BDI Installers - Bryan Does It

BDI Installers - Bryan Does It

Hackensack, NJ

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  • Founded in 1998, BDi is an Independent Service Organization focused on the needs of the end user. All work is reviewed by ownership, along with dedicated Project Managers in the field to formulate a working plan that executes the clients' wishes, with completion on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. Our on-site Project Managers understand the importance of listening first, and acting next. Project Managers are empowered to be decision-makers, and are a vital part of day to day operations, with a strong owner presence and strategic partnerships throughout the United States. BDi strives to employ ALL our laborers directly, and only subcontracts when necessary. We have locations in New Jersey, Charlotte, and Denver, offering agility and responsiveness. Our business model is driven by our belief that working as a cohesive part of our client's construction team provides cost-savings, process efficiency, and partnerships that continuously have positive outcomes for our clients. BDi offers strong on-site management presence that provides a consistent point of contact for effective communication, keeping our clients well-informed during every phase of our execution. We strive to work with, for, and alongside our clients. As a strategic furniture partner, BDi ensures that our clients utilize existing furniture and related assets when possible, thereby creating cost savings in Procurement, Warehousing, and overall Inventory Footprint.

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