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Kentucky Movers - iMoving

Kentucky Movers 


If Kentucky is where you’re headed, you’ll want to have the best Kentucky moving company by your side. In order to do this, you can scour the internet, researching the Better Business Bureau and checking reviews for fraudulent activity, or you can let iMoving do the heavy lifting for you.


Too often, people get overwhelmed at the prospect of moving, but iMoving believes we can streamline the process for you as well as provide services that can even make moving pleasant.


Founded on the belief the customers deserve open and honest pricing, we offer you quotes that can be used to start moving immediately. Once you receive a quote from us, you can look through a number of moving companies in our Kentucky network that is highly recommended by others who have made the same move as you’re about to make.


Using iMoving comes with a range of benefits that include money security and the best prices that you’ll find. Instead of handing your money over to a Kentucky long-distance moving company, it stays with us until you confirm that everything has been properly handled. You’ll also get the best price because our bidding system is competitive – companies that have time won’t pass up the chance to take a job, even if it isn’t the biggest one. 


We work with some of the best movers in Kentucky and have thoroughly researched every company that we work in so we can let you know your move is in safe hands.


Available Kentucky Moving Services


  • Local Moving: Not moving too far? You’ll want to look at local movers in the area who can get you packed up and moved. This kind of move is usually 50 miles or less and is often completed in a day, if not a few hours.


  • Special Handling: This service is for that baby grand piano, old chandelier and the claw-foot bronze mirror passed down in your family. For items that are too precious to be thrown into a truck, you’ll want a service that knows how to properly handle such things.


  • Packing Services: Getting all of your things into boxes can be grueling. It’s another thing entirely to make sure it is done the right way. If you know you can’t pack items the right way and they may be damaged when stacked, let a professional handle it.


  • Disassembly and Reassembly: Let your Kentucky mover know what furniture needs to get broken down in order to be removed from the house. They can also put it back together again at the new location.


Ways to Make Your Kentucky Move Easier


Follow these simple tips to make your move to Kentucky a bit more carefree and a little less stressful.


1. Set up services in your new home before you get there


If your move includes needing a new doctor, dentist or vet, finding those people before you arrive will make for a much better time settling in. You can also take the initiative and have your internet and cable set up ahead of time.


2. Have travel necessities and prescriptions refilled


You never know what will happen on the road to your new location. Make sure your prescriptions have been filled and that you have mouthwash, contact lens solution and any other daily toiletries in travel size on the day you head out.


3. Pack an essentials kit


Knowing that you can take a break after moving is easier if you have a box filled with essentials. This can be curtains to hang up in your bedroom, clothes, toiletries and appliances you use daily. Having this box allows you to take it easy.


4. Take pictures of the cables for your electronics


Figuring out why your gaming console won’t turn on is infuriating. Instead of trying to remember what you had to do to get it working, take a picture beforehand that you can reference. Take a video if you want walking through the steps. You’ll be really glad you did!


5. Save money using blankets and clothes as bubble wrap


Moves can get expensive fast. Save yourself some of that money by using household items like sheets and blankets to wrap your dishes and glasses in. You can also use clothes to fill in any open gaps in the boxes you’ve packed so they aren’t bumping into each other.


What to Know About Moving to Kentucky


  • Get to know the Wildcats. Move over football, Kentucky is crazy for the Wildcats. This basketball team leads the entire country in home attendance and you will find more than one person with a Wildcat tattoo. Just hope they don’t lose – fans don’t take it lightly.


  • Bourbon will become your new favorite spirit. 95% of the planet’s bourbon is made in this state. That’s a lot of bourbons. It goes without saying that Kentucky residents love their bourbon and take pride in it. if you want to get to know some of the best bourbons, get a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport and dive in, you’ll try some of the best bourbon the state has to offer.


  • The Kentucky Derby. Get ready for the most exciting two minutes of sports you’ve ever seen. The Kentucky Derby is an excuse to gamble, drink and celebrate everything that makes the state what it is. There’s a Kentucky Derby Festival that starts everything off – it lasts two weeks before the race does. It’s that big.


  • Genuine kindness that may surprise you. It’s true that people from Kentucky are selfless, friendly and kind. If you find yourself with a blown our tire or in need of gas, better believe someone is coming to help you straight away. This can be disconcerting for people from a tougher style of living, but enjoy the welcoming spirit instead of questioning it.


  • The grass is green people! Yes, we know it’s the Bluegrass State, but the grass is green. If you’re thinking that it’s named after Bluegrass music – wrong again. Bluegrass music is named for Bluegrass, which once again is actually green. Simple right?


  • Kids still play outside. If you’re from a city, this may be odd to you, but it’s just another thing that makes Kentucky so wonderful to us. Seeing a kid climb a tree just doesn’t get old.


Before you fall in love with Kentucky, you have to get there first. That’s where iMoving comes in. Let us connect you with the best Kentucky mover and make sure you start your journey there with everything you love intact.