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Are you thinking about hiring moving companies in Lexington, KY for your next move, but you aren’t sure which company is right for your purposes? How do you know that you’re getting connected with movers that you can trust and that will help you with everything in a manner that is efficient and helpful?


As you start your search, consider using our tools here at iMoving. We’re a moving facilitation company that has worked hard to develop relationships with the best local moving companies in Lexington and around the rest of the country. We want to assist you in finding your best options and make sure that you’ve got all of the tools that you need in order to ensure that you’re working with the best Lexington movers for your purposes.


All you need to do in order to get started with your mover search is to use our search engine. Let us know where you’re headed and where you’re starting from, and we can give you quotes from the top partner companies that can assist you in making that happen. Then, you can get details and choose the Lexington moving company that is going to get the job done in the manner you want it to be done.


There’s so much to do when prepping for a move, and our team at iMoving is here to help you make the searching part as simple as possible. That way, you can get this part of your move taken care of quickly and go about the rest of your planning and packing ASAP.


Moving Services in Lexington, KY


Long Distance Moves: Are you moving further than 100 miles away? Then you likely need services from a long distance moving company that is able to sort out all of the details for you and execute your move with ease.


Local Moves: Local moves often take less effort and less time to get done, but they’re still easier when you get a hand from a Lexington moving company that can assist you with the process in an effective manner.


Business Relocation Services: If your business is going into a different building or relocating entirely, you want some extra help moving those large items and electronics. It’ll save a lot of time and headache, and you know everything is going to get there safely.


Other Services: Storage options, packing supplies, packing/unpacking, and specialized loading and unloading services are often available from many of the movers that iMoving partners with.


Easy and Fast Moving Tips for You


  1. One box, one room: You never want to jump between rooms dozens of times while you’re trying to unpack at your new place – so you don’t want to pack boxes with items from multiple rooms, either. Be aware of what you’re picking where and you’ll find that the unpacking process goes a lot more smoothly than it would otherwise.


  1. Be smart when packing your electronic devices: When packing electronic devices, make sure that you take a picture of the back of the electronics that you’re packing. That way, you have a visual guide that can assist you when you’re trying to hook things back up. Not only that, but you want to be sure that you use the original electronic boxes for packing if you have them. They’ll stay safer.


  1. Schedule your movers ASAP: As soon as you have a moving date, you want to take the time to schedule your movers. Not only does it guarantee that they will be ready and available for your move, but it means that you’re getting something off of the to-do list, which is essential when you have so much to do.


  1. Find a moving date that fits your budget: Moving dates vary based on a variety of factors that may arise. If you’re able to move in the middle of the week, your prices are going to be a lot lower than if you move on the weekend. You will also find that it’s cheaper to move mid-month (around the 15th) rather than at the beginning or end.


  1. Put together a large to-do list and micromanage: Your to-do list should be as inclusive and extensive as you can get it. That’ll help you to keep track of what needs to be done and how you’re going to do it. Feel free to split it up into much smaller pieces – it’ll help you to feel like you’re making progress.


Facts to Consider Regarding Lexington, KY


Lexington, the second-largest metro area in Kentucky, is a unique city that draws visitors and new residents alike every single year. Because of that, the city has been able to grow and expand more than any other Kentucky city and it’s consistently getting recognized as a wonderful place to live.


Lexington is the horse capital of the world. It’s the home of the Kentucky Horse Park (which has a museum about horses as well) and outside of the city, you’re surrounded by dozens and dozens of horse farms of all sorts. People who want to race, raise, or work with horses in any capacity are going to be able to live out their dream if they move to Lexington.


The city does not have a lot of traffic and it’s quite easy to navigate if you know about the main road around the outside of the city, named New Circle Road. Residents say that, if you can find New Circle Road, you can navigate yourself to any other spot in the city with ease.


Great hospitals and great schools (including higher education) abound in the area. The University of Kentucky is located in the heart of the city, and U of K sports are almost another religion. Everyone knows and loves the Wildcats, and basketball season is always exciting.


Lastly, if you enjoy delicious liquor, you’ll find plenty of it in Lexington. Not only do they have your stereotypical Kentucky bourbon, but you will also find a number of breweries in and around the city as well. Amazing beer and hard cider options are common at every restaurant in the area, so you never run out of great things to try.