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There’s no place for rude service, damaged belongings or dishonest pricing when you work with our Martinsburg movers. iMoving makes moving easier, more efficient and much more transparent.


Whether you’re looking for long-distance or local movers, storage services or full packing, the iMoving platform will help you find the best moving company in Martinsburg for the job. Enter the details of your move into our quote calculator for reviews and prices of some of the best movers in Martinsburg. All you have to do is select the mover that is right for your budget and book online.


Every Martinsburg mover we partner with has been handpicked by us. They are all licensed, fully insured and backed by the best reviews and recommendations from actual clients. The final prices you receive from us are fixed and your payment is protected. Before we pay the company, you have up until 7 days to let us know if the work they did meet your expectations. If your move goes wrong, iMoving holds that company accountable.


The iMoving team is with you throughout the entire process. From the day you book your move, our customer support team will be by your side and the platform lets you control every aspect of your move. Change inventory and add special services up until a day before your move.


iMoving wants to improve your moving experience by creating trust and transparency between you and the Martinsburg mover you choose. Get started today with a quote. Then sit back, relax and enjoy a much easier move.


Moving Services in Martinsburg, WV


  • Packing Services: Do you have the time and energy to pack your entire home or apartment into boxes and do it well enough so that things aren’t broken or damaged? Professional local movers may be the right way to go. They will be more systematic and organized while they pack and your items will be properly protected.


  • Storage: The timelines on a move don’t always line up perfectly. If you’re caught needing a temporary space to store your things while waiting for a contact to work out or needing a longer amount of time, consider storing your items with a moving company.


  • Special Items: Delicate and fragile items that are hard to replace such as art or a wine collection need more than an average packing job. For the items that you want to absolutely ensure the protection of, companies can create custom crates to pack and transport items.


  • Commercial Moving: Confidential documents containing tax info and internal accounts are only a small part of why commercial moving is so much more complex than residential. Expensive equipment must also be safely relocated and be done without too much interference of business operations.


Tips for a More Efficient Martinsburg Move


Use suitcases with wheels and roller bags


Some items are too heavy to lift, and without the proper lifting techniques, you can injure yourself. Instead of taking that risk, pack heavy items, like books, in luggage that has wheels to avoid picking them up. Now you can just load and unload these items by rolling them onto the truck with little to no trouble.


Get your favorite tunes ready


Moving is stressful. Having some of your favorite songs ready to calm you down when you get frustrated or overwhelmed will be a big help on move day where so many unexpected things can occur. Making your own playlist is a great pick-me-up and serves as a reminder that you knew the day would have its ups and downs but you came prepared.


Protect your glassware with paper


A newspaper may be what most think about when packing their glass kitchenware, but paper bags are better. They provide greater protection for cups and bowls and reduce the chance of them breaking during the move. Another plus of using paper bags is that they don’t leave ink traces on your glasses as the newspaper does.


Pack the plates correctly


It’s normal for most people to stack plates in boxes horizontally, but this method leaves plates broken and damaged because of the amount of pressure being placed on them. This can be avoided when you pack plates vertically because excess weight and pressure are reduced, preventing breaks. Put foam plates in between the glass ones as you pack, this will make sure no chips appear on your china.


Keep your jewelry safe


Dainty necklaces are ruined when they are tangled or at best, cause a lot of frustration while trying to untangle. There is a better way to move your jewelry without making a mess. Use a toilet paper roll and connect the sides of your necklace through the cylinder. This will prevent tangling. To store and protect small jewelry, put them in old egg cartons and tape them shut.


Things to Know Before Moving to Martinsburg, WV


  • Fine Dining Options: Head to La Trattoria for some homemade Italian food that is created from old family recipes. The sauces are made from scratch as well. King’s New York Pizza is great for authentic flavors and for a glimpse into some of the best dough techniques. For dessert, Everything Cheesecake is the restaurant to go to. Besides the delectable white chocolate raspberry and New York cheesecake varieties, watch out for the employees who never stop serving Black Dog Coffee. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


  • Entertainment for All Ages: The Wonderment Puppet Theatre has innocent and charming shows that are refreshing for parents. These performances include snacks, dances, and stories. The Apollo Civic Theatre is another gathering spot for skits, Vaudeville shows and movies that draw fans across all generations. If you want something to get your adrenaline pumping, try the Haunted History and Legends Tours. Guides will share stories they’ve heard from eyewitnesses and newspapers.


  • Go Treasure Hunting: Geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunting game that uses GPS to find hidden items, is popular in Martinsburg. The city is actually one of the top destinations that treasure hunters visit. If you own a smartphone or GPS system, you can have a great time exploring popular trails such as Mystery Caches of Berkeley County.


  • A Museum You Can Buy: The West Virginia Glass Outlet has rows and rows of vintage bowls, pitchers, basins and vases. Whatever you see, you can buy straight from the shelf! You’ll also come across ornaments and trinkets.


Martinsburg is filled with wonders that are waiting for you and iMoving can get you there at the best prices and with the best moving company by your side. If you are getting ready for an upcoming move to this gem of a city, get started with iMoving’s quote calculator and make your move an easy one.