Interstate moving companies

Things the Interstate Moving Industry Knows – Which You Might Not!


In the 1980s 20% of the population moved on an annual basis. Now the number has dropped to 11.2% but there is a bigger population. 50% of those moves are between states. Moving is a big deal. It is high up on the list of events which cause stress and acrimony. Making an interstate or cross-country move is stress on steroids.

Now before we look at the best interstate moving companies, let’s find out a bit more on the following:


Why People Move Take on a Big Move


Not surprisingly the reasons are constant across the demographic groups. Top of the list is moving to a higher salary. We are prepared to move across state lines in search of a better-paid job, or we are prepared to move if this job will pay us more. 20% of all moves per year are because of a change in job. 

Next on the list is lifestyle. We frequently make interstate moves in search of a better standard of living. Sometimes this can be to an area where the cost of living is lower than our current one, but the place still has the potential to offer us the sort of life we’d like to become accustomed to. 

This is not just a retirement move, although there are plenty of those, it can just as easily be a move to bring up children in a place offering better education or opportunity. 


Where do we move to?


With that idea in mind, it isn’t surprising the top destination states are California, Florida and Texas. All states offering a benign climate and so long as you’re not in Silicon Valley the possibility of a decent life without needing to be a multi-millionaire. 

The picture is a little different when it comes to cities. No Californian city makes the top five. New York City is number 1 and Miami at the bottom of the top 5 (Chicago, Houston and LA fill the gaps). 

The states and cities though reflect exactly what you’d expect from the reasons people move. Jobs, or better quality of life in whatever terms you define it. 


How do we move?


In the past, we would have searched through the phone book to find big interstate moving companies, and spend countless hours trying to sort out options and get estimates. Most often we were at the mercy of the companies, sending our things off on a trek over state boundaries and waiting anxiously for them to arrive. 

Now with the advent of service based companies like our iMoving venture, there are a wider range of options and an increased sense of being able to manage your own destiny in a move. 

The essential difference is these companies force the big interstate moving companies to compete for business and open the door to other ways of making the move. Competition is good for pricing and having options opens a service based industry whose job is a happy customer, not an accommodated one. 

This is where iMoving holds a distinct edge over everyone else and for that reason we are known as one of the best interstate moving companies (based on the best interstate moving and storage reviews)


Moving is a seasonal business


There are times when it is better to move and times when it is worse. Often, we don’t have a choice, but if cost is a factor in a move then there are some things you can do to help yourself. 

Firstly, don’t move in May. 10% of all annual moves take place in May followed by September and October as the next busiest months. 

Next, if you can move midweek. Nearly 40% of all moves in the week take place on Friday and Saturday for obvious reasons. Monday is next with 17%, if you can move on a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday your costs will be lower. 


The longer the distance …


Unfortunately, the longer the distance, the fewer the options for finding moving companies. But that doesn’t leave the consumer without options. This is where iMoving’s services really make a difference. 

Their value to local and large interstate moving companies is the volume of business they bring. Their value to the consumer is they can easily obtain multiple offers, usually 6, which gives them some choice and control.  


Plan, plan again and then plan some more


Unless you’re prepared to hand over a lot of cash, there’s really no alternative to planning any move, but especially an interstate one. Start with research, but do it well, and get online service companies like iMoving working for you.

iMoving is one of the best interstate moving companies based on reviews, ratings and costs.