with the clothes you must have removed and placed inside your garbage bag or box of clothes.


9. Get Familiar With The Neighbors and Neighborhood


A new neighborhood, and new neighbors, these are the blessings you get from a new apartment, manage them well. After you must have settled your belongings and tried to set things in their rightful places, the next thing you should be working towards is how to get to know the neighborhood and make new friends, as well as get to know stuff from your neighbors.


You can take a long stroll in the neighborhood, get to know the places that you might be needing to visit, like the gas station, the grocery store and other important places. This will help you appreciate your new life better, and work with the neighborhood in a different light. In the same manner, try to be very friendly with your neighbors; they have been in the area before you and will know their way around better than you. Instead of struggling to find your way in your new neighborhood, you can speak with them, invite them over to your place and share your thoughts with them so that they can also help you out in ways you can never imagine.


10. Try as Much as Possible to Replicate The Settings of The Former Home


This is the most important thing for you to do in your new space. We know the apartment you came from and the new one you live in now, have different structures and different sizes and shapes, but you can try as much as possible to replicate the settings of your former home in this new apartment. If your children have their rooms beside each other, then replicate it. If you have certain types of furniture in your living room, then get new furniture if need be to create that same atmosphere and sense. This is why it is very important to take pictures of your former place, just so you don’t forget how it used to look very quickly, this will help you a great deal in feeling at home.


11. Cook Yourself a Very Decent Meal


We can never really explain how much of a necessity it is to have good food, but what’s more, is having to cook the food yourself and in your new kitchen. Do not overwork yourself, once you are tired, go to the kitchen and prepare something nice for yourself and the family and start too much it away. Using the kitchen utensils, and kitchen items will help you come closer to feeling at home faster.