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Movers in Tennessee

Movers in Tennessee


At iMoving, we remove the uncertainty in choosing a mover. Instead of dealing with the usual frustrations of researching and hiring moving companies that you hope will be trustworthy and professional, we give you an entirely different experience.


We do not offer moving broker services. iMoving is strictly a referral company. Our team goes through an extensive process of vetting the best moving companies in Tennessee for your benefit.


If you are planning on a move in Tennessee, we can put you in touch with one of the reputable local or interstate moving companies in Tennessee that we partner with.

How do we rate Tennessee movers? We start by identifying companies that are fully insured, certified and have at least two years of experience in the moving industry. These are our minimum criteria.


The next step is a check of the experiences of previous customers as it helps to identify any red flags associated with the movers. We also conduct an in-person interview, where our team connects with the company to get a sense of their values, professionalism and policies.


If you have heard horrible stories from colleagues or friends about hiring movers, we want you to know that iMoving offers a different experience. It is so easy to connect with the best moving companies in Tennessee. You can even pay for your move through our payment portal.


Everything that you thought you knew about moving is about to change thanks to iMoving!


Moving Services in Tennessee


The iMoving network will only connect you with the best movers in Tennessee. And we always enquire about the specific nature of your move, as we want to pair you with a mover who offers the services that you need.


Here is a list of services that you can expect from most of the Tennessee movers that we will recommend to you:


  • Local or long distance moving
  • Choice between full packing service or a loading/unloading service
  • Vehicle transportation service
  • Commercial relocation
  • Short-term storage service
  • Special handling for heavy, delicate or valuable items
  • Vehicle/truck tracking


If there is a specific service you require during your move, be sure to mention it when getting an initial quote. When you request a service at the last minute, it can be more difficult for movers to accommodate your request.


Helpful Tips When Moving to Tennessee


If you are in the stages of choosing a moving company ahead of your move, you probably have a lot of details planned out. But there are a few steps that still need to be completed before you can set off for Memphis or Nashville.


If you rent, do not forget to notify your landlord of your move out date well ahead of time. If you are leaving a few days before your lease ends, they will appreciate the notice as they can start looking for another tenant.


It may be a good idea to hire a cleaning crew to run through your home or apartment, especially if you rent. The last thing you want is to lose your deposit or get a check from your landlord for cleaning charges.


When you are getting ready to pack your possessions ahead of the move in date, try to keep all your valuable and delicate possessions separate. Some movers do offer special services for expensive, delicate or heavy objects.


Things to Know About Tennessee


One of the great states in the U.S. Southeast, Tennessee is best known for being the heart and soul of music. Home to Nashville, Tennessee has produced some of the most famous musicians in the world.


The largest cities in the state include Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga and Clarksville. Memphis may not have the same cultural significance as Nashville, but it is still a thriving city with plenty of art, culture and trendy downtown spots. And it is home to Graceland of Elvis Presley fame!


The summers are warm to hot in Tennessee, while the winters are fairly mild. If you are a fan of warmer weather, with the occasional few weeks of cold temperatures, you will be very happy here.


Even though most people think of music when they hear about Tennessee, it boasts a thriving economy and is home to major companies such as FedEx, Dollar General and AutoZone.