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Equinunk Movers - iMoving

Equinunk Movers


Have you been getting ready to relocate, but you aren’t sure how to get your move taken care of? A great moving company can make a huge difference in relation to whether or not you’ll feel stressed out during your move. That’s where iMoving can give you a hand – we’re a moving facilitator company that connects you directly with our reliable and trustworthy moving partners.


When you start exploring iMoving.com, you’ll find that it’s really simple to go ahead and start looking for quotes. All you need to do is provide us with the appropriate information related to where you’re starting and where you’re headed. After you hit enter, you are provided with multiple Equinunk moving companies and quotes for them based on the info that you provided.


One of the best features of iMoving is that we keep your money safe until your move is completed. So, you will pay us the money based on your quote, and when your local or long-distance Equinunk movers unload the last box and you see that it’s all there and nothing is broken or lost, we release it to the moving company. Our customer support team is ready to give you help before, during, and after your move has been completed.


Your move is already a bit of a stressful situation, so you want to be sure that finding the right moving company in Equinunk is a simple process, and that you have a company that you can rely on backing you up. At iMoving, we’re here to make sure that you know that you’re a priority and that you’re going to be able to take care of all of the details easily.


Moving Services in Equinunk, PA


  • Moving Long Distances: If you’re moving further away than 100 miles or so, you will be working with a long-distance moving company in Equinunk to take care of things for you. They charge by the mile and by weight.


  • Moving Locally: Are you moving down the street or across the county? Then local movers can take care of every aspect of your move in a few hours.


  • Office Moves: Electronics and furniture are at the center of many business relocations, so you want movers that know how to take care of those things for you.


  • Special Handling: Looking to move antiques, instruments, or large furniture? Special handling services may be necessary.


  • Storage: Many movers offer storage options for customers who may experience a delay in their move-in date.


  • Moving Supplies: Some moving companies that work with iMoving may offer moving supplies for sale.


  • Packing and Unpacking: Need help with getting your items packed or unpacked? For an additional fee, your movers can assist you with this service.


Moving Tips


  1. Don’t do it alone


Many people try to deal with packing by themselves – and in all honesty, that’s going to take a ton of time and effort! Instead, enlist some friends and family that will be willing to give you a hand.


  1. Pack one room at a time


Don’t jump between rooms and put different things from different rooms in the same box. Instead, take your time and pack one room at a time. It’ll be less hassle and it’ll be easier to unpack once you get to your new place.


  1. Donate items while packing


Don’t feel like you absolutely must pack everything that you have. If there are things that you no longer use or that you want to give away, just do it! It’ll lessen the cost of your move and it’ll make the process of moving a whole lot easier when all is said and done.


  1. Shop around for a moving company


Choosing an Equinunk mover is a big deal and you want to be sure that you do everything possible to find the right one. Use iMoving to search for quotes and compare moving companies in Equinunk and their prices. You’ll get a wide array of options that you can choose from and you’ll find that you feel better about your choice.


  1. Use garbage bags for closets


When you’ve got clothes hanging in the closet, just put a bunch of them together and pull up a plastic bag up from the bottom of them, closing it around the hangers and tying it shut. That way, your clothing won’t get dirty, it stays together, and it’s easy to transport.


What is There to Know About Equinunk, PA?


Equinunk is a quiet little area in northeastern Pennsylvania, about an hour north of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metropolitan area. Found in the corner of Wayne County, this small town is a great place to get a job in agriculture, wildlife conservation, or environmental conservation. The proximity to the Delaware River makes it ideal for those who are interested in preserving waterways.


When you move to this region, you’ll find many of the people to be quite friendly, and many people from different backgrounds reside in the region. Over the weekends and during the summer months, a number of people from New York City, which is only about 2.5 hours away, reside in their summer homes, allowing them to get away from the hustle and bustle.


The region is incredibly safe, and crime is very low no matter where in the Equinunk area you decide to live. You also have easy access to New York State – it’s less than 15 minutes from certain parts of the Equinunk area.


There’s no shortage of outdoor activities that you’ll be able to enjoy when you move to this region. The river is clean and provides a number of areas where people can swim, canoe, boat, and more. Numerous festivals happen throughout the region, celebrating agriculture, nature, heritage, and more. You’re always going to be able to find something to do.


Equinunk is a lovely place to raise your family, but be prepared to drive quite a bit to get to any significant city or town. The closest small towns are Honesdale (PA) and Hancock (NY); then it takes an hour or more to get to any city. The school districts in this region are very good and while many students just take up the family business, work on the family farm, or get apprenticed to get into manual labor-based jobs, the ones that go on to higher education are well-prepared.


