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At iMoving, we have over 1000 verified movers in our easy-to-use marketplace. They can help you move local, move long distance, and even extra long distance. Tell us more and book today.

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Moving down the street? That one’s easy. Moving across country? That’s a bit of a challenge. Crossing borders, dealing with paperwork, and coordinating a move in two completely different countries? That’s a job for iMoving.

When we started iMoving, we wanted to make something that would make moving easier for everyone. But moves come in all shapes and sizes, so we upped our game and found the best international movers on the market. Now, you can go global without going nuts.

If you’re planning an international move, the iMoving marketplace has you covered. Shop our network of vetted and verified moving pros, and build a completely custom move that matches your extra-long-distance needs.

International Moving Services

State-to-state moving is one thing. Country-to-country moving requires a more experienced touch. Fortunately, iMoving can connect you with international movers who’ve been there before.

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Let the Pros Handle the Hard Stuff

Crossing a border (or multiple borders) is a little more complicated than just moving across town. It takes paperwork, management, and knowledge of both your origin country, and your destination. Getting yourself packed is hard enough, so let the pros handle the hard stuff.

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Knowledgeable Resources

International moving requires more savvy than your typical local or long distance haul. Your movers should know what to expect on both sides of the border. When we allow international moving companies to join our network, we make sure they know what they’re doing.

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Full Coordination

Your international move may require multiple teams of packers, haulers, and unpackers. It’s a whole operation made of moving parts all over the world. All the more reason to use iMoving to book international movers who can coordinate and manage every single part of the process.

Top Rated International Movers

Global Research for Global Solutions

At iMoving, we do our fair share of research. Before we let carriers join our network, our team does plenty of digging to see whether that moving company deserves our company.

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Licensing and Certification

Movers operating in the United States require certification and licensing from the DOT and FMCSA. We also check safety records.

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Customer Reviews

If you’re trusting someone to pack, load, and transport your stuff into a completely different country, they better be rated well on Yelp.

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Undercover Shopping

Our researchers go undercover as customers and call in to make sure our carriers are giving us the same fair deal as everyone else.

Why Choose iMoving for International Moving?

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Easy to Book

iMoving is the only place that keeps the whole booking process entirely online. No need for annoying phone calls or intrusive in-home estimates.

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Safe and Secure

We’ll ask you for your moving details, but we won’t sell your data to third parties. You may be moving worldwide, but there’s no need to tell the whole world about it.

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Totally Transparent

We don’t care if they’re using pesos, pence, or pieces of eight - we make sure the quotes you see are accurate and binding.

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Nationwide and Global

Our marketplace has over 1000 moving specialists. That’s a lot of overlapping coverage, in the US and beyond.

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Custom Moves

There’s 196 countries out there. They don’t all follow the same rules for importing, exporting, and moving in. Use iMoving for a custom-tailored international move.

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Vetted Carriers

Trust is huge when you’re shopping for a moving company. It’s even bigger if you’re shopping for a company that’ll haul your stuff around the world.

International Moving FAQs

This is a question with all sorts of answers, and we’re gonna pull this band-aid off right now: We’re not lawyers. Every country has their own rules and restrictions, but we can tell you right now that you should think really hard about bringing your collection of guns, plants, and exotic animals to literally any location except maybe Florida.

The most important piece of paperwork you’ll need is your passport. Without it, you can’t start planning out your international move. You’ll also need to gather some other important paperwork, such as your birth documents, your visa, and/or any relevant working permits. It all depends on your destination country.

As you’ve seen above, an international move requires a lot of moving parts and coordination. You’ll have a moving team in country A and a moving team in country B, and you may even have a moving team in a country or two in between A and B (A.5?). Add that to all the paperwork and preparation that goes into a normal move (such as packing), and you’ll be happy you used iMoving to book some international pros.

Downsize. Especially if you’re moving international. One of our writers moved to a different country with just a backpack and a checked bag. The more weight you take with you, the more you’ll have to pay - and that price gets amplified when there’s an international border or two.

We always recommend booking your movers a few months in advance, but we’ll add a caveat for international moving: Wait until you’ve got your paperwork lined up, and then book your movers. This way you won’t stress about putting the whole operation on hold because your visa didn’t go through.

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If you’re going global, you should go with the pros. That’s why we made it easier than ever to 
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