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Elvis Dirt Cheap Moving and Storage
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Movers in Pennsylvania

Movers in Pennsylvania


Moving can have many reasons to happen for thousands of families. Sometimes it’s due to retirement, a new job, or an expanded family. Regardless of the reason, a move means the start of a new life and the process can be somewhat stressful.


The stress shouldn’t extend to the moving process, however, as saying goodbye to all of your things and the memories of your house are hard enough. Working with moving companies who only have a few reviews to their name is a very stress inducing, as your valuables and time are extremely precious.


iMoving is here to relieve the stress and keep the moving process simple, because moving away from a family home to a new one shouldn’t be too problematic. is the place to plan out your move and choose a Pennsylvania mover that you know you can rely on.


All the local or long distance Pennsylvania moving companies in our network are licensed and authenticated, hold insurance certificates and are thoroughly vetted by our iMoving team for professionalism and top-notch customer service. So, when you pick a moving company in Pennsylvania from our network, you know that they are honest, respectable, and transparent in their pricing. In addition, all of our movers have steady prices that you know about in advance.


iMoving will help you find moving companies in Pennsylvania, that are able to do the services you want, and once you see and agree on the fees, then they can get started. Fees are calculated by the amount of stuff you want to be moved, the distance traveled, and the time spent in total moving from place to place. Then the price is fixed and stays the same unless you make changes.


Moving Services in Pennsylvania


  • Disassembly services: You might have a couch that needs to be moved, and literally everyone alive who has tried to move a couch or similarly sized piece of furniture will attest to how darn hard it is! For big, bulky items, consider hiring a mover to disassemble and assemble it again.
  • Full packing services: If the movers are already taking apart your furniture, you might as well have them pack it too. Movers can help you pack, organize, as well as transport the contents of your home to your destination.
  • Special handling: Everything from your guitar collection to an antique sculpture to your grandmother’s grand piano might require special care. Be sure to include items like these when getting your quote from a Pennsylvania mover.
  • Local or long-distance moving: Some Pennsylvania movers consider any moves within the state as “local” moves – regardless of distance, while others factor in mileage. Generally, long-distance means interstate moving, or moves that require crossing one or more state boundaries.


Tips on Moving Myths to Avoid


  • Moves can’t be planned in advance: False! You can plan and start packing for your move long before the truck is scheduled to arrive in your drive. Take the time to plan and you’ll be surprised at what happens.
  • I can pack everything myself: This one is almost true, a great deal of the packing can be done with a little research and common sense. Remember, though, that Pennsylvania movers often offer professional packing services.
  • Movers’ insurance will cover everything: Basic movers’ insurance will cover a bit, but it is only a portion. Having some third-party insurance is the best way to make sure that if items are damaged, their full value will be covered.
  • I have to ride in the truck: No, and professional movers probably wouldn’t allow it. It’s best for you to take your own transportation and trust the movers to do their job.


What to Know About to Pennsylvania


This state has a few charms that are different from the norm. For one thing, it’s a Commonwealth, not a state, but it doesn’t mean it operates any differently that other states. In addition, many places in the state are very hard to pronounce, and the locals will gladly (yet forcefully) help you learn the correct pronunciation.


In addition, holidays are different. Halloween is celebrated before October 31st, every town in Pennsylvania drops something different on New Year’s Eve and deer season is a no-school holiday that is heavily celebrated.


Speaking of holidays, you’ll rarely have a snow-free Christmas in Pennsylvania as snow falls hard and there are various laws about when and how to clear the snow off of sidewalls and cars. So, invest in a snow shovel and the knowledge of when you need to use it.