Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

If you are moving across the United States, or simply from one state to another, you will need to hire a long-distance moving company to handle the move.


By understanding the nature of the long-distance moving process, you can get a sense of the logistics and cost associated with such a move. The iMoving referral service can help you find a reputable long-distance mover in your area.

What Is Long-Distance Moving?


A long-distance move is any move that crosses state lines within the United States. Even if you are moving a total of 50 or 100 miles, it is considered long distance or interstate moving when state lines are crossed.


The companies that offer state-to-state moving services are the ones that have a regional or nationwide network. Some companies are nationwide moving service providers, which means they can handle a move between any place in the continental United States.


Other long-distance movers are focused on a particular region, such as the Midwest, South, Northeast, Northwest, East Coast or West Coast regions.


For instance, an interstate moving company may be able to handle a move from New Hampshire to New York, but not New York to Texas. The latter would require a company that offers national moving services.


How to Find Long-Distance Movers?


Finding a reputable long-distance mover is so important to this process. If you have family, friends or colleagues who have moved long distance in the past, some may have told you horror stories.


It is true that when you end up with an unprofessional long-distance mover, the process can become a nightmare. From sudden overcharges to weeks of delays, the entire move can feel like an unwelcome ordeal.


You can always talk to the people in your personal and work circles about their experiences with specific companies. They can warn you of a company or recommend a mover, and you can even assess online reviews to get a better understanding of a mover’s reliability.


But such steps are not absolute, as one person’s experience is not always indicative of a moving company’s reputation. And online reviews are not always accurate either.


Using a Moving Referral Service


If you use the iMoving referral service, you can ensure that you are connecting with the most reputable long-distance movers in your area. By specifying your origin and destination zip codes, you can get a list of the top five or six movers that can handle your cross-country or interstate move.


iMoving uses a rigorous process to select movers for the network. We check that movers have the proper national certifications, insurance, years of experience and services to meet our standards. We also assess the experiences of their previous customers and conduct interviews with movers.


Things to Know About Long-Distance Moving


Long-distance moving is an incredibly complex process, which can often involve multiple companies. If you are moving a few hundred miles, but between different states, your move will probably be handled by the same company.


But if you are moving across the country or close to a thousand miles away from your present location, there may be two or more parties involved in your move. The parties that are often involved in a cross-country or significant long-distance move include:


  • Loader: The moving company you will deal with the most. A loader is a moving company that will give you a binding quote, accept your payments, arrange logistics, and provides the labor for the packing and/or loading part of the move.
  • Transporter: The moving company that will take your goods across the country. Sometimes the transporter is the same as the loader, depending on the distance and regions involved in your move.
  • Unloader: The party that will unload and possibly unpacks your items at the destination. It may be the same as the transporter, but it is typically a different company for cross-country moves.


Special Moving Services


When you are requesting a long-distance or cross-country move, you may want to inform the moving company about any special requests.


Say you have heavy, valuable, or delicate items that need packing and moving. These items cannot be packed in the same way as your other possessions. Inform the movers beforehand, as it will allow them to bring the necessary equipment to handle your request.


Some long-distance movers also provide a short-term storage option at the destination. Such a service can be useful for individuals, couples, and families that may not have finalized a permanent home at the destination.


How to Save Money on a Long-Distance Move?


Always get an in-person estimate from a long-distance mover before committing to the transaction. When a long-distance mover sends a representative to your location, they can assess the possessions being moved and any special services that may be required.


When you pick a mover within the iMoving network, the final quote you get after the in-person inspection is binding. There will be no hidden charges or last-minute price hikes.


The factors that influence the cost of a long-distance move include:


  • How far you are moving
  • How many possessions are being moved
  • The service requested (full packing vs. loading and unloading)
  • Any special requests


If you are hoping to save money on a long-distance move, you can cut down on the possessions that are being moved. A moving company will charge less for two bedrooms’ worth of possessions, compared to three or four bedrooms’ worth.


Moving long distance is the ideal moment to consider downsizing your possessions. Not everything you own has to go to your new apartment or home. It is especially true of heavy items that you do not need - or can rebuy at some later date.


By requesting a loading and unloading service, you can save even more money. But that means you will need to pack up all your possessions in boxes before the movers arrive.


It is up to you to decide whether the convenience of a full packing service is worth the added cost. Most people find that it is worth the expense, as it is a lot more convenient. When you have so many tasks to complete before your move, handing off the packing to professional movers can be a relief.


Now that you have a deeper understanding of a long-distance move, you will be better equipped to hire the best moving company for your upcoming move. With the help of iMoving, you will have a much easier time connecting with the most reputable interstate moving companies that service your area.