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Finding the right Portland, ME moving companies for your upcoming move can be tricky when you have to do it all on your own. Let iMoving handle your upcoming move instead.


We are an online platform that makes it simple for you to plan and manage your local or long-distance move from the very beginning to the very end. First, enter the details of your move into our moving cost calculator. Once submitted, you will instantly see prices and reviews for movers that want the job. Select a mover and book them online. That’s it!


With iMoving, you’ll have a moving experience unlike any you’ve had before. Here are a few things you can expect when working with us:


  • Courteous, timely and professional service from our movers. We vet and handpick the Portland moving companies in our network, ensuring each one is licensed, insured and has an outstanding customer service record.


  • Payment protection. The prices you are quoted are binding and will not change unless you make changes to your inventory, and movers aren’t paid until you tell us you’re satisfied with their service.


  • From pricing to updating your inventory to reviews and ratings, we make sure there are no surprises.


  • You plan and manage every aspect of your trip, but we are always here when you need help.


No matter if you want to store a wine collection, move across the country or want to transport a car, we will seamlessly connect you with the Portland movers that provide the moving services you want. And they will be one of the best movers in the area.


Moving Services in Portland, ME


  • Long Distance Moving: Crossing state lines requires a long distance mover. They have the equipment, training, and team to handle moving a lot of items at once. iMoving can help you find the best one for cross-country or interstate moves.


  • Local Moving: Local movers don’t cross state lines and may have more limited equipment, such as smaller teams or trucks. This kind of move typically refers to a move within the same state, but depending on the size of the state, the definition can vary.


  • Commercial Moving: The best commercial movers make relocating your business a smoother process. Make sure they have the experience, skills, and tools needed to handle any equipment and keep sensitive data secure.


  • Storage: Do you need a place to hold seasonal supplies or furniture? This service allows you to house your possessions in a company’s space for a monthly fee. We can connect you with companies that offer storage solutions for businesses and residences.


Use These Moving Tips for a Successful Portland, ME Move


Observe The Golden Rule


The heavier an item is, the smaller the box you pack it in! It is a lot easier to carry heavier items when they are packed into smaller boxes. Hold off on using those larger boxes; leave them for items that are lighter, yet difficult to carry on their own.


One Box.One Room.


However tempting it may be to just throw things in whichever box you’re closest to at the moment, don’t do it - you’ll kick yourself later. Packing the same room in the same box will instantly keep you organized, making it easier to unpack when the time comes.


Don’t Pack Anything On Moving Day


Isn’t moving day stressful enough without thinking about the unfinished items you still have to wrap and box up? Tackle this busy day by having all of your boxes packed ahead of time. Yes, this includes seemingly easy tasks like taking the photos off the walls. Get it all done before the big day.


Last In. First Out.


When working with movers, tell them which boxes you need first at your new place. They will happily load those boxes on the trucks last. Now, you have saved yourself the trouble of searching through a mountain of boxes looking for your most important items.


Keep Important Things With You


Don’t pack prescription medications, jewelry, government documents or cash into a box or suitcase. You may need quick access to these items so keep them with you at all times until the move is complete. This also brings movers peace of mind that they won’t have to keep track of very important, but very small items.


Label Your Boxes


This one is easy but often forgotten or undervalued. Labels lets you know what’s in each box and which room it belongs in. When the time comes, unpacking will be much easier and other members of your home won’t accidentally rifle through your things to find what they need.


Good Things to Know When Moving to Portland, ME


  • Fall will blow your mind: If you’ve never experienced the wonders of Maine fall foliage, the first autumn of your stay here is going to be one you never forget. The leaves are pretty in other states, sure, but Mainers take particular pride in their state’s annual display of orange, red and yellow leaves.


  • A booming restaurant scene awaits: A number of the most acclaimed restaurants in the nation are found in Portland. This probably explains why it is also one of the most restaurant-dense cities in the country. You’ll have the chance to taste skillfully crafted dishes made out of ingredients available in Maine such as seafood, apples, blueberries, and, of course, maple syrup.


  • On the peninsula or off? If you’re confused by that question, you won’t be for long. Downtown Portland is known as the peninsula to residents. If you are on the peninsula you live downtown, if you’re off the peninsula you don’t.


  • The Forest City: Have you heard this name before? Portland’s nickname may be shared with Cleveland, OH, and London, Ontario but they are proud of it nonetheless.


  • The Maine Mall: Located 12 minutes away in the suburb of South Portland sits the famous Maine Mall. It is the largest retail, office and commercial complex north of Boston. When the mall is closed, South Portland’s population is around 23,000. When the mall is open, you’ll find anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 people there.


  • You’re living in a gem of a city: A quaint waterfront, award-winning dining options, and cobblestone stress make Portland a gem of the Northeast.


When looking for the best moving companies in Portland, iMoving has you covered. We will get you to your new residence so you can enjoy everything Maine has to offer. Start today by getting a quote. You’ll get exactly what we guarantee: professional, courteous and transparent service.