How Do I Prepare To Move To College | iMoving

Hello college, goodbye responsibilities- except the responsibility of making the grade, and moving of course.


Moving for college is one of the most memorable times of a person’s life. Let’s just be sure you don’t remember the anxiety of moving more than the good memories.


Proper preparation is absolutely crucial, especially if you are going to a college out of state. It’s your first start, your brand new start, so you want to be sure that you’re thoroughly prepared.


One thing that can help you prepare to move to college is using a moving out of state checklist. This checklist includes tasks such as research your new city, find a place to live, set up your utilities, and so on.


This checklist might vary slightly when it comes to moving out of state for college, but these are some of the most important tips and tricks for every future college student to know.


What do I do before moving to college?


Preparing for college isn’t just about packing up your old childhood memories and moving into your dorm. Part of the preparation is closing an old chapter and starting a new one.


Not sure what we mean?


Before moving to college, try to do things you haven’t done yet. Meet up with friends you might not see for a while, travel- do something spontaneous to celebrate and make lasting memories before you move on to the next chapter of your life.


If you’re not sure exactly how to turn the page, make sure to do these things before moving to college:


  • Meet up with friends: Since you are moving on to a new chapter, be sure to share a few more laughs, memories, and goodbyes with old friends that you might not see for a while. This is especially useful if you feel anxious or uneasy about meeting new people, bonding with your old friends one last time will help.


  • Travel: Take a trip; go somewhere, go anywhere! Since you will be living at the same place for the next 4 years, take the time that you have before moving to the college by traveling somewhere new. One great thing to do is to travel to the state of your new college and visit all the most popular sites.


  • Get to know your new city: There’s traveling around your new state, and there’s getting to know your new city; they’re completely different. When you get to know your city you familiarize yourself with all the important stuff like where the grocery stores are, the best gas stations, hospitals, and let’s not forget the favorite burger joint. Taking the time to get to know your new city in a more up-close way, decreases the stress of moving somewhere new.


  • Meet your roommate: Do your best to connect with your roommate before your first day of school. This will allow you to get things prepared for your dorm room together, and eliminate the awkward tension of meeting for the first time later on. Social media is a great way to meet your roommate. You can even start by just chatting, texting, and emailing for a while. Start with what you’re both going to be studying and about who’s bringing what for the room, until you feel comfortable enough to ‘hangout’.


  • Avoid summer classes (if possible): The summer before you begin college should not be spent buried in textbooks. You’ll be doing that enough in If possible, avoid taking summer classes before moving to college. You don’t need the extra preparation, what you need is relaxation.


  • Make new friends: In addition to meeting your roommate, you should also do your best to make new friends before moving to college. Whether this means connecting through social media or hanging out in person, making new friends can really alleviate first-time college jitters.


  • Stay away from home at least 2-3 nights: If you’ve never been away from home before, now is the time to do it. Whether you’re the most independent young adult or not, there is nothing like spending your first night, alone, in your dorm. Before heading to college, prepare yourself by staying out a few times a month so that you can get a feel of what it’s like.


  • Start a budget: One of the biggest realizations once you’re in college, is that you’re no longer relying on your parents’ money for everything. Managing your money now, before you go to college, can give you a leg up and prevent you from going broke your first semester.


  • Do all the chores: Okay, so maybe we don’t mean all of them, but most of them. Some of the most important things that new college students don’t know how to do are laundry and grocery shopping. Practice these things before moving to college so that you’re ready to live on your own like a pro.


  • See a doctor: Take one last trip to the doctor, dentist, etc. Get a physical done, check on your health, and most importantly, take care of yourself. You want to head into college as your best and healthiest self yet. Not to mention health service at college won’t be the same as back home, so get the most of what you can before you move.


  • AND THEN…pack: We’re certainly not saying forego packing altogether, just don’t make it the only way you prepare for college this summer.


What should I pack for college?


There’s no doubt, the list of things you need to bring to college is long, but there’s also a list of things you don’t need to bring.


While you are starting anew, completely on your own, you don’t have to bring everything, but you also don’t want to forget the essentials like these.


School supplies

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Binders
  • Post-it notes
  • Index cards
  • Envelopes with stamps



  • Lamp
  • Mini trash can
  • Various sized storage bins
  • Fan
  • Bulletin board/ whiteboard
  • Mini toolkit
  • Picture frames
  • Picture hangers
  • Hangers



  • Full sheet set
  • 2 pillows
  • 2 towels
  • Throw blankets
  • Laundry basket
  • Laundry detergent
  • Drying rack
  • Shower curtain (if applicable)



  • Chargers
  • Laptop
  • Portable speaker
  • HDMI cord
  • Headphones
  • Extension cords



  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Hairstyling products
  • Makeup
  • Aspirin
  • Antacids
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Lotion
  • Nail clippers

Household items

  • Lightbulbs
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Pots and pans
  • Plates and silverware (plastic)
  • Tupperware
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Water bottle
  • Dish soap
  • Dish towels
  • Ziploc bags



  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Pants/ jeans
  • Shirts/ tops
  • 1 pair of boots
  • 2 pairs of sneakers
  • 1 pair of dress shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Heavy coat
  • Hat, gloves, scarf


How much does it cost to move for college?


