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iMoving is here to help you connect with moving companies in Jacksonville. Not only do we have connections with a number of the best companies for your needs, but we can help you to work out the details and ensure that you get the best services for whatever you’re trying to do in the realm of long-distance moves. Our network of professional local moving companies provides you with access to all of the information you could ever need in relation to your next move.

When you use iMoving, you will be able to use our secure platform in order to connect with long-distance moving companies, allowing you to make decisions and get accurate quotes that will allow you to make solid decisions and save money when it comes to moving day. We have hand-picked each of the moving companies we recommend, so you know that you’re getting connected with a local Jacksonville moving company that prioritizes its customers.

Whether you’re looking to move across the country, we can help you to connect with Jacksonville movers that are fully licensed and insured, allowing you to have peace of mind when they move your items to your new home. They will use protective materials for your fragile items and provide other services at no additional cost to you. Just use our site to get an accurate quote today and you can see why iMoving is the website that more people are turning to in order to get the best moving quotes from around the country.

Moving Services in Jacksonville, FL


  • Full Packing - iMoving can connect you with companies that offer both partial and full packing services. These companies can pack up the items in your current home and unpacking them at your new place or into storage.
  • Storage – Do you have to wait to move in? iMoving can help you to find storage services that can take care of the in-between time where you may be waiting to move into your new home.
  • Local Moving – Only moving across town or to the next town over? iMoving can help you find the right service to help you with local moves.
  • Long Distance Moving – iMoving specializes in connecting you with the best in the business for long-distance moving.
  • Commercial Moving – Need to move an office space? iMoving can connect you with the right moving companies.
  • Special Handling – many of the companies associated with iMoving also offer white glove and fragile item moving services.


Tips for a Smooth Move


1. The sooner that you get started with the process of packing your home up, the better off that you are going to be in the long term. Not only does that help you to relieve your stress and anxiety about your move, but it gets things organized.


2. Don’t take everything with you! Now’s the time to purge – get rid of items that haven’t been used in a while, don’t fit you properly, or that you don’t have any sort of use for.


3. Do you need packing supplies? Go to local liquor stores and fast food locales – they usually have a few boxes that they can provide you with.


4. Don’t do it alone! Get some help from friends and family, and offer pizza or something else for their help. It’ll prevent issues, and it’s a lot more fun to pack and move with the help of people you love.


Things to Know When Moving to Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States based on physical area, with over 840 square miles of land that is considered to be part of the city. This means that you could live in one area of Jacksonville, and it takes 45 minutes to 2 hours to get to the other side of the city, depending on traffic – so keep that in mind when you’re choosing where to move in relation to your new job or schooling.

If you’re someone that really enjoys being on the water for any reason, Jacksonville is definitely the place to be. With multiple beaches around the city and other areas of water to visit, you will feel right at home in and around the Jacksonville area.

One last thing to know – when Jacksonville residents enjoy something, they go all out. There are over 50 Publix grocery stores in the greater Jacksonville region, 8 craft breweries, and a number of colleges, community colleges, and tech schools where people can get an education. Jacksonville does not hesitate when it comes to making these sorts of things accessible to all of its residents.