Plastic Storage Bins Are All the Rage & Other Moving Tips

Don’t over think your packing plans, thanks to plastic storage bins, you’re all set. This article will discuss their pros and cons, many creative uses, and also give you some basic packing tips.

Plastic Storage Bins Are All the Rage & Other Moving Tips

Sick of packing in yet another cardboard box that even with double tape on the bottom just kinda rips open and makes you start over? Are you over cardboard boxes getting wet and ruined? Maybe you’re just done with not being able to see what the content of your packed up box is.

No matter the reason, plastic storage bins are all the rage when it comes to moving homes! iMoving is here with another great moving guide for you and your family.

Pros and Cons and Everything In Between


  • Simple storage bins offer stability. Plastic is way more stable and reliable than cardboard.
  • They stack! It's not rocket science that stacking boxes will end up saving you room. You won’t have to pack your things into these bins and then rearrange them in your new home, they can stay organized inside the bin.
  • They allow you to see your items inside. The ability to be able to see what you’ve packed without reading the label, or opening up the box is gold. 
  • Closure is everything. Plastic bins have a safety closure lid that snaps on the sides or next to the handles. This allows you to open and close the box without needing to rip on or off all the tape.
  • Be green! The fact that plastic bins are reusable makes the hippie recycling side of us very happy. No waste = happy planet!
  • These suckers are quite durable. You have to be pretty strong to break a thick plastic bin meaning this one time buy should last you for years. You can feel comfortable transporting them from place to place and they slide and fit in spaces quite nicely. 
  • Plastic storage bins offer more security for your items. Thanks to the fact that they are made of strong plastics, any fragile items inside are less likely to be damaged in transport.


  • Plastic storage bins can be a bit pricey. They usually range from $7-$35 depending on size and quality
  • Packing in these bins can add weight to your items making it difficult to move from place to place.
  • They can also take up more space than a thin cardboard box due to the thick plastic and thick handles.
  • While reusable, these bins are still made of plastic which is still damaging to our environment. If you can find plastic storage bins made of recycled plastics, even better!
  • Humidity can cause damage to your items stored in these air tight containers.
  • Depending on the brand you buy, some plastic storage bins require a little bit of assembly which might be difficult to the technically challenged of us. 

While there are pros and cons to any item you choose to pack in, the good factors of plastic bins for us outweigh the bad and we highly recommend them to our clients. Best of luck packing up your life!

Let's get creative with our bins

While you could just throw all your crap into a bin and call it a day, if you’ve read-on this far in our guide we are pretty sure you are an organization freak just like us. 

  • Color code pack! You can buy plastic storage bins in all the different colors, and use a certain color for each room. For example all bathrooms can be packed up in pink bins. This saves you the need to label! Color coding will help you unpack with ease and with no need to flip a cardboard box on all sides looking for the lost label.
  • If you are a label freak like us, you can put a piece of white masking tape on each box and write directly on the tape to label the exact content of each bin. We recommend putting the tape label on both sides and on top as you are likely to stack your plastic storage bins.
  • Since our bins stack wonderfully, vertically, you can condense as many items that don’t over weigh down the bin and stack them away in a corner while completing your packing. Stacking vertically will save you tons of space.
  • Plastic bins are perfect for seasonal storage! You can unpack only the relevant clothes for the current season in your new home, and store away the rest in your trusted bin. 
  • If you want to go really wild with the organization of your plastic bins, you can add dividers inside to separate the different types of objects by types. 
  • Make one bin a dedicated emergency bin! Inside you should store all your key items for an emergency of any kind. You should have a medi-kit, basic medicines, extra food and water, a flashlight, blanket and more.
  • Doggie bag (or should we say bin!) Your fluffy friend also deserves a dedicated bin for all their bedding, clothes and other doggie essentials. Keep all their goodies in a plastic bin to keep the smell and hair off of your other items.
  • Make your toolbox bin useful! You can store the not too heavy tools in an organized plastic bin to keep all the screws, nails, hammers and more in one spot and stop the endless search.
  • Too many shoes is a classic issue in many households. Keep those non seasonal shoes out of the way by throwing them into a designated bin. You don’t need your winter boots taking up room on your shoe rack in the living room during the summer, so keep them in the bin so you’ll know where to find them when needed. 

Pro tip: Make sure not to over stuff the bins as a heavy bin where nothing can be found easily defeats the purpose.

Questions and Answers

Plan ahead, ensure to have a proper checklist of your items and enough packing materials on hand. Proper planning saves the stress of packing up at the last minute and having items get lost.

Don’t think it’s possible to pack up an entire home in one day unless you are a professional moving service

Of course! iMoving offers a fully packing and unpacking VIP service option with many of our movers. If you don’t have the time and patience to pack up your whole house and live among the boxes or bins, this could be a great option for you.

This service means a team of pro organizers and packers show up to your home and in a number of hours have everything ready to go in organized boxes. They also prepare the packing materials needed, saving you the headache. 

First of all congratulations on the move. iMoving has a reliable list of vetted and trusted movers in the California area that work both locally and cross state borders. Don’t fret about reading reviews and doing in-home visits for quotes, iMoving allows you to book your California mover simply and all online. 

If any company you are considering asked you to pay the entire amount up front or pay a huge down payment, this is a really bad sign of a scammer. You shouldn't pay more than 10% to a mover that has yet to do the job.

While down payments are common, a huge amount of funds should not be spent on this. As well you should check your mover has a DOT registration number and no recent bad accident records or claims. iMoving helps you avoid this mess.

Plan to make lots of stops along the way to break up the journey and make it an adventure instead of a burden. Involve your children in the process, playing learning games about their new state and understanding all the fun new places they will be able to explore once moved.

Reading your kids stories about their new home and even signing them up ahead of time for school and afternoon fun activities can help ease the transition woes.

Make sure to have a babysitter on hand for the moving day itself to keep the kids occupied and out of the way and to keep the adults on hand sane.

Closing the bin

All in all, we hope we have inspired the organization freak in you to invest in plastic storage bins for your move. They not only offer a simple way to pack up, but are a great long term organization tool thanks to their stackability, durability, and ability to serve multiple purposes.

Rachel Kaplan

Rachel has spent the last few years writing for moving companies while actually moving across the globe. After many years of moving between many states in the US, she moved abroad to try the remote work life. She’s a pro at moving all her things with her dog and hundreds of plants. Thankfully she’s a minimalist so moves aren’t too much of an issue.

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