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Movers in Philadelphia

Movers in Philadelphia, PA


If you have a move planned, you are more than likely worried about a lot of things; keeping your items intact, adjusting to your new life in a new environment, and preparing your family and friends for the effects of the move to name a few. The best way to prevent any extra worries cropping up is to plan the move and have complete control over the process.


That’s where iMoving works in your favor, because we have the tools and connections to the best local movers in Philadelphia, PA to help you plan and customize your move.


Every local or long-distance mover that we partner with is selected and screened by us and must be completely insured and held accountable to our community standards. These standards include professionalism, respect, and transparency in terms of pricing. iMoving cares about these standards, and we seek to hold both ourselves and the Philadelphia moving companies we work with accountable.


You can be confident in choosing a local Philadelphia mover from our network because all of them are held to these standards by iMoving. So, don’t worry about picking a bad mover who won’t respect your belongings or who will show up late on moving day.


In addition, our customer support team will stand by you from your first visit to the website to the end of your move. You won’t have any worries when it comes to getting your move on the road.


Moving Services in Philadelphia


  • Cleaning services: Sometimes, cleaning your house after a move is difficult. Debris and dirt can pile up after a move, and cleaning it out might be something else you don’t want to do after a long day. Movers can often help arrange for services to thoroughly clean the home after you’ve gone.
  • Packing and unpacking: When it comes to packing and unpacking your items, whether its fine china or a box of books, sometimes having some professional movers pack your gear and ensure it will survive the moving journey is a very welcome benefit.
  • Oversized items: If you have a few larger or heavier items, many movers in our network have the special equipment skills needed to handle them. When getting quotes, be sure to mention them.


Moving Tips


The best way to handle a move is to be well prepared for the emotions it can bring you beforehand. Here are some great pre-moving tips to make the process less emotional.


  • Throw one last party in your old house with family and friends: Having one last great gathering with the people you are going to be moving away from will help the goodbyes become less emotional on the big day.
  • Take the time to look at your mementos: Schedule a day before you move to go through some of the keepsake boxes and really go down memory lane. Cry, smile, relive old times spent in the house, and then look forward to your new adventure.
  • Get to know your new environment: Whether you are going to a new home in Philadelphia or moving from far away, do your research about the customs and neighbors in your new home to make the transition process less scary. That way, you’ll feel completely comfortable.


What to Know When Moving to Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia is a city of living neighborhoods and sections, so rather than trying to find one that fits your budget or ideal view of a home, let the living city find you. Some neighborhoods are sophisticated, others casual, and some gritty. Where you end up living might say more about you than you think.


If you are a history lover, then Philly is a good place for you. So much of American history happened in the city, and the living and breathing history will immerse you in the stories that came before. After a tour around the historical sites, consider grabbing a real cheesesteak, and get a real culinary experience with every bite.


For those who love enthusiastic sports and smack talk, the Wells Fargo Center where the Flyers and 76ers play, Lincoln Field (the “Linc”) home to the Eagles and Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies ballpark, are good for both, and you’ll never forget the experience or the loyal fans who stand by their team no matter what.