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Chester Springs Movers - iMoving

Chester Springs Movers


The first step to a successful move is setting the right expectations. There’s nothing worse than saving too little money or being quoted a price that’s so high it causes anxiety.


iMoving can help you understand what your upcoming move to Chester Springs is going to look like. Our quick quote will give you a reasonable cost estimate and our precise quote offers an extremely accurate and detailed estimate of your upcoming move.


By getting a quote, you position yourself to secure the best price and company that fits your needs. Here are a few reasons we have accurate quotes:


  • Select your inventory per room so you don’t forget anything
  • The ability to update your inventory anytime
  • The chance to share your inventory with other family members
  • Transparency of cost per item
  • A binding price that cannot be changed by the mover


iMoving works with only the best local and interstate Chester Springs moving companies. Only after a comprehensive evaluation is complete is any company added to our network of movers. When you book with us, you never have to worry about a company taking your money or charging you unfair prices.


Book your upcoming move with us for:


  • Payment protection: the moving company doesn’t get paid until you are satisfied with the job
  • Highly recommended movers that are licensed and insured
  • Access to your move all day, every day. You can update as much as you want, even on your moving day
  • The best prices: our bidding system lets companies compete for your business, which generally results in the customer getting the best price and service.


It’s easy for things to get lost in the fray when you’re preparing for an upcoming move, but with iMoving’s in-depth services, you’ll feel like you have a moving coordinator at your side the entire time.


Moving Services in Chester Springs, PA


  • Local Moving: Moving anywhere within the state can usually be handled by a local moving company. The cost of these moves is based on the number of people and hours it takes to relocate all of your things. You’re typically charged a fixed per hour rate.


  • Commercial Moving: This kind of move is quite complex and requires a lot of planning. Usually, highly confidential information such as tax records and account data is in the hands of the moving company, so you want to make sure you hire a trustworthy and professional company.


  • Storage: Sometimes the timeline just doesn’t go according to plan. If you’re in need of a safe place to hold your belongings, a moving company can help you when you’re in a tight spot.


  • Special Items: Your antiques and wine collection are a bit too precious to simply throw into a box or on the back of a truck. Many companies in Chester Springs offer crating services for special items and are professionals at transporting specialty items.


Tips for an Easy Move


  1. Take pictures before you dismantle


Some items took a special kind of genius to put together – the kind that you may not remember again. To avoid the frustration of figuring wire configurations or where a screw goes, take pictures of your electronics and furniture before you disassemble them. It will make reassembly much easier.


  1. Create an inventory sheet


This is a great way to track where your items are and what rooms the boxes belong in. Start by creating a tab for each room. Number your boxes, recording the number on your inventory sheet and include a few notes about the contents of each box. If you or a family member need to find something, the sheet will have the answer. This will also come in handy when unloading your boxes. You can organize the boxes by room easily and quickly spot if a box is missing.


  1. Get your car serviced


If you are driving your car across the country, make sure it is in top condition and ready to deal with the unexpected. If your car is being shipped, removing everything is a good idea – even the spare tires. You never know what can happen, so why take the risk?


  1. Time to purge


Maybe you hate spring cleaning or you are a sucker for nostalgia, but moving is a great time to get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Not only will the lighter load save you money, but you can also give yourself a fresh start at your new location. Sell or give away the items you can and donate the rest to people in need.


  1. Pack out-of-season clothing


Clothing takes a lot of time and energy to pack up. Make them one of the first things you pack. By getting rid of the clothes you don’t wear, you’ll feel good about seeing some boxes packed and it won’t affect your current wardrobe at all.


Things to Know About Chester Springs, PA


Dive into America’s flight history


The American Helicopter Museum & Education Center is great for those who love all machines with whirly wings. Located 20 minutes away in West Chester, this is the nation’s top museum for helicopters and features some rare pieces on display. You’ll be able to see and touch aircraft that saved lives, changed history and shaped the evolution of aircraft as we know them today.


Take a wine tour


Chester Springs is home to Eagle’s Crest Vineyards. Unlike most wineries that are densely packed in one area, Eagle Crest lies in wonderful isolation, allowing you to truly take in its storied history. When you make the time to visit, it’s going to be a purposeful one – expect a long country drive, getting lost and doing some exploring on your trip there. The wine is only one part of the trip, living off the beaten path for a day is an experience worth having any time.


Visit Historic Yellow Springs


This living village is immersed in enough rich history, folklore, and tradition to engage anyone. Spanning over 275 years of history, the village now has 11 buildings and 142 acres of land that are used for art classes like sculpture and fine art, hosts some of the best art shows and has a ton of trails to hike. This is a place you and your family will never get tired of visiting.


Marsh Creek State Park


This place has everything you love about state parks: trails, public pools, a lake. The list could go one. You can easily spend an entire day here. There are tons of water activities for you to do like kayaking or motor boats. You’ll see stunning views or you can do some fishing. There are picnic areas and it’s clean! This is one state park that is worth your time.


iMoving wants you to get to Chester Springs just as much as you want to! With our accurate quotes, and a large network of Chester Springs moving companies, you will be on your way there into time – and with far less hassle.