DN Van Lines

DN Van Lines

Jacksonville, FL

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    Years in Business
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  • DN Van Lines is a premier moving and storage company with locations in Massachusetts and Florida. We conduct local relocations in greater New England and the South East, as well as long distance moves anywhere in between. Pulling off a seamless relocation isn’t easy! It takes a special mix of the right people, the right equipment, and the right corporate attitude to manage a successful move. DN Van Lines is fortunate to recieve many wonderful unsolicited client testimonials regarding their experiences working with us. Thank you to all of our clients who have taken time out of their busy schedules to give us some feedback.

    Services and Handling

    • Packing


    • Unpacking


    • Local Moving

      Local Moving

    • Long Distance Moving

      Long Distance Moving

    • Storage Services

      Storage Services

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    • Appliance


    • Commercial Moving

      Commercial Moving

    • Moving Labor

      Moving Labor

    • Box Delivery

      Box Delivery

    • Disposal Services

      Disposal Services

    • Hoisting Services

      Hoisting Services



    • DOT Number

      DOT Number

      Policy: 1141917

    • Policy: 462886