Moving Labor

Moving Labor

Not every type of residential move requires a full moving service. Some individuals, couples or families may not even want to pay professional moving companies for the use of their moving trucks. A small or local move may only require the assistance of moving labor. And iMoving can help you connect with the most reliable moving labor in your area.

What Is Moving Labor?


Moving labor consists of professional movers who will only provide labor services. When you are hiring moving labor, you are not requesting a moving truck or any moving supplies. You are only requesting professional personnel to help you with your upcoming move.


These movers do have the expertise and ability to load and unload heavy objects, delicate items, valuables, and regular moving boxes. But they will cost you a lot less money, compared to a full-service move, as you are only paying for the hours they work.


One of the perks of hiring moving labor is flexibility. These movers can help load and unload items onto a moving truck. They can even pack or unpack boxes, disassemble and reassemble items, or help you move items into a storage unit.


It is also possible to hire moving labor for the sole purpose of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking the valuables or heavy items you are moving. Such a job would not take very much time, drastically reducing the cost of your move. But then you would have to handle everything else on your own.


Choosing Moving Labor Over Full Service or DIY Moves: When and Why?


When you are moving locally or long distance, you have a few options for how to complete that move. Your options include:


  • Full-service move
  • Moving labor
  • DIY moving


A full-service move involves hiring a moving company that will take care of loading and unloading, packing, and providing the moving truck. These professionals will pack up your items, load them onto a truck, drive it to your destination, unload the truck and unpack. It is possible to save on a full-service move by packing yourself, but the other services are still included.


DIY moving is when you do everything yourself. You will pack up your items, load them onto a truck you rent, drive the truck to your new home or apartment, unload it and then unpack your items.


Completing an Affordable Move


Moving labor is the perfect balance between the two services. Say you are moving from a small one or two-bedroom apartment to a short distance away. It is not the type of move where you require professionals to come in and pack up your items, as you can do it yourself within a day.


You can even rent a U-Haul or other type of moving truck. Or perhaps you can borrow a truck from a friend, saving you even more money. But there is one issue. You have heavy furniture and other items that you cannot move.


While you could try and hire handymen through sites like Craigslist, it is a huge risk. You do not know about the professionalism, ability or other circumstances surrounding those individuals. It would involve having complete strangers come to your home, and such a risk is not worth saving a few dollars.


What to Check When Deciding on Moving Labor?


iMoving can help you find moving labor through professional local moving companies. It may cost a bit more than hiring someone from an online site or ad in the paper, but you are getting a lot of security.


These individuals are seasoned professionals who work at a reputable moving company within our area. Aside from offering full-service moving, these companies also provide moving labor for customers who want to save money on a local or long-distance move.


Instead of needing to vet the company or interview the professionals who are coming to help, you can trust that iMoving has done all that. We only include movers within our network after they pass a series of checks and an in-person interview. Our network also monitors movers periodically, removing any company that falls below our standards.


How to Find Moving Labor Service Companies?


If you are leaning towards hiring moving labor for your upcoming move, iMoving can help. After you have rented or borrowed a moving truck, you can input your information on our site. We will match you up with companies that offer moving labor services.


Based on the offered rates, you can choose to contact a few moving labor providers in your area. Mention the date of your move and see whether they have personnel available. It does not take very long to complete a deal with reputable companies for moving labor services.


Be sure to provide information about the items that must be loaded and unloaded on moving day. Depending on the weight of certain items, the movers may have to send one to four professionals to your location. If you require other services, such as packing or disassembly, mention that as well.


Most companies will have a minimum hour requirement for hiring moving labor. They will provide you with a quote for the service, which is binding if you select a mover within the iMoving network.


The final payment will depend on how many hours the movers work. Choosing moving labor instead of a full-service move allows you to save between 40 to 60 percent on your move while retaining the peace of mind that you are dealing with seasoned professionals.


Moving Day


To save time and money, prepare everything ahead of the movers’ arrival. If you are only using their service for loading and unloading, be sure you are packed up before the time they are meant to arrive.


The quicker they can work, the more money you will save. If you are moving locally, it is a good idea to use the same personnel to unload your items. If you are moving long-distance, you will have to hire someone else to do that job.


When the movers arrive, be clear on the services you require. It is a good idea to supervise the personnel, as you can make sure they are loading and unloading your items the way you prefer.