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Maine Movers - iMoving

Maine Movers


Maine is known as being one of the country’s most beautiful states. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to the state or just from one part of the state to another, you’ll be struck just how spectacular Maine is.


At iMoving, we have teamed up with local moving companies, cross-country movers and long-distance movers to make your moving experience a positive and hopefully even stress-free. iMoving is a new concept in moving – you can think of us as a matchmaker. You give us all the details of your move and we will then match them to a series of Maine moving companies with services to meet your needs.


Here’s where the difference comes in – we have hand-picked the moving companies we work with so they will stand by their word. They will be there when they say, they will cost what they quote and you need not worry about whether they will look after your precious things properly.


Before we partner with any Maine mover, iMoving does a comprehensive background check to ensure they will adhere to our standards. We believe in our founding principles of transparency, honesty, and trust, and all the movers we work with doing too.


We will match you to the right local moving company or a cross-country mover. We get you to the correct type of company for your job and save you hours of searching.


Moving Services in Maine


No matter what type of service you need we have someone to fit the bill:


  • We know the ideal local moving company to get you from one side of the state to the other, or a long-distance mover to help you start again in a new state.


  • We can find a Maine moving company that knows how to move your piano without a scratch or damage to the soundboard.


  • If you need storage for a time between moving out and moving in, we can find somewhere safe, dry and include that in the total estimate.


  • For those with little to no time, or who just can’t expend the effort, full-service packing is available where a moving crew turns up at your house, packs up all your belongings carefully, transports it to the new house, then unpacks everything. Talk about stress-free moving!


  • We aren’t just for residential jobs either. iMoving has connections with the best Maine commercial movers. These companies have the experience and equipment to handle the complex logistics and security requirements of moving your business.


A Few Tips to Help Your Move


Getting into the moving vibe takes some doing. You usually look at the size of the task and think about how hard it is going to be and then the dreaded procrastination sets in. This is one of those jobs you have to get to from the minute you know you’re going to move. So bite the bullet and get started.


  1. Start with the attic/basement/garage. These are the places where you can probably get rid of a lot of stuff right from the beginning. If there are boxes in the basement since the last move, it is time to say goodbye to the contents. With these big tasks done, you will feel like you have really made a dent in the work and it will help you move on.


  1. It is a good idea to plan this as a project. You don’t need to go so far as to make a gant chart – though of course feel free, it is always good to know what is on the critical path. But seriously, there are so many things to keep track of, that a master list is a great idea. Plus, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as checking things off a list.


  1. Try to be all packed other than essentials the day before. You will have plenty of things to deal with on the actual moving day, and there won’t be time for packing.


  1. If you’re moving with little children and they have a special toy, take it with you in the car. That way you stand a chance of avoiding a complete breakdown at the other end when you can’t find it. Moving for children is exciting and unsettling at the same time. If there’s something that brings comfort, keep it close at hand.


Moving to Maine: What You Should Know


Moving to Maine is one of the best things to provide a sense of a life that is well lived. The state has been a place for those who love a simpler life for ages. Interestingly, no one really knows how it got the name, Maine. Maybe it was because it was the mainland for the European settlers who landed there?


When people think of Maine they probably think of two things; one the rocky Atlantic coastline which stretches 250 miles as the crow flies, but in reality is more like 3,500 miles if you count all the inlets.


The second thing most people think of is lobster. You’d be right to. Maine produces about 90 percent of the country’s lobster supply. More than 60 million pounds of lobster make their way from Maine waters to the finest restaurants in the country. Many locals will tell you that the lobster is better right there at home – which makes sense because it is at its absolute freshest.


Given the importance of lobster to the local economy, it will not surprise you to know the University of Maine has a Lobster Institute. The main purpose is to ensure that the lobster is raised in a sustainable way and ensure that farming is ethical. The institute supports the local community but is influential across the whole world.


Moving to Maine is going to be a change in your life. You can look forward to a change in the pace of life. You’ll smell the salt in the air, and you’ll sure know when it is winter. Maine can be chilly. So make sure you take all of your woolly sweaters and cozy shoes – you’re going to need them for longer than you might think.