Things to Know Before Hiring Pool Table Movers Near Me

Moving a pool table is a delicate process that professional pool table movers should handle. Learn what you need to know to hire the best movers for the job right here.
Things to Know Before Hiring Pool Table Movers Near Me

A pool table is a heavy piece of furniture that needs special care when relocating. The easiest way to move one is to disassemble and reassemble it at its new location. Pool table owners should know the make, model, and age of tables. They should also know how many pieces of slate it has and how far the movers will need to take it.


The slate in pool tables is what makes them heavy. Pool table manufacturers use slate because it doesn't warp as wood tables used to do. Local movers will also need to know if the table has pockets or a ball return system. Take the time to learn about your pool table before calling to find pool table movers near you.


Where to Find Information on Pool Tables


If you bought a pool table for your home, there should be paperwork that gives you the specifics that you need for the movers. The manufacturer's name, model name or number, and how much slate is in it should be on your receipt or in the owner's manual. If not, then you can look it up online.


The age of the pool table may be more difficult to find if you didn't buy a new table. Some pool table dealers sell used and antique models along with new ones. However, if you know the name and model of the pool table, its age should be easy to find online.


Most pool tables have serial numbers somewhere on the table. It could be in one of three places:


  • On a plate attached to the table
  • Inside of the ball-view door, which has a plexiglass window
  • Stamped under the table


If you don't have a receipt or manual, look for a serial number, nameplate, or the brand name elsewhere on the table. For example, Brunswick tables either have a nameplate, or their name gets stamped on the wood of the table.


What Size is Your Pool Table


Pool tables vary in size and weight, but they are generally eight to nine feet long for a regulation-size table, which is eight by four feet, or a tournament table that is nine by 4.5 feet. If your table is longer than nine feet, you may have a billiards table. A regulation billiards table is 10' x 5', although some non-regulation tables can be 12' long.


If you have a smaller room you may have a "bar" size measuring seven by three and a half feet. The width of a pool table is always half of its length. Depending on the materials of the table, they can be as heavy as 1,000 pounds.


Calculating the Costs of Moving Pool Tables


Professional pool table movers are the best people to take on the task of taking your pool table to your new home. They know how to properly disassemble the table, wrap it up to protect it, and place it in their truck to keep from damaging it.


To calculate the costs of moving the table, use a moving cost calculator to figure out how much you will pay for the delivery of a pool table. The costs include the distance of the trip, gas mileage, the services from the company, and the size of the pool table. Although the average cost is $550, some larger billiards tables may cost $1,000 to move.


When hiring pool table movers, get a moving estimate in writing that gives the details of the services you will receive from the company. It should include the cost they quote, the services they're including, and the date of delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions


What do pool table movers need to know about the table?


It is helpful for professional pool table movers to know the size and weight of the pool table. They should also know the manufacturer's name, the age of the table, and how many pieces of slate are in it. The movers will also need the distance of the table's move.


How much do moving pool tables cost?


As with anything that professional movers relocate, the cost includes the distance the movers will drive, the size and weight of the table, and the services the table requires. The moving services include disassembly and reassembly of the table, gas mileage, and moving blankets to protect the table. The average cost is about $550 to move a pool table.


Where is the information about a pool table?


If you bought the pool table, you should have a receipt with the manufacturer's name, the make and model of the table, and perhaps a serial number. If you cannot find the receipt, look for a nameplate on the table or the manufacturer's name on the base or beneath the table.


Why hire professional pool table movers?


Professional pool table movers carry insurance to replace or repair a pool table they damage while moving it. If you attempt to move the table yourself and it sustains damage, you will need to pay to repair or replace it. Professionals also have the proper equipment to move bulky items, such as pool tables.


What is the best way to find pool table movers?


Although you can search for pool table movers online, the best way is to call a local pool table dealership and ask them for recommendations for movers. They may offer that service at their dealership since they need to deliver the tables they sell to customers.


Get to Know Your Pool Table


You will need to supply details about the pool table to the moving company for an accurate quote. If you cannot find the paperwork for the table, contact the dealer where you bought it. However, you can look up the information online by finding the manufacturer’s name on the table.