Like any other move, it does cost to move to college, and we’re not even talking about tuition.


Depending on whether you are going to college in-state or out of state will determine how much it costs. Typically moving in-state might cost anywhere from $300 -$500, whereas moving out of state could be upwards of $1300.


The important part is setting a budget and saving money and time, where you can.


Believe it or not, there are actually professional college moving services, just like there are any other types of moving service. Hiring professional movers for college can significantly reduce your time and stress, while even saving you a few bucks.


Some of the things you need to know before hiring movers to help you got to college are:


  • The date of your move
  • The size of your dorm
  • Elevators vs. stairs
  • If you can park your car, and where?


On the big day, be sure to be in an accessible location for the movers to reach you, or have the appropriate means necessary to move your stuff.


Should I move for college?


Should you go to college? Absolutely. Should you move out of state or stay close to home? That is entirely up to you.


There are benefits for both moving far away and staying close to home for college.


For students that choose to move far away from home, the opportunity could expand their horizons in various ways; meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying new things without the weight of their past or parents on them.


Moving far away, however, might heavily depend on the cost, travel, and unique family needs. One of the biggest factors of staying close to home is that it is often cheaper.


Before you make the decision consider a few things:


  • Are you sick of your hometown?
  • Would you like a fresh start?
  • Can you afford it?
  • Would you rather save money for furthering your education, such as a master’s degree?


Remember that out of state colleges tack on an extra fee for tuition, just for coming from a different state. The money alone can deter a person from moving far away for college.


The important thing is that when it comes down to it, the best college move for you will be the one with the school that suits you best.

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How Do I Prepare To Move To College

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    There are a whole lot of things to do in Chicago, IL, as Chicago is one of the most visited parts of the United States for tourists because of its many fun and interesting places to visit such as awe-inspiring skyscrapers, lakefronts, beaches, bars, and clubs among others. Chicago is one of the top Midwest cities that several people are moving to from cities like Houston, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, and St. Louis among others. If you plan to move to Chicago, you can also find movers in Chicago who can get the job done for you the best way possible.


    Best Neighborhoods in Chicago, IL


    Before we look at the unique things and fun places to be when you move or visit Chicago, let us take a look at the best neighborhoods in Chicago. Although, the choices of the best places one can reside in Chicago can vary depending on a matter of preference as this is subjective and there are over 200 neighborhoods you can live in Chicago. But nevertheless, we will still take a look at some of the top cities you can live or visit in Chicago.


    • Lincoln Park: Lincoln Park is one safe place you can live in Chicago and it is often regarded as “Chicago’s first neighborhood to move to” because there are a whole lot of things to do in Lincoln Park. There are lots of sports bars, free zoo, lakes, and easy transportation for newcomers. Due to the high influx of people into this part of Chicago, rent apartment costs are on the high side when compared to what is obtainable in other cities in Chicago.
    • Wicker Park: Wicker Park is one of the best neighborhoods for young adults and fast becoming a “hipster mecca” around Chicago. It is home to lots of great restaurants, luxury grocery stores, and the means of transportation across town is excellent. It offers a unique flavor that you might not get elsewhere because of its “Brooklyn” feel.
    • Gold Coast/Old Town: Both Gold Coast and Old Town are popular cities in Chicago and they are an ideal location as it is near downtown and also close to the lake. In addition to this, it is home to plenty of nifty restaurants, shops, it is close to the freeway, with plenty of breathtaking high-rise buildings, and also has a good transportation system.


    Unique Things and Places to Visit in Chicago


    Unique Things and Places to Visit in Chicago

    There are lots of exciting things and places to visit when you move or visit Chicago. We will take a look at some of these unique things.


    1. Art Institute of Chicago: Aside from Paris, the Art Institute of Chicago boasts of the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings with over 30 paintings by Monet, van Gogh, Cezanne, and Toulouse-Lautrec. For those who love modern arts, there are modern design and architecture design collections from artists such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier with several models and drawings. The Art Institute also houses other ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan artifacts, from pottery to coins, glass, jewelry, and mosaics among others.


    2. Skydeck: The Skydeck is a 442-meter Willis Tower that was the world’s tallest building for 25 years, and it still ranks among the top 25 tallest buildings in the world. With your Skydeck experience ticket, you can enjoy skipping the line and speeding up to the Skydeck as far as above 412.4 meters on the west side of the loop. On the route to the elevator, there’s a moving showcasing the 45-year history of the Willis Tower and Chicago’s other architectural wonders. The scene is a real delight to behold and you will never have a dull moment navigating through the Skydeck.


    3. Millennium Park: The Millennium Park was created to usher in the new millennium, it is located in Grant Park and has since emerged as the most popular tourist attraction in the Midwest. The Millennium Park has spellbinding architecture, bold public art, and other wonderful sceneries such as the world’s largest green roof, McDonald’s Cycle Center, and 11,000 capacity band-shell as conceived by Frank Gehry. The Millennium Park is an exciting place to be as it features several concerts by top recording artists and Chicago Symphony Orchestra from spring to autumn.


    4. Chicago Cultural Center: The Chicago Cultural Center used to be the Chicago Public Library. However, in 1991 this Neoclassical building in the loop became the first free municipal cultural center in The United States of America. There are over 1,000 programs and exhibitions that take place here every year and a lot of people come from different places across the globe to come and have fun and interact with people with diverse cultures. At the Chicago Cultural Center, you can enjoy theatre, music, dance, film screening, lectures, and other family-oriented events.


    5. Buckingham Fountain: The Buckingham Fountain is located at the center of Grant Park, between the South rose Gardens and ornament North. The Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest fountains in the world, with close to 200 jets, standing almost eight meters tall, and with a pool measuring up to 85 meters across. It is an allegory for Lake Michigan and has four pairs of sea horses which represent the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. At every point in time, there are 5,700,000 liters of water in the Buckingham Fountain, the scene is a great deal that will surely be worth your time.


    Aside from the places listed above, there are other places you must visit if you live in Chicago or if you go on holiday to Chicago, these places include Lakefront Trail, Museum of Science and Industry, Garfield Park Conservatory, Magnificent Mile, and Shedd Aquarium among other places.


    Whether you plan to move permanently move to Chicago or just visit on holiday, there are lots of things you can do and places you can go for sight-seeing and you will be amazed at the scenes. If you plan to move permanently, you can browse online to get movers in Chicago who can help you with the entire relocation process.


    Frequently Asked Questions 


    1. Is the cost of living affordable in Chicago?


    It used to be much more expensive to live in Chicago than almost any other city. But, nowadays, an individual can live comfortably on a salary of around $60,000 or so. Families will, of course, need more than that, but it’s still reasonable when compared with other cities of similar size.


    1. What is considered “Chicagoland?”


    It all depends on who you ask. Most people will tell you that it’s Chicago and all of the suburbs around it in Northeastern Illinois. There are some people who will be really generous with their definition of Chicagoland, however; they may also include the Southeast corner of Wisconsin and the Northwest corner of Indiana, as well.


    1. Why is Chicago “The City of the Big Shoulders?”


    Chicago has a ton of nicknames. Many people still call it the Windy City, due to the storms that blow through the metropolitan area throughout the year.


    In the past, it was called The City of the Big Shoulders because it used to have immense significance during the Industrial Revolution and the age of manufacturing in the United States. While it’s still an important city, its significance has decreased and not many people call it that anymore.




    Chicago is a fantastic city, and there are all sorts of things that you can do and enjoy whether you’re just visiting or you’re moving there for good. Look around online or just take a trip around the city and you’re sure to find all sorts of things to have fun with!

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  • Avoid Moving Scams By Knowing Just What to Expect
    Before Your Move

    Finding a reputable moving company means you’re looking for individuals and businesses that have your best interest at heart. No one wants to be taken advantage of, especially when prized and personal possessions are at stake. 


    When you’re able to minimize hassle and trust those who are helping you get to where you need to go, moving can feel stress-free. 


    1. Know the inside scoop. You’re not a professional mover, so when it comes to trusting those who are helping you out, you need to know what to expect. Do your research.


    The best way to safeguard your family and your valuables from “hostage-like” situations is to hire movers who have positive reviews and a number of “thumbs-ups” ratings.  


    2. Avoid paying large down payments, be suspicious of rates that seem especially low, and don’t shake hands on a deal if an individual won’t provide you an estimate on-site. 


    3. Be suspicious if the movers won’t take credit card.


    4. Make sure the moving trucks are marked and branded. Those companies that can’t afford marking their vehicles may not be in business for the long haul.


    5. Can you meet them in-person? When you’re looking to find out just what kind of movers you’ll be working with, meeting in-person can be the best way to size them up. Plus, in-home estimators can be more accurate than those who take estimations over the phone. 



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