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West Virginia Movers - iMoving

West Virginia Movers


We don’t know about you, but whenever people talk about moving to West Virginia, that old song by John Denver comes to mind. You know, “Almost Heaven … Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River”? If you’re relocating to West Virginia in the near future, it’s never too early to start the process of identifying the best local or long-distance West Virginia moving company.


But before you head off into the biggest internet search of your life, take a moment to consider iMoving.


We have a new way to look at a cross-country move or any move for that matter. It is a simple idea; you tell us what you need to move and where you’re moving to and we find you a selection of highly qualified, professional movers. You can then choose from the ones we suggest, get accurate quotes and be sure that the West Virginia mover you’re working with will get the job done with as few headaches as possible. What could be better?


At iMoving we have seen too many people treated badly or suddenly getting a much larger bill than they expected. We hate it when we hear of people’s precious belongings being broken and not properly cared for. We feel queasy when we hear of movers not showing up on the expected day and we can only imagine how we’d feel if that happened to us.


So our idea is simple; take away the guesswork. iMoving thoroughly vets all the moving companies we work with, removing the stress and giving you and the company, regardless of whether they are local or long-distance West Virginia movers, the chance to do it right from the beginning.


Moving Services in West Virginia


Choose the services you’re interested in and use iMoving’s quote tools to match your needs with the most qualified West Virginia moving company. What types of services to our partner movers offer?


  • Taking furniture apart and putting them back together. Movers can do lots of disassembly and assembly at the other end. If you don’t know how to take the table, wall unit or bed apart, they will.


  • Movers will wrap your valuables. If you have items that need extra-protection, tell prospective moving companies ahead of time and include them when getting a quote.


  • Car shipping is an option. For multi-car families making a cross-country move, consider choosing a mover that can handle transporting vehicles. Usually, you’ll have the choice of an open or enclosed trailer as well as pricing levels for expedited, priority and standard shipping.


  • Cleaning up after the move. Some moving companies will remove debris, take care of unwanted items, and even provide a professional cleaning crew.


Moving Tips to Help You Out


Moving doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking, especially if you know the tricks – and believe us, our experienced iMoving staff knows the tricks! Use our tips to make your West Virginia move easier.


  1. Packing always takes longer than you think and the kitchen is the worst. Start early and use your socks and scarves to protect glassware.


  1. Because the kitchen takes so long, use some smarts. Keep the silverware in the tray and just seal it with plastic wrap – then all you need to do is unwrap at the other end.


  1. This is the time to declutter. If you don’t love it, get rid of it. Again, start early so there’s time for a moving sale. Ask your neighbors to participate if you don’t have enough on your own.


  1. This is your chance to start anew, so if it isn’t sellable let it go to someone who needs it. There are also people who will recycle even the most badly used stuff – and a lot of them will come and collect.


  1. Remember, you’ll need to hook your electronics back up. Do you know which cables go to which device? Buy a few rolls of colorful painter’s tape and wrap small pieces around the cables and tag the plug while they’re still attached. Then take pictures before unplugging everything and you’ll have the perfect guide for putting everything back together again.


  1. It sounds so obvious, but people forget to do it. If you can’t fit something into the new place, don’t take it with you. There’s no point in paying long-distance movers to move the king size bed into a smaller home.


What You Need to Know in Advance of Your Move to West Virginia


75% of the state’s land is covered in trees – hopefully, you like a walk in the forest. It also didn’t escape our notice that the 36th governor was a gentleman named Cecil Underwood – well he seemed like the right man for the job.


Are you a northerner or a southerner? In West Virginia, it doesn’t actually matter. West Virginia is considered the southern most northern state and the northernmost southern state, so no matter where you are from you should be at home here.


You probably need to know this before your kids come home from school and explain to you that West Virginia was proclaimed a state of the union by Abraham Lincoln on June 20, 1863. It is the only state to be admitted under a presidential proclamation.


15% of the county’s coal is produced in the state and coal provides a big backdrop to the state’s history and culture. The world’s only house made of coal can be found in White Sulphur Springs – we would bet it isn’t white!


When you’re moving somewhere new it pays to know your apples and in the case of West Virginia, the apple is the Golden Delicious; a native of the state since 1775.


Should you find yourself with nothing to do on Bridge Day (always in October) you can parachute or bungee jump off the longest steel arch bridge in the western hemisphere. It is a drop of 876 feet so you’re going to need some real courage to jump off.


West Virginia is a place of peace and space. You will be able to put down roots and have the space to do so. We think you’ll love